My First Planet
Comedy about colonising a new planet.

Having traveled through space they have to deal with internal power struggles and other issues.

  1. s01e01 - The Landing Has Landed (36.7Mb)
  2. s01e02 - Hairdresser From Space (36.7Mb)
  3. s01e03 - The Noticeboard of Doom (37Mb)
  4. s01e04 - Inglorious Barters (36.9Mb)
  5. s02e01 - Sample of Terror (35.9Mb)
  6. s02e02 - One Small Naughty Step For Man (36.2Mb)
  7. s02e03 - They Came To Test Our Brains (35.1Mb)
  8. s02e04 - Adjective from Space (35.7Mb)
  9. s02e05 - Let Me Entertain Me (36.4Mb)
  10. s02e06 - Day Trip to Terror (35.6Mb)

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