Philosophy 189 - Spring 2008

Heidegger's Being and Time, Division II
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Philosophy 189 - Spring 2008 - The course is designed to deal with a variety of topics in recent European philosophy. Its contents will vary from occasion to occasion. Possible topics include: further work in phenomenology and existentialism, the study of a particular text by an important figure in contemporary European philosophy, current French and German philosophy

  1. Introduction (due to technical problem, audio level is low and distorted) (23.8Mb)
  2. Guilt and Resoluteness (30Mb)
  3. Being-towards-Death (31Mb)
  4. Anticipatory Resoluteness (30.4Mb)
  5. Temporality and Historicity (29.3Mb)
  6. Authentic Temporality, the Phenomenon (Due to technical problem lecture ends at 1hr 03 minutes) (14.6Mb)
  7. Temporality of Being-in-the-World - Room noise throughout lecture (20.9Mb)
  8. The Ordinary Conception of Time (30.1Mb)
  9. Temporalität, Basic Problems (29.8Mb)
  10. Ontological Difference, Basic Problems (31.2Mb)

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