Project Moonbase (via a Wormhole)

The Historic Sound of the Future
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Project Moonbase fed through a Wormhole to enable listening from any episode at any rate. Hope the Time Worms don’t turn up to eat any unwary listeners.

Project Moonbase – DJ Bongoboy & MC Zirconium – Futurologists, antiquarians and explorers in the outer realms of the music multiverse

Project Moonbase is filled with music to surprise, delight and occasionally horrify you. Made by someone who really cares (and his prisoner) aka DJ Bongoboy and MC Zirconium. New shows every Sunday

We bring you music you’ve never heard before that will put a smile on your face, open your third eye and make you dance. We love space age bachelor pad music, library music, charity shop cheese, hauntology, ping pong stereo, moog music, sitar-driven psychedelia, lounge, the retro-futuristic, contemporary electronica, soundtrack music, radiophonics, euro-pop, orchestral-pop, industrial-opera, hyphens, 8bit, chip tune, skwee, uneasy listening and steel drums. We’ve been known to salute the theramin, sidle up to an ondes Martenot and smile beneficently on the ukelele. Every episode includes the unnecessary news: the strange, the weird, the futuristic and the fun. Join us now and in the future!

DJ Bongoboy genial host, broadcaster, polymath, ruthless leader, de-facto king of the moon, Moon-Pope and space-penguin.
MC Zirconium jovial sidekick, prisoner, news-hound, dogs-body, dog.

Originally published at projectmoonbase.com where it currently continues with Spotify playlists that are great.

  1. Project Moonbase on Exotic Pylon - 24 July 2010 (85.2Mb)
  2. PMB001 A New Dawn (10/10/2010) (unknown file size)
  3. PMB002 Billy Strange (Soulless Party, Janko Nilovic, Stereolab,Juan Garcia Esquivel, Disasterpeace,Balsara and His Singing Sitars, Jack Arel) (unknown file size)
  4. PMB003 All The Single Ladies (Angelo Michajlov,The Chanteuse and The Crippled Claw, Modified Toy Orchestra, Anamanaguchi, Leona Anderson, Rose Murphy, Pye Corner Audio, The Kokee Band,Wing, Liza Minnelli) (unknown file size)
  5. PMB004 Howling at the Moonbase (Peter Thomas and his Sound Orchester, Angelo Michajlov, The Brass Ring, Kai Winding, Leona Anderson, Broadcast & The Focus Group, Angelo Michajlov, The American Song-poem Anthology, D’A’B project (voxel), The Three Suns, Mort Garson & Jacques Wilson, Mandingo, Zombie Zombie) (unknown file size)
  6. PMB005 Gateway To Continental Europe (Keith Mansfield, Mandingo, Wing, Mademoiselle Nineteen, Phlogiston, Tony Burrello, Lorraine Bowen, Simon Haseley,Peter Reno, Shobaleader One) (unknown file size)
  7. PMB006 Into the Valle (Marcos Valle,Paddy Kingsland, Walter Wanderley,Wing, Edmundo Ros,Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66, Ast0r, Pamberi Steel Ochestra) (unknown file size)
  8. PMB007 First Lady of the Hammond, Ethel Smith (John Fiddy & Sammy Burdson, Monroeville Music Center, XoC, Johnny Dankworth, Disasterpeace,Sam Sklair & Gus Calbraith, Pierre Arvay, Jean Jacques Perrey,Dana Countryman, Matt Berry) (unknown file size)
  9. PMB008 Not Music (Stereolab, Marcos Valle, Wing, The High Llamas,Francis Rimbert & Frederick Rousseau, Disasterpeace, Christine O'Donnell & The Gregory Brothers, Monroeville Music Center,Soul Rebels Brass Band, The Hardy Tree) (unknown file size)
  10. PMB009 The Concealed Playroom (Moon Wiring Club, deWolfe,The Qualitons, Claude Vasori, Hong Kong in the 60s, Stereolab,Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica, Herbert Chappell, (unknown file size)
  11. PMB010 Edmundo Ros at 100 (Edmundo Ros, Shawn Lee, Moon Wiring Club, Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman, Calimbo Steel Band,RedHeat) (unknown file size)
  12. PMB011 The Now Sound of Christmas (Moog Cookbook, bit shifter, U900, Hong Kong in the 60s, The Three Suns, The Free Design, John Baker,Alan Moorhouse, Bruce Haack,Sonny Bradshaw,Wing) (unknown file size)
  13. PMB012 The Best of 2010 (Hugo Strasser, Johnny Keating, Belbury Poly, Nick Ingman, Anamanaguchi, D.D. Denham, Nick Ingman, Dana Countryman,The Waitiki 7,I Marc 4) (unknown file size)
  14. PMB013 Year of the Space Rabbit Bernard Estardy, Koryo Saito, Tim Gane, Sean O'Hagan, Shawn Lee, Hubert Laws, Yerzmyey, Coda, Guy Pederson) (unknown file size)
  15. PMB014 Goodbye Girl West Midlands Retro-Futuristic Pop (Broadcast, Basil Kirchin, Belbury Poly, Herbie Mann, Plone, Pram, Roj, Seeland, Trish Keenan, Christine O'Donnell) (unknown file size)
  16. PMB015 Caterina Valente A Woman Born for Music (Caterina Valente, Goblin, Johnny Keating, Orchester Werner Mueller, Robert Maxwell, Sean O'Hagan, Tim Gane & Sean O'Hagan, Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra, Edmundo Ros ) (unknown file size)
  17. PMB016 Spinning Wheels of Steel Sounds Galactic, Bruce Haack, Basil Kirchin, Jah Wobble, Marisa, Jamaican Steel Band, Firebrand Boy, Alan Tew (unknown file size)
  18. PMB017 John Barry Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Dick Hyman,Edmundo Ros,Ferrante & Teicher,Hugo Montenegro,John Barry,Killer Watts,Laika and the Cosmonauts,Lenny Dee,Oranj Symphonett,Ray Barretto) (unknown file size)
