Playhouse South Africa Radio

Weekly drama series
from archive.org

There is very little we have been able to find on this excellent show. Playhouse South Africa seems to have been a weekly program, about an hour long.

  1. A Small Matter of Elimination (10Mb)
  2. Life Versus Mrs Latimere (24.2Mb)
  3. Young Mrs Barri (12.7Mb)
  4. Triangle With Bells (47.2Mb)
  5. A Case of Checkmate (24.2Mb)
  6. The Unguarded Hour (12.2Mb)
  7. A Question of Disposal (12.5Mb)
  8. Cassius Touch (12.6Mb)
  9. Deadman's Shadow (12Mb)
  10. Ghost Train (12.4Mb)
  11. Keeping in Touch (12.7Mb)
  12. Murder By All Means (12.2Mb)
  13. The Barretts (21.5Mb)
  14. The House by the Lake (12Mb)
  15. The Weather for Murder (12.4Mb)

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