The Planet Man

Science fiction adventure radio serial, 1952-53
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Dantro, the Planet Man, is an agent of the League of Planets who upholds peace and fair play. Like all agents of the League, he is forbidden to resort to violence, except in self-defense. However, he is a skilled fighter, and he carries a sidearm at all times. He is a humanoid from Planeris Rex, and he was the first representative of the League to make contact with the humans of earth. He still has much to learn about human customs and sayings. He goes on to save the solar system from the evil of Marston of Mars, and later has adventures beyond the solar system.

From comicbookplus.com/?cid=3052:

Planet Man, targeted at kids, was produced by Palladium Radio Productions. It is: "... the fascinating story of Dantro, the planet man, trouble-shooter for the League of Planets Organization."

If you are wondering the League of Planets Organization is: "the law enforcement body for peace and justice in the celestial world." The headquarters is Planeria Rex "the capital of the planets".

So Planet Man (AKA Danto) is part of the popular 1950's space rangers genre. But he was not a human. He was in fact a humanoid which was handy for his dealings with Earth.

Other regular characters who appear in the show are: Dr. John Darrow and his daughter Pat, Jane and Billy and Slats his engineer.

  1. Let's Orbit the Moon (2.7Mb)
  2. Dantro Explains the Use of the Cosmic Communicator (2.7Mb)
  3. Marston of Mars is Planning an Attack on Earth (2.8Mb)
  4. Dantro and Pat Discuss Slats and Marston (2.8Mb)
  5. Marston Has Given a Kidnapping Order (2.8Mb)
  6. Hurrying Thru the Tunnel to Aid Billy and Jane (2.8Mb)
  7. Hoping for a Miracle to Stop Marston (2.7Mb)
  8. Billy and Jane in a Space Ship Heading for Earth? (2.7Mb)
  9. Three-Dimensional Dantro Gives Instructions (2.7Mb)
  10. In the Tunnel Under the Palace (2.7Mb)
  11. Billy and Jane in Space on a Scout Ship (2.7Mb)
  12. Preparing to Blast Off (2.7Mb)
  13. A Discussion of Reception on Venus (2.7Mb)
  14. Captured on Venus by the Dusters (2.7Mb)
  15. Dantro, Billy, and Jane are Captives on Venus (2.8Mb)
  16. Back to Their Prison Cell (2.7Mb)
  17. Dantro, They're Coming for Us! (2.8Mb)
  18. A Plot to Destroy Venus (2.8Mb)
  19. The Venusian Minister is a Traitor (2.7Mb)
  20. An Encounter with Space Pirates (2.7Mb)
  21. Space Pirates are Planning to Overpower Dantro (2.7Mb)
  22. Alarm Alerts Pirates (2.6Mb)
  23. Slick and Blackie are Shooting for Big Things (2.8Mb)
  24. Dantro on the Ancient Spaceship (2.7Mb)
  25. Search for the Right Asteroid (2.6Mb)
  26. Billy is Trying to Find Dantro (2.7Mb)
  27. Searching for the Planeteer (2.7Mb)
  28. The Planeteer is Spotted by Cosmos (2.6Mb)
  29. Prospector Rocks Finds Billy and Jane (2.7Mb)
  30. Billy Finds Uranium on Asteroid (2.7Mb)
  31. The Planeteer is Surrounded by Space Mines (2.7Mb)
  32. Billy and Jane are Safe (2.7Mb)
  33. Investigating Unusual Behavior (2.7Mb)
  34. A Strange Case Involving the Evil Marston (2.7Mb)
  35. Dantro is Under Marston's Power (2.7Mb)
  36. Slats is Fed Up (2.7Mb)
  37. Slats Discovers Marston (2.8Mb)
  38. Slats Takes Dantro to Headquarters (2.8Mb)
  39. A Jupiter Moon is Sent into the Sun (2.7Mb)
  40. Off to Find an Extinct Race (2.8Mb)
  41. At Alpha Centauri (2.7Mb)
  42. Intercept (2.7Mb)
  43. Barrel Robots (2.7Mb)
  44. Ship Held to Planet (2.8Mb)
  45. There is No Choice But to Obey Zen! (2.7Mb)
  46. Klee Has a Use for Dantro and Slats (2.7Mb)
  47. The Alpha Astrodrive Won't Respond (2.7Mb)
  48. Meeting Three-Dimensional Roora (2.7Mb)
  49. Touring the Capitol City of Mardee (2.7Mb)
  50. The Mardee Council Denies a Request for Aid (2.7Mb)
  51. Dantro and Slats in the Secret Council Chamber (2.7Mb)
  52. A Firing Squad on Planeria Rex? (2.7Mb)
  53. Gaza Uses a Force Screen to Save the Judge (2.7Mb)
  54. Slats Overhears Gaza Talking to Marston (2.7Mb)
  55. Transporting Dantro and Slats Back to Alpha (2.7Mb)
  56. Going to the Aid of Barrow's Expedition (2.7Mb)
  57. Crash Landing on a Mystery Planet (2.7Mb)
  58. A Graveyard of Space Ships (2.7Mb)
  59. Is Slats Headed for Certain Death? (2.7Mb)
  60. Slats Contacts the Mardee for Help (2.7Mb)
  61. Landing on the Insect Planet to Rescue Dantro (2.7Mb)
  62. Dantro Planning to Destroy the Generator (2.7Mb)
  63. Dantro Rushes to the Barracks to Free the Prisoners (2.7Mb)
  64. Battling the Insect Men to the End (2.7Mb)
  65. A New Adventure Begins: Who is Dantro? (2.7Mb)
  66. Prisoners on a Planet with a Robot Civilization (2.7Mb)
  67. Slats and Dantro Ride the Transporter to Orientor (2.6Mb)
  68. Robot 012 Proclaims 'The Day of the Robot' (2.7Mb)
  69. Who is Robot T21? (2.7Mb)
  70. Will T21 Help Dantro to Defeat the Robots? (2.7Mb)
  71. Slats is Searching for Dantro (2.7Mb)
  72. A Few Days to Plan the Overthrow (2.7Mb)
  73. Dantro's Brain is Joined to T21 (2.7Mb)
  74. Can Slats Keep Control of the Jet? (2.7Mb)
  75. Death Coming Closer and Closer (2.7Mb)
  76. The Adventure Comes to a Conclusion (2.7Mb)

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