  19. PMB018 Sun, Sea, Samba and Sergio the Septuagenarian (Alan Lorber, Annie & Geerasak, Art van Damme, Herbie Mann, Jalwal, Marcos Valle, Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 ) (unknown file size)
  20. PMB019 Funky Germans Rocking Thailand with Caterina Valente, Peter Herbolzheimer, Sroeng Santi, US Navy Steel Band, Laetitia Sadier, Fiona Silver, Heidelinde Weis, Plearn Promdan, Christie (unknown file size)
  21. PMB020 Lullaby of Georgeland George Shearing, Toots Thielemans, Cal Tjader, Herbie Mann, Jon Brooks, Dim Dim, Ray Davies, Classic Steel, Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra, Dim Dim, (unknown file size)
  22. PMB021 BOF! Francois Roubaix, Michel Magne, Ronnie Aldrich, James Last, Jon Brooks, Blossom Dearie, Le Metropole Orkest, Lalo Schifrin, Leo Diamond (unknown file size)
  23. PMB022 Stylophonic Jerry Allen, Hong Kong in the 60s, Yakuza Heart Attack, Brett Domino, Soulless Party, The Brooklyn Organ Synthesizer Orchestra, Witco Desperadoes Steel Orchestra & Trevor "Inch High" Valentine (unknown file size)
  24. PMB023 Shatnoy William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Brett Domino, Keith Kawaii, The Vulcans, John Keating, Skoshu, Trekkie, The Saw Lady, WS64 (unknown file size)
  25. PMB024 Lunaphonic Daphne Oram, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Geoff Love, Hot Butter, Modular, Clara Rockmore, Sarah Angliss, John Baker, David Cain, Sun Ra, Shawn Lee, Natural Yogurt Band, Dick Mills (unknown file size)
  26. PMB025 Superbad Lassigue Bandthaus, Rad State, Shawn Lee, Natural Yogurt Band, Dorit Chrysler, Classical Steel, Rebecca Black, Gary Gibson, Nick Maynard (64.6Mb)
  27. PMB026 Martin Denny 100 Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, Baja Marimba Band, Waitiki 7, Javed Allahditta, Pepe Jaramillo, YMCK (81.9Mb)
  28. PMB027 Popcorn Enoch Light, Scharlatan, Gershon Kingsley, Giampiero Boneschi, Jonny Trunk, Heaven 17, Bruce Haack, Brother Cleve, Edward Simoni, The Brass Menagerie, Barking Classics, Little Ukulele Monster, Brother Cleve, Ralph Marterie (68.3Mb)
  29. PMB028 Finny Fonal Fonal Records, Laika and the Cosmonauts, Aavikko, Frederik, Desert Planet, TV-Resistori, Kemialliset Ystävät, Tomutonttu, Jimi Tenor, Kemialliset Ystävät (73.4Mb)
  30. PMB029 Rhythmagic Rhythmagic Orchestra, The High Llamas, Machito, Jonny Trunk, Majid Khan, High Llamas, Bob Lyons, Peter Reno, The George Garabedian Players and the Awful Trumpet of Harry Arms, Arshad Mahmood, Bob Lyons (60.8Mb)
  31. PMB030 Children's Hour Langley Schools Music Project, Smoosh, Lullatone, Synthesonic Sounds, YMCK, Lullatone, Daphne Oram, Dana Countryman, Jean-Jacques Perrey, The Fairfax High School Marimba Band, Cookie Monster, YMCK, Raymond Scott, Bunnymajs ,Huy Hong,H-Pizzle, Essra Mohawk, Greg Pattillo, Jack Wild, Billie Hayes, Martha Raye, (78Mb)
  32. PMB031 Sukiyaki Helmut Zacharias, Roberto Delgado, Mulato Astatke, Ramsey Lewis, Michel Legrand, Albert Glasser, D.D.Denham, The High Llamas, Moon Wiring Club, The International Novelty Orchestra (75.3Mb)
  33. PMB032 Bob Dylan at 70 Acker Bilk, Alan Lorber, Bob Dylan, Duane Eddy, George Olsen, Nob Dylan & His Nobsolete, Sebastian Cabot, seece, The Gene Norman Group, The Spokesmen, The Tony Hiller Orchestra, US Navy Steel Band, William Shatner (67.8Mb)
  34. PMB033 Tick Tock Twang Jon Brooks, Helmut Zacharias, Supercasanova, Boots Randolph, Frente Cumbiero (71.8Mb)
  35. PMB034 Disco From Another Galaxy Space Project, Manzel, Solla Solla, Arling and Cameron, High Llamas, Enoch Light, Biddu, Billy Preston (90.6Mb)
  36. PMB035 The Sound of Commerce Barry Gray, Mike Sammes Singers, Js with Jamie, Alan Hawkshaw, Alan Moorehouse, Valerie Lemercier (88.2Mb)
  37. PMB036 Sermon From The Stars Mike Sammes Singers, Gershon Kingsley, Sonseed, Big Boss Man, Mort Garson, Salah Ragab, Mandingo, Elisabeth Waldo (79.9Mb)
  38. PMB037 Bernard, Bongos and Bagels Bernard Herrmann, The Bongolian, Irving Fields, Solla Solla, Kumisolo, Mr Ho's Orchestrotica, Irv Cottler (59Mb)
  39. PMB038 The Detectives John Gregory, Ray Martin, Sarah Angliss, Chaino, Ikebe Shakedown, Lalo Schifrin, Peter Falk, Alan Tew, Peter Herbolzheimer (67.9Mb)
  40. PMB039 Spectrum Gil Trythall, Ken Nordine, Mel Blanc, The Ravens, YMCK, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Wing (58.1Mb)
  41. PMB040 Axis of Evil Syd Dale, Advisory Circle, Lalo Schifrin, Harmonic 33, Monroeville Music Center, Klaus Wunderlich, Googoosh, "Weird Al" Jankovic (102.2Mb)
  42. PMB041 Space Crufts The Beatle Barkers, El Vez, The Bran Flakes, Mike Sammes Singers, Disasterpeace, The Advisory Circle, Wing, Klaus Wunderlich (71.8Mb)
  43. PMB042 Woo Messer Chups, Lydia Kavina, Clara Rockmore, The Simonsound, Natalia Paruz, Johnny Keating, Project Pimento, Paul Tanner, Theremin Hero (63.5Mb)
  44. PMB043 Pills Pills Pills (Alan Lorber, Alan Hawkshaw, Mel Blanc, The Uncle Brothers, Supercute, Nurse With Wound, Wing) (66.5Mb)
  45. PMB044 Forty Four (Sesame Street, Schoolhouse Rock, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Tristram Cary, Raymond Scott, Shawn Lee, DMX Krew, D D Denham) (70.5Mb)
  46. PMB045 Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Soulless Party, Sublevel, Dolly Dolly, Monroeville Music Center, Geoff Love, Langley Schools Music Project) (78.6Mb)
  47. PMB045B Kev Oyston (Soulless Party) Interview (20.2Mb)
