Penny Dreadfuls Present
The Penny Dreadfuls examine the life of Guy Fawkes, the Brother Faversham and more..

BBC Radio comedy series broadcast in 2008 in 8 episodes created by The Penny Dreadfuls (Humphrey Ker, David Reed & Thom Tuck), spoofing the square-jawed heroes of Victorian adventure stories.

The Penny Dreadfuls examine the life of Guy Fawkes, undertake a satirical version of the French Revolution and turn their comic eye towards Hereward the Wake and The Brothers Faversham.
The Penny Dreadfuls - Humphrey Ker, David Reed and Thom Tuck - are a comedy trio who specialise in retelling historical events in their own, inimitable way. In these riotous revisionist plays, they present alternative takes on three famous tales, ably assisted by guests including Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Marek Larwood, Justin Edwards, Miles Jupp, Richard E Grant, and Sally Hawkins.

  1. S01E01 - The Brothers Faversham - Horatius (11.4Mb)
  2. S01E02 - The Brothers Faversham - Theseus (11.4Mb)
  3. S01E03 - The Brothers Faversham - Leonidas (10.9Mb)
  4. S01E04 - The Brothers Faversham - Augustus (11.6Mb)
  5. S02E01 - More Brothers Faversham - Titus (25.9Mb)
  6. S02E02 - More Brothers Faversham - Maximillian (26.3Mb)
  7. S02E03 - More Brothers Faversham - Marcus (26.2Mb)
  8. S02E04 - More Brothers Faversham - Perseus & Lucius (25.8Mb)
  9. S03E01 - Guy Fawkes (22.3Mb)
  10. S03E02 - Revolution (28.5Mb)
  11. S04E01 - Macbeth Rebothered (26.5Mb)
  12. S04E02 - The Odyssey (26.6Mb)
  13. S04E03 - The Curse of the Beagle (26.3Mb)
  14. S04E04 - Le Carre on Spying (26.3Mb)
  15. S04E05 - Don Quixote (26.2Mb)

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