Old Peter's Russian Tales

Traditional Russian folk tales adapted by Arthur Ransome
from archive.org

Magical folk tales from Russia by Arthur Ransome, as told by Old Peter the forester to his grandchildren Vanya and Maroosia. BBC dramatisation.

  1. Sadko The Musician (13Mb)
  2. Baba Yaga (12.9Mb)
  3. The Fool Of The World (13Mb)
  4. The Silver Saucer (12.9Mb)
  5. Little Master Misery (12.6Mb)
  6. Salt (12.5Mb)
  7. Fish Tales (12.4Mb)
  8. Prince Ivan (12.6Mb)
  9. The Stolen Turnips (12.5Mb)
  10. Frost (12.3Mb)

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