  48. PMB046 Cassette Heads (Dylan Ettinger, DMX Krew, R Stevie Moore, Orca Team, Pye Corner Audio, Monroeville Music Center, Oxykitten, Super Mazembe) (77.4Mb)
  49. PMB047 Electric Rain (Gil Trythall, Sun Ra, Art van Damme, Coda, Perrey & Kingsley, Gordon Langford, Tony Hatch, Coda, Korla Pandit, Sachal Studios) (65.9Mb)
  50. PMB048 Smells Like Moon Spirit (Mambo Kurt, The Sparteens, The King, Little Roy, Kazyutron, Charles Bradley, 2 many djs) (72.5Mb)
  51. PMB049 The Robots Are Coming (The Tornadoes, Bruce Haack, Dana Countryman, Louis and Bebe Barron, Piero Umiliani, Barry Gray, Nite Jewel) (59.5Mb)
  52. PMB050 Gold (Matt Berry/Peter Serafinowicz, Ken Nordine, Jet Harris, Benny Golson, Les Paul, Supercasanova, High Llamas, Les Baxter, Delia Derbyshire) (70.2Mb)
  53. PMB051 Area 51 (Hal Blaine, Buchanan Brothers, Roger Sprung, Roger Powell, ADR, Peter Howell, Shake Keane, Pluxus, Frank Hunter, Oxykitten) (56.7Mb)
  54. PMB052 Seeking Shatner William Shatner, Nahid Akhtar, Shawn Lee, Monroeville Music Center, Ursula Bogner, The Kramford Look (23/10/2011) (72.3Mb)
  55. PMB053 Halloween (Blakula, Peter Thomas, Bruce Haack, Focus Group, Mandingo, Tipsy, Ursula Bogner, The Shaggs) (67.8Mb)
  56. PMB054 Stampede (Bill Cosby, The Kramford Look, Claude Denjean, Johnny Dankworth, Modular, Electronic Concept Orchestra, Edmundo Ros) (74.8Mb)
  57. PMB055 Moon Moods (Dick Hyman, Modular, Art van Damme, Charles Trenet, William Shatner, Eden Ahbez, Les Baxter, Jean-Jacques Perrey/Dana Countryman) (74.8Mb)
  58. PMB056 Whistle While You Yodel (Shlomo/Swingle Singers, Tex Morton, Slim Gaillard, Mary Schneider, Ronnie Ronalde, Whistler Wilson) (85.1Mb)
  59. PMB057 Och Aye The Moon (Acapulco Brass, Roger Whittaker, Caribbean Session Musicians, Telly Savalas, Ivor Cutler, Ken Mullen, Tartan Brass) (71.6Mb)
  60. PMB058 Wind Up Toys (Plone, Toy, Vic Mars, Lullatone, Pascale Comelade, Pierre Bastien, Raymond Scott, Klangverstedet, Felix's Machines) (91.6Mb)
  61. PMB059 Electrickery (Bruce Haack, Raymond Scott, Wing, Pye Corner Audio with The Advisory Circle, Any Meecham, C-Jeff, Killer Watts) (77.7Mb)
  62. PMB060 Gajan Kristnaskon (Booker T and the MGs, Georghe Zamfir, Sean O'Hagan, Tracy Thornton, Natalia Paruz, The Mistletoe Disco Band) (unknown file size)
  63. PMB061 Bubble and Squeak (William Shatner, Little Roy, Oxykitten, Rufus Harley, Mrs Miller, Eric Winstone, The Ravens, Muzzy Marcellino) (unknown file size)
  64. PMB062 Fantastica (Russ Garcia, Spacedog, Jeroen Tel, Polysick, Gianni Rossi, Mr Chop, Noel Boggs, Barry Stoller) (69.7Mb)
  65. PMB063 Punk’s Not Dead (The Wurzels, Tracy Thornton, Coconami, Bruce Graham, Boop Beep Beep Boop, The Swing Easy Orchestra) (85.2Mb)
  66. PMB064 The Birds (The Advisory Circle, Spacedog, Moondog, Julie Andrews, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Neal Hefti, Rick Jones, Ivor Cutler, Jim Fassett) (67.7Mb)
  67. PMB065 Introduction to Personal Computing (Perrey & Kingsley, Wing, The Bran Flakes, France Gall, Bruce Haack, Covox, Joel Vandroogenbroeck, John Baker, Gianni Safred, Jonathan Gibbs) (68.1Mb)
  68. PMB066 Year of the Dragon (F C Judd, Moon Wiring Club, Pye Corner Audio, Suzanne Ciani, Paddy Steer, Hollywood Strings, Rod Hunter, Dragon Age,Modern Talking, New Pants,Las Trillizas De Oro) (105.1Mb)
  69. PMB067 Under the Waves (Al Caiola, Stereo Total, Les Baxter, OMO, Dolphins into the Future, Korla Pandit, Sven Libaek, Jürgen Müller, Logan 5,Gil Evans) (73.9Mb)
  70. PMB068 John Williams at 80 (Lalo Schifrin, Meco, Brett Domino, Boris Midney, Gilda Giuliani, 8bit Project, Evil Genius Orchestra, Squidd Kidd) (76.5Mb)
  71. PMB069 Welcome to Xenon (Suzanne Ciani, Jon Brooks, G.E.S, Peachy, Himekami, F. C. Judd, Mark Evans, Guy Boyer) (79.7Mb)
  72. PMB070 Hair Care (George Wright, Adderall Canyonly, Jimmy Fallon, Bruce Springsteen, New Pants, Belbury Poly, Lonnie Smith, David Cain, Mort Garson, Tipsy, Atomic Forest) (unknown file size)
  73. PMB071 Singing Stars of Stage and Screen (Robert Mitchum, Mae West, Bill Cosby, Joe Pesci, Muhammad Ali, Telly Savalas, Billy Crystal, Jayne Mansfield, Arthur Mullard, Hylda Baker, Mr T, Ethel Merman, Bernard Cribbins, Noel Coward, Sir Christopher Lee) (unknown file size)
  74. PMB072 The Great Outdoors (Max Greger, Alan Hawkshaw, The King, Belbury Poly, Ivor Cutler, Gillian Hills, Mareva Galanter, Wing) (unknown file size)
  75. PMB073 Cryptozoology (Messer Chups, Milt Buckner, Bill Schaeffer, Barry Gray, Bruce Haack, Moondog, The Three Suns, The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, Hirth Martinez, Swingtips, Yakuza Heart Attack) (77.6Mb)
  76. PMB074 The Rolling Stones at 50 (Peter Thomas, Tätärä, Charo & The Salsoul Orchestra, David McCallum, Hot Ice, The Grassmasters, Sandie Shaw, Lassigue Bendthaus) (75.8Mb)
  77. PMB075 Radioactivity (The Qualitons, Riley Shepherd, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, John Silence, Jimi Tenor, General Electric, The Advisory Circle, Peachy, Senor Coconut) (72.3Mb)
  78. PMB076 Modern Melodies from the Moon (Giant Claw, Lazyitis, 153 Military Style Wurlitzer Band Organ, Daphne Oram, Clark, Super Guachin, David Carroll and His Orchestra, Laetitia Sadier, Dolphins Into The Future, Belbury Poly) (61.3Mb)
  79. PMB077 Ceefax v ZX Spectrum (Syd Dale, Ceephax, Nino Nardini, ZX Spectrum Orchestra, Bertrand Burgalat, The European Sound Stage Orchestra, Hazy Osterwald Sextett, Mind Body Alpha, John Cacavas, Paul Dupont) (76.3Mb)
  80. PMB078 Trousers (The Brass Menagerie, Los Pantalones Azules, Espanto & Hidrogenesse, New Pants, Instant Sunshine, Vivian Stanshall, Dolly Dolly, The Hormonauts, Lazyitis, Mistinguett, Pete Krebs and His Portland Playboys, Pierre Arvay) (72.3Mb)
  81. PMB079 Big Cats (Mandingo, Ananda Shankar, Don Ralke, Shelly Manne, Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman, Ivor Raymond, April Stevens, King Of Woolworths, Tito Puente, The Bad Examples) (59.3Mb)
  82. PMB080 Mathematics (Moon Patrol, LearnThruMusic, Vic Mars, Bertrand Burgalat, Super Guachin, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Kim & Buran, The Sheik’s Men, Angelo Michajlov, The Focus Group, Susan Cantey, David Lewin) (87.2Mb)
  83. PMB081 Money, Money, Money (Klaus Wunderlich, Cal Tjader, sergeeo, Gordon Jenkins, Dick Hyman, Mongo Santamaría, Kevin Peek, Peter Lind-Hayes, John Baker, Wing, John Gregory & His Orchestra) (74.2Mb)
  84. PMB082 The Beast (Roger Roger, Chuck Jonkey, Setsubun Bean Unit, The Science Fiction Corporation, The Mind Expanders, Vernon Elliott, Moon Wiring Club, Chaino, Hal Mooney, Frank Hunter, Louis & Bebe Barron, OOIOO) (78.7Mb)
  85. PMB083 Honey Bee (Lenny Dee, Uschi Moser, The J. Arthur Keenes Band, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Barney Kessel & Gloria Wood, Quinton Sung, DROKK, Lawrence Welk, Bruce Haack, Scott Ludwig & Maximillian, Ingert Hoffman) (82.1Mb)
  86. PMB084 Sunbeams (Mano, The Quartette Trés Bien, Hackney Colliery Band, Iron Monkeys, salyu x salyu, Stereo Total, Advait Nemlekar, Jon Brooks, Chaquito, Al Caiola) (83.7Mb)
  87. PMB085 The Amphibians (Wynder K. Frog, Peter Herbolzheimer, Clarence “Frogman” Henry, Cookin’ On 3 Burners, John Baker, Johnny Pearson, Claude Guilhot, Dudley Moore, Terry Tiritilli, Nashville Mandolin Trio, Dewanatron) (73.6Mb)
  88. PMB086 Smile – Brian Wilson is 70 (Tätärä, The King, Jan Harpo Svensson, Lena-Maria Gårdenäs-Lawton, The Conch Man, 101 Strings Orchestra, Belbury Poly, Mademoiselle Nineteen, Rämouns, Souvenir, PDF Format) (77Mb)
  89. PMB087 We All Stand Together for Paul McCartney’s 70th Birthday (George Martin Orchestra, The Blue Mountain Pan Pipe Ensemble, Justus Köhncke, Damenkapelle, Calcutta Youth Choir, The Advisory Circle, R. Stevie Moore, Supercute, Pato Fu, Langley Schools) (83.5Mb)
  90. PMB088 Make the Madness Stop (The Free Design, Jonny Trunk, arcadecoma, The Jerrymanders, Porter Wagoner, Serge Gainsbourg, Concretism, Laurie Spiegel, Lucia Pamela, Pasquale & The Lunar-Tiks, James Last) (98.9Mb)
  91. PMB089 Bananas (Belgian Band Organ, Slim Gaillard, Tipsy, Cal Tjader, Waring’s Pennsylvanians, Eden Ahbez, Yello, Barry Gray, Alvin & The Chipmunks, Congresswoman Malinda Jackson Parker, Stan Freberg) (86.4Mb)
  92. PMB090 Monkey Magic (John Barry Seven, The Swing Ninjas, Godiego, The Kongsmen, Ramsey Lewis, Fabio Frizzi, Cara Stewart, Messer Chups, Arpadys) (74.4Mb)
  93. PMB091 Mexican Moon Dance (Keith Mansfield, Percy Faith, Perry London, Esquivel, Pepe Jaramillo, El Vez, Ferrante and Teicher, Jean-Jacques Perrey, The Mexicali Brass, Gil Slote and the Children of New York PS63, Conlon Nancarrow, Florence Foster Jenkins) (92.3Mb)
  94. PMB092 Something (Richard Denton & Martin Cook, The Pierre Lavine Pop Band, Como Zoo Carousel, Laetitia Sadier, Shawn Lee, The Helmuth Brandenburg Orchestra, Pajjama, Wild Bill Moore, Dorothy Collins, Deepak Chopra) (85.4Mb)
  95. PMB093 Shades of Barbara Moore (Barbara Moore, Brass Incorporated, Pato Fu, Birds ‘n’ Brass, Laetitia Sadier, The Barbara Moore Singers, Ole Jensen And His Music, Frances Wayne, Dudley Moore Trio) (86Mb)
  96. PMB094 Personal Space (Brian Bennett, Giant Claw, Como Carousel, Makers, Buddy Merrill, Sone Institute, Deborah Washington & The Astros, The Rebel Force Band, Mills Brothers) (79.9Mb)
  97. PMB095 Yo Ho Ho (Brian Peters, Dan Head, Hardy Kingston, Captain Stubby & The Buccaneers, Ronnie Ronalde, David Minnick, FLZ, The Burnsland Orchestra, Gale Storm, Ferrante & Teicher, Robert Mellin, Syd Dale, Terry Gibbs, Synthesonic Sounds) (94.9Mb)
  98. PMB096 One Small Step (Jimmy Haskell, Chrome Canyon, Don Dorsey, Buzz Aldrin, The Sursiks, Ennio Morricone, Sabujer Mela, Les Baxter) (86.4Mb)
  99. PMB097 Test Signals (Hardy Kingston, From The Archives, Si Begg, little-scale + Dot.AY,Poly, Tangier 57, Akron, Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, From The Archives, The Test Signals Orchestra) (83.7Mb)
  100. PMB098 Space Nougat (Klaus Wunderlich, The Virtues, Man or Astro-man?, Center of the Universe, Roglok, Cheap Dinosaurs, The Qualitons, Kazi Aniruddha, From The Archives) (80.7Mb)
  101. PMB099 We All Scream (Emil Richards, Ice Cream Truck, John Carpenter, The Lyons Maid Revue, Eilert Pilarm, Barry Gray, John Baker, Lorraine Bowen, Fred Waring, Hugo Blanco y su Conjunto) (66.5Mb)
  102. PMB100 Celebrating 100 Glorious Episodes of Project Moonbase Part Two For Our Friends (Harry Roche Constellation, Jack Parnell, Barry Gray, Roundwood Steel Band, Hot 8 Brass Band, The Residents, Bibio, Peter Wyngarde, Cara Stewart, William Shatner) (97.5Mb)
  103. PMB100 Celebrating 100 Glorious Episodes of Project Moonbase Part One By Our Friends (Barry Schleifer, Sarah Angliss, Barbara Moore, Monroeville Music Center, Pye Corner Audio, Giant Claw, AMS, concretism, bignonioides, The Soulless Party, The Phase 4, Harry Forbes) (81.2Mb)
  104. PMB101 Rats (Brian Fahey, Alan Hawkshaw, Fabienne DelSol, Alexandre Desplat, Angelo Michajlov, Lester Lanin, Sam Butera, Sammy Davis Jr., Bubonic Plague, Beastie Boys, Matmos, Arcadecoma, Leona Anderson) (83.9Mb)
  105. PMB102 Aurora (Gautam Dasgupta, Harry Forbes, Tod Dockstader, Kumisolo, Listening Center, Laurie Spiegel, Phil Grove, Wing, Greg Foat Group) (89.4Mb)
  106. PMB103 Facial Hair (Banda Cuisillos Musical, Nelson Eddy, Raymond Scott and His Orchestra, The Beards, Broadcast and The Focus Group, Freddy Gardner, Chris Lambert, Toby Turner, Bienvenido Granda, Sophie Madeleine, Nucleus) (83.2Mb)
  107. PMB104 Love and Romance (Perrey & Kingsley, Basil Henriques, Alan Haven, Matt Berry, Sabena Airlines, Wing, Rebecca Pan, Mystic Moods Orchestra, Edmundo Ros, Barbara Cartland) (84Mb)
  108. PMB105 Great Railway Journeys (Sohail Rana, Bernard Estardy, Les Baxter, Vernon Elliott, Ken Griffin, Henry Mancini, Ananda Shankar, R.D. Burman, I Am Robot And Proud, Veronika Fischer) (89.8Mb)
  109. PMB106 Light Stakeout (Kumisolo, Joan-Pau Verdier, Rory Thomas, Meridian Brothers, Ondatrópica, The Trinidad Old Oak Casablanca Steel Orchestra, Cheap Dinosaurs, Herbie Flowers / Barry Morgan / Tim Love Lee, Elias Rahbani and His Orchestra) (84.2Mb)
  110. PMB107 British Flying Saucer Bureau (Jet Set Swe, Perrey & Kingsley, Ella Fitzgerald, Carmen Ghia and the Hotrods, Meridian Brothers, Milt Jackson, Buchanan Brothers, Dimitri Tiomkin, John Baker, Barry Gray) (85.4Mb)
  111. PMB108 Fun Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse (Jose Mauro, Nick Ingman, Geoff Love and His Orchestra, Sun Ra, Billy Strange, Les Baxter, John Cameron, Gil Mellé, Ligabue) (79.5Mb)
  112. PMB109 Antichristmas (Tommy Dorsey, Christmas at the Devil’s House, H P Lovecraft Historical Society, Queen of Kings Island Wurlitzer 157, Les Lapins Sauvages, Oscar the Grouch, Heather Noel, Satan The Dark Prince, The Hot Buttered Elves, Spinal Tap) (83.2Mb)
  113. PMB110 Super Excellent Awards (Kamal Hassan, Teddy Lasry, Rick Miller, The Meridian Brothers, Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury, Jeff Phelps, Belbury Poly, Suzanne Ciani, Listening Center, Wing) (101.5Mb)
  114. PMB111 Baking Today’s Bread (Raja Zahr, Nino Nardini, Vitamin String Quartet, Maximilian, The Catamaran Serenaders, Tony Carey, Wevie Stonder, Moon Wiring Club, Syd Dale and the Otto Keller Orchestra, Cults Percussion Ensemble) (84.9Mb)
  115. PMB112 Snow Business (Barry Gray, Stan Beard, Charlie Alex March, Ananda Shankar, Jonny Trunk, Dick Hyman, Maxine Sullivan, Ronnie Ronalde, Valaida Snow, The Advisory Circle, Lalo Schifrin, Dorothy Collins, Dragan Espenschied, London Allstars) (92.7Mb)
  116. PMB113 The Periodic Table (LearnThruMusic, Lisa Carbon, Jim Hall and his Radio Pals, Tipsy, Boron, Pye Corner Audio, Rudy Gaddis, Barry Gray, 8 Bit Weapon, Death By Chocolate, Kev Hopper) (74.4Mb)
  117. PMB114 Big Boy and the Chancellor (Goto80 and the Uwe Schenk Band, Cloud Waste and the Calf, Bruno Spoerri, Broadcast, The Heliocentrics, Martin Denny, The Norliss Tapes, B. Bumble and the Stingers, Hamilton Yarns, Tod Dockstader) (89.3Mb)
  118. PMB115 Hiss (Mordy Laye and the Group Modular, Joel Vandroogenbroeck, Unknown Organist, The Caretaker, Woebot, Nodolby, Como Carousel, AMS, Sleep∞Over) (78.6Mb)
  119. PMB116 Mixing Concrete (Jet Set Swe, Bob Crewe, Bruno Spoerri, Pierre Henry, John Baker, Concretism, Delia Derbyshire, Monroeville Music Center, F.C. Judd, Desmond Briscoe, Hong Kong in the 60s, Tod Dockstader, Slim Gaillard) (75.1Mb)
  120. PMB117 Giddy Up Horsey (Ray Martin, Johnny 7, Klangverkstedet, Mordy Laye and the Group Modular, Pajjama, Gordon Lorenz Orchestra, The Royal Artillery Mounted Band, Esso Steel Band, Sone Institute, Woebot, London Symphony Orchestra) (81Mb)
  121. PMB118 The Mange and Dropsy Hour (Alan Parker, Charly Antolini, Johnny Duncan and the Bluegrass Boys, Angelo Michajlov, Mark de Clive-Lowe, George Jones, Big Boss Man, Charles Mingus, Soul Expedition) (81Mb)
  122. PMB119 75 Years of Spam® and Other Delicious Processed Meats (Spam Allstars, Dan Lund, Iron Curtain, Spam Animals, Vincent Drapo, “Weird Al” Yankovic, spamtron, Power Salad) (84.9Mb)
  123. PMB120 Rhythmic Variations (Ray Cathode, Schnauzer Radio Orchestra, Fraktus, Esso Steel Band, Kai Winding Feat. Kenny Burrell, Nuslux, Daphne Oram, Martin Denny, Call Me Greenhorn, Kai Winding, Pyrolator) (88Mb)
  124. PMB121 The Rites of Spring (Moe Koffman, Terry Snyder, Lenny Dee, Emil Richards, Tomita, The Three Suns, John Barry, Get The Blessing, Paul Nogues, Unit Six, The Brass Ring) (82.9Mb)
  125. PMB122 Snakes on the Moonbase (Kai Winding, Mandingo, Django Reinhardt, Don Ralke Orchestra, Disasterpeace, Spaceheads, Countdown, Santo & Johnny, Herbie Mann, Tamiko Jones, Doc Severinsen) (96.6Mb)
  126. PMB123 Sounds Anonymous (Sounds Orchestral, Robin Richmond, Yoichi Sugawara, Vic Mars, Oxykitten, Giant Claw, Peopleodeon, Call Me Greenhorn, Les Baxter, The Soulless Party, Vic Mars, Atom TM) (89.1Mb)
  127. PMB124 Full Moonbase Breakfast (Julian Covey & The Machine, Steve Gray, Cal Tjader, John Shuttleworth, Les Baxter, The Ron Grainer Harpsichord Group, Moon Wiring Club, Wes Montgomery & Nat Adderley, Syd Dale, Julie London, Perrey & Kingsley) (84.4Mb)
  128. PMB125 Test Card (Andy Clark, Budapest Radio Orchestra, The Richard Neilson Group, The David Snell Quartet, Mammane Sani et son Orgue, Chris Carter, Orchestra Tropicana, Polish Radio Orchestra, The Bruton Beat) (78.9Mb)
  129. PMB126 Highly Flammable (Sid Bass, Ananda Shankar, Senor Coconut and his Orchestra, Enoch Light, Hong Kong In The 60s, Paul Giovanni, Meridian Brothers, Mae West, Yma Sumac, Alan Haven, Korla Pandit) (81.8Mb)
  130. PMB127 Swords and Sorcery (Reg Tilsley, Hugo Montenegro, Percy Faith, I Am Robot And Proud, Jonathan Ross, Moon Wiring Club, Delia Derbyshire, Jim Guthrie, Midnight Syndicate, Angelo Michajlov) (87.9Mb)
  131. PMB128 Now That’s What I Don’t Call the 80s (Mitch Murder, Short Circuit, MCM90, [PHYSICS], Hybrid Music System, Jeff Sudakin, Oxykitten, Horizon 200, Ilaiyaraaja) (90.1Mb)
  132. PMB129 Cells in Action (Ben Worley, Jon Brooks, Giant Claw, The Focus Group, Tony Pegler, Excelsior Rope Works Brass Band, The Caravans, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, The Simonsound, Man or Astro-man?, Yurack, Diad) (97.1Mb)
  133. PMB130 Hot Wheels (Jack Arel, Pierre Dutour, Albert Duglas Meakin, The Shaggs, Johnny Pearson, Gabor Szabo, James Taylor Quartet, The Ventures, Oscar Brandenburg Orchestra, Fink, BBII) (74.1Mb)
  134. PMB131 Postcard from the Moon (Duane Eddy, John Baker, Quantic & His Combo Barbaro, Patrick & Eugene, Rauni Pekkala, The Nirvana Sitar & String Group, University of Ghana Post Office, John Laurie, Vernon Elliott, Wing, Organics) (70.9Mb)
  135. PMB132 Digging for Moonrocks (John Cameron, Emil Richards, People Like Us, Alan Parker, J.C. Pierric, The Akkademiks, Children of the Italia Conte School, Ìxtahuele, Sven Libaek, Disasterpeace, Nelson Riddle) (73.4Mb)
  136. PMB133 Physical Soup (Kumisolo, Mr Ondioline (Jean-Jacques Perrey), Orchesta Pucho Lopez, Jeremy Deller/The Melodian Steel Orchestra, Jazz Against The Machine, Lullatone, The Night Terrors, Fanfare Ciocarlia) (79.1Mb)
  137. PMB134 At The Movies (Ilaiyaraaja, Piero Umiliani, 153 Military Style Wurlitzer Band Organ, Camille and Kennerly, Roy Smeck, Bongwater, Edward Simoni, Petra Haden, Arthur Lyman) (78.8Mb)
  138. PMB135 Mansooba Chand Asaas (Karim Shahab Ud Din, Sohail Rana, Gulshan Aara Syed, M. Ashraf, Bakhshi Wazir, Tafo, Nahid Akhtar, Benjamin Sisters, Ali Abbas, Khalid Ghayur, Jamal Ghani, Aay Jays) (90.1Mb)
  139. PMB136 Puffing on the Moon Pipe (Klaus Wunderlich, Pink Disco Queen, Raymond Scott, Sounds Orchestral, Gillian Hills, Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith, When, Matthew Herbert, Peggy Lee, Richard Groove Holmes) (73.3Mb)
  140. PMB137 Enquire Within (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Hailu Mergia, Eccentronic Research Council, The Italia Conti School, Carol-Leigh & Hank Midlin, Bakhshi Wazir, Listening Center, The Currie Brothers, Xtro) (79Mb)
  141. PMB138 Please Please Me (Beatallica, Kenny Lynch, Renato e seus Blue Caps, Eric Winstone Orchestra, Dick Hyman, Santo & Johnny, Sylvie Vartan, Syd Dale Combo, Martin Denny, Mae West) (71.3Mb)
  142. PMB139 Do It Yourself (Leonard Nimoy, The Invaders, Gabor Szabo, Juan Pestañas, Barry Gray, People Like Us, The Cues, Dave Vorhaus, juncmodule, Vinny Roma) (81.1Mb)
  143. PMB140 Sea Shells (Johnny Pearson, The Brass Ring, Piero Piccioni, B. Bumble & The Stingers, The Conch Man, Rolf Harris, Wonder Pets, Wishing Squid, The Bit-52s, Synthesonic Sounds) (78.2Mb)
  144. PMB141 Double Discovery (Videogame Orchestra, DJ Krest, Jim Jelhow, Omar Souleyman, April March, Aquaserge, Hong Kong in The 60s, Boris Midney, Gemma Ray, Jon Brooks) (85Mb)
  145. PMB142 The Lighter Side of Death (Dubmood, Oxykitten, Bruce Haack, William Shatner, Tantra, Nancy Priddy, Cavern of Anti-Matter, Napalm Death, Vayo, 8bit Project) (80.4Mb)
  146. PMB143 Back to School (Dorothy Collins, Vic Mars, Daphne Oram, Klaus Harmony, Children From The Italia Conti School, Lynn Ahrens, Dondero High School, Gelg, Henry Mancini, Alan Hawkshaw, Peter Howell, Lalo Schifrin, Weston High School Choir) (75.5Mb)
  147. PMB144 The Planets (Russ Garcia, Claude Denjean, The Daily Beethoven, Wing, Pete Moore, Isao Tomita, Ganymed, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Man or Astro-Man?, Colonel Elliott & The Lunatics) (79.9Mb)
  148. PMB145 Somewhere to Land (Reg Guitar, Orchestra Peter Thomas, Georges Vert, The Soundcarriers, The Left Arm of Buddha, Los Piranas, Benge, Dur-Dur Band, South Georgia Highballers) (83Mb)
  149. PMB146 Let’s Get Straight to the Biscuits (Tony Evans & His Orchestra, Biscuitmen, The High Llamas, Grizzler, John Shuttleworth, People Like Us, Cookie Monster, The Mike Sammes Singers, Andre Williams, The Deep Freeze Mice, Ed Poole) (88Mb)
  150. PMB147 Is the Moon Made of Cheese? (The Natural Yoghurt Band, Shawn Lee, Mister Modo, Percy Faith, William Shatner, Edmundo Ros, Leona Anderson, Joe Loco, Cluster) (69.4Mb)
  151. PMB148 F for Fake (Roberto Delgado, Chaquito, The Waikikis, R Artus, Jez Butler, Nite Jewel, Jürgen Müller, Hardy Kingston, Ursula Bogner, concretism, Señor Coconut & His Orchestra) (85.4Mb)
  152. PMB149 Choose Your Own Adventure (Monroeville Music Center, Lomond Campbell, Belbury Poly and Spacedog, Shirley Scott, Hailu Mergia/Prins Thomas, Tauta Archer, Searching Years No.1, Soft Focus, Lullatone, Terry Thomas) (83.2Mb)
  153. PMB150 Ghost In Ghost Out (Chai Muangsing (aka Man City Lion), The Vulcans, The Night Terrors, Tod Dockstader, Heslington Primary School, Joe Loco, Sapan Jagmohan, Oxykitten, The Focus Group, Quintron, Broadcast, Monroeville Music Center) (79.3Mb)
  154. PMB151 Watch Out! (Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra, Moon Wiring Club, The Advisory Circle, Hutton School Choir, Tim Gane & Sean O’Hagan, Zellthesick, concretism, Perrey & Kingsley, The Discover and Learn Singers) (77.7Mb)
  155. PMB152 Making the Action (Adrian Baker & Roy Morgan, Kosmischer Läufer, Jacqui Dankworth, Bruno Spoerri, Massonix, WeirdGear, Calibro 35, Mild Peril, Irving Martin & Brian Dee) (84.3Mb)
  156. PMB153 General Hospital (Johnny Pearson, Lalo Schifrin, Johnny Dankworth, Weird Al Yankovic, Teri Summers & The Librettos, Kai Winding, Al Caiola, Leith Stevens, Matmos) (69Mb)
  157. PMB154 Smell the Rainbow (Fitness Forever, Francois de Roubaix, Rob Britton, The THANGS, Parlous, mitch murder, Giant Claw, Nikmis, The Atomic Crocus) (86.4Mb)
  158. PMB155 The Human Brain (Gianni Safred, Stereolab, Akron, Joey Trust, Georges Vert, Lisa Jones Bromfield, The Bran Flakes, Roj, Barry Franklin, Yakuza Heart Attack) (76.4Mb)
  159. PMB156 Then Meets Now (Fitness Forever, William Onyeabor, Gelbart, Palmer Rockey, Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica, Roberto Delgado, Freschard, The Space Lady) (90.4Mb)
  160. PMB157 Sugar Sugar Sugar (The Electric Tomorrow, Claude Denjean, Vince Guaraldi, Leonard Nimoy, Hanns Steinkopf, Sônia Rocha, Cluster, John Betjeman/MF Doom/MC Bertie Bassett, Vaughn Monroe, Angel’s Music Box) (76.7Mb)
  161. PMB158 Outer Realms (Felix Kubin, The Heliocentrics, Freschard, Cal Tjader, Les Baxter, Ford Trucks, Ice Cream Mission to Mars, Reggie Hazzard, Phono Ghosts) (80.7Mb)
  162. PMB159 Let’s Get Started (The Simonsound, Enoch Light, Astrud Gilberto, John Baker, Gershon Kingsley, Richard Cheese, Smooth Criminals, US Air Force Singing Sergeants, Birds ‘n’ Brass, Wing) (80Mb)
  163. PMB160 Musical Industry (American-Standard, Goodyear, Standard Oil, Barry Gray, Monroe Calculators, The Accountants, Keith Mansfield, The Mike Sammes Singers, Exxon Corp., Datassette, Network Music Ensemble) (73.9Mb)
  164. PMB161 Super Excellent Awards (Eric Covington, 33.33333333, Schnauzer Radio Orchestra, Akron, Xerox, William Onyeabor, Ìxtahuele, The Left Arm of Buddha, The Space Lady, Gelbart) (84.5Mb)
  165. PMB162 Geodesic Home (Please Lose Battle, Geodesium, Dot Wiggin Band, Luis Perez, Pye Corner Audio, concretism, Koichi Sugii, Bill Wells, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Eddie Warner, Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle) (85.6Mb)
  166. PMB163 In Close Harmony – At Least 50 Years of the Swingle Singers (The Swingle Singers, Russ Garcia, The Walter Schumann Singers, The King’s Singers, The Singers Unlimited, The Mike Sammes Singers, The Swingle Singers with The Modern Jazz Quartet, The Free Design, The Hi-Lo’s) (82.8Mb)
  167. PMB164 Astro Zombies Moon Attack (Cheap Dinosaurs, Jan Davis, Gipsy Sounds, Zombie Zombie, Zomby, Zombi, Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra, Tipsy, Herbert Chappell) (78.9Mb)
  168. PMB165 Knickers (Wisbey, Kabuan Garn Yor Yod Yung Yong, Alan Parker, The Martini Kings, Messer für Frau Müller, John Barry, Sven Libaek, Bob Rivers, Fussel, The Pierre Lavin Pop Band, Charles Wilp) (75.1Mb)
  169. PMB166 Let’s Make Babies (Juan Torres Y Su Organo Melodico, Sonora Santanera, Jean Dujardin, Veenai E Gaayathri, Webster, Barbara Moore, Raymond Scott, Michael Pan, Les C pas C, Billy Murray, Bubsibrain (feat. Kristina Gowlland), Moondog) (84.6Mb)
  170. PMB167 The Herb (Peter Herbolzheimer, Art Farmer, Bert Kaempfert, George Shearing, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Louis Stewart, Bundes Jugend Jazz Orchester, Inga Rumpf, Dieter Reith) (101.4Mb)
  171. PMB168 Mothra Fairies – Female Duos from Around the World (The Barry Sisters, Pili Y Mili, Hermanas Serrano, Camille and Kennerly, The Duncan Sisters, Morena y Clara, The Peanuts, Kirsten & Marie, Rita & Sakura, Patience & Prudence, Vainica Doble) (94.2Mb)
  172. PMB169 The Herbs (Peter Herbolzheimer, Bert Kaempfert, Tony Hatch, Lenny Dee, Bert Landers, Swingle Singers, The Coctails, MF Doom, Chilly Gonzales, Universal Robot Band, Herbie Hancock) (86.8Mb)
  173. PMB170 Crosstalk (The Left Arm of Buddha, Max Harris, Peter Reno & Barry Stoller, Monroeville Music Center, disrupt, Lasry-Baschet, Joe Davolaz, Setsuo Ohashi, Raymond Scott, The Bran Flakes, Francis Coppieters) (74.5Mb)
  174. PMB171 An Ill Wind (Unit 4 + 2, The 4 Seasons, The Rokes, The New Topnotes, Las Cuatro Monedas, Johnny Hartman, Jean-Pierre Decerf & Myriam Chadcar, Gogi Grant, Setsuo Ohashi, John Buzon Trio) (85.9Mb)
  175. PMB172 The Four Winds (Brigitte Bardot, Roger Whittaker, Les Baxter, Pete Moore, Hans Albers, Borka, Rodion G.A., Henry Mancini, Johnny Conquet, Eden Ahbez) (81.9Mb)
  176. PMB173 Understanding Egg Codes (Neal Hefti, The M & S Band, Bethany Angél, Small Oriole Choir, Kelmeh Oua Naghmeh, iloveegg, Jimmy Fallon, Lalo Schifrin, Anne Sylvestre, Blackbyrds, Milford Perkins) (81.9Mb)
  177. PMB174 Robot Disco (Usha Uthup, Ikebe Shakedown, Stelvio Cipriani, Suzanne Ciani, Cloud Waste and the Calf, Call Me Greenhorn, Kosmischer Läufer, Clone, Piero Umiliani, Richard Cheese) (80.5Mb)
  178. PMB175 A Nice Cup Of Tea (Helmut Zacharias, Bert Kaempfert, Stu Phillips, Jack Buchanan, Frozen Lonesome, Michel Magne, Sone Institute, David Parry, John Shuttleworth, Wesley Jonathon Taberner) (80.8Mb)
  179. PMB176 Hong Kong Hobby Horse (Spaceheads, Shawn Lee, Todd Terje, Meridian Brothers, Laetitia Sadier, Alexander von Mehren, Tim “Love” Lee, The Memory Band with Belbury Poly, The Emperor Machine) (85.2Mb)
  180. PMB177 Happy Machines (MIDIDesaster, 1030, MrSolidSnake745’s Musical Floppy Drives, SammyIAm, James Houston & Julian Corrie, Reginald J. Lewis, 1905 MIRA 18 1/2 Inch Concert Grand Console Music Box, Jazzolian, Bent Bolt & The Nuts, Conlon Nancarrow, Keith Harding, Squarepusher x Z-MACHINES) (91.2Mb)
  181. PMB178 Is This A Dream? (The Cosmic Rays, Korla Pandit, 101 Strings, TOMTIT, Ethel Smith, Seeland, Delia Derbyshire/Barry Bermange, Boris Zepyr, Gerhard Gregor, Hans Conried, Jürgen Müller) (80.3Mb)
  182. PMB179 What’s Your Favourite Number? (Belbury Poly, Max Harris, G.P. & G.F. Reverberi, Mongo Santamaría, xyce, Douglas Wood, Herbie Flowers & Barry Morgan, Pete Moore, Hugo Montenegro, Tito Rodriguez) (89.6Mb)
  183. PMB180 Tectonic Plates (xyce, Setsuo Ohashi & Honey Islanders, D.A. Medina, The Soundcarriers, Secret Chiefs 3 The Electromagnetic Azoth, Mikael Jorgensen, OOIOO, Satori, Matt Berry) (84.7Mb)
  184. PMB181 Godzilla Welcomes You To Monster Island (Seksu Roba, Akira Ifukube, 8-Bit Arcade, The Peanuts, Brian Setzer, Eric Whitacre, Masato Shimon & Riichiro Manabe) (88.4Mb)
  185. PMB182 The Rolling Stones – England’s Oldest Hit Makers (Buddy Greco, Eric Hine, The Shadows of Knight, Wee Ginga Yin, Siniestro Total, The Termites, Blinky (Sondra Williams), Beefeaters, Sandie Shaw) (74.6Mb)
  186. PMB183 Confusion (Meridian Brothers, Hunter Complex, concretism, Theremin Hero, Fimber Bravo, Keith Seatman, Rabih Abou Khalil, Alexander von Mehren, James Last) (94Mb)
  187. PMB184 Frozen Solid (45 Caliber Recordings, Neal Hefti, Alan Parker, Mary Medley, Allan Cleary, John Blackinsell Orchestra, Dondero High School, Douglas Wood, Death By Chocolate, Koryo Saito) (82.5Mb)
  188. PMB185 Now That’s What I Don’t Call the 80s 2 (Oxykitten, Rich Menga, Hunter Complex, mitch murder, Norm Chambers, Suzanne Ciani, James Last, Hirut Bekele, Peachy Pixel8, Büromaschinen) (86Mb)
  189. PMB186 All Over The World Cup (Ray Martin, Deodato, Stu Phillips, KPM All Stars, The Tony Hatch Orchestra, Edmundo Ros, Ivor Cutler, Sweep, Eddie Warner, Willie Henderson And The Soul Explosions, Ali Haider) (65.1Mb)
  190. PMB187 Man Alive! Tony Hatch At 75 (Tony Hatch, Ninette, Mrs. Miller, David McCallum, Cybercom Project) (83.1Mb)
  191. PMB188 Vision Receiver (Walter Rauxel, Terry Dwyer, Keyboard, Data 70, OOIOO, Piero Umiliani, Jez Butler, Weird Al Yankovic, Ludwig and Friends, Jerzy Milian, Videogram) (90.3Mb)
  192. PMB189 Java Juice and the Caffeine Infusion (Edmundo Ros, Herbie Mann, Jean-Jacques Perrey, R. Stevie Moore, Jez Butler, Raymond Scott, Les Baxter, Henry Mancini, Gordon Jenkins Presents Marshall Royal, Oon, Udo Jürgens) (81.9Mb)
  193. PMB190 Errata and Addenda (Chim Kothari, Dick Oliver, Dan W, Alfred Ho, Ocobar, Brett Domino, Eric Cartman feat. Kenny & Kyle, Secret Chiefs 3 FORMS, Aby Ngana Diop) (88Mb)
  194. PMB191 There Goes The Sun (Uschi Moser, Vinnie Bell, Alan Hawkshaw, Don, Mort Garson, Kenny Graham, Im_a_Track_Man, Birds ‘n’ Brass, Alan Haven, Lullatone) (75.4Mb)
  195. PMB192 Moving Shadows (disrupt, Boss Kite, Poly, Azhar Hussain, Occam’s Laser, Eric Siday, Don Harper, Walt Rockman, GOTO80) (74Mb)
  196. PMB193 Hello Whovians (Hyperdust, Bill McGuffie, Roberta Tovey, Don Harper, Jon Pertwee, The Ron Grainer Harpsichord Group, Delia Derbyshire, D34DP1X3L, Malcolm Lockyer, Chameleon Circuit, Neil Norman, Brian Hodgson) (82.7Mb)
  197. PMB194 The Scottish Referendum – A Musical Antidote (Daniel “Kuhneghetz” Ohlsson, The Chalkwell Ladies Drum n Bass League, Lord Laro, Dean Park, Wilbert Harrison, 2manydjs, London Toy Machine, Dieter Reith, Elevators, Bruce Haack) (84.1Mb)
  198. PMB195 Silver Apples of the Moon (James Last, Peter Reno, Stereolab, A Silver Age, Aavikko, Lenny Dee, Silver Apples, Tod Dockstader, William Shatner) (74.5Mb)
  199. PMB Bonus Show 001 Lalo Schifrin (Dick Hyman, Francesco De Masi, A. Allesandroni, Bill Cosby, Lalo Schifrin, Tätärä, Shawn Lee, Alan Hawkshaw, Gunter Kallman Choir, Geoff Love, Cal Tjader, Salaam Remi, Balkan Brass Band, Gordon Langford, Pierro Piccioni, Bryan Rodwell, Ron Goodwin) (136.8Mb)
  200. PMB Bonus Show 002 Stevie Wonder (Henry Jerome, Peter Herbolzheimer, Nestroyer, Chutima Duang Porn, The Simonsound, DMX Krew, The Lloyd Miller Trio, Messer Chups, Dana Countryman, RD Burman, Hugo Montenegro, Fred Frith, Jarvis Cocker/National Trust, Belbury Poly, bit face, Wevie Stonder, The Moog Cookbook, Ray Cooper, Alan Haven) (140.5Mb)
  201. PMB196 Other Voices (Grandma Lo-Fi, Reg Owen, Dario Russo, Big Boss Man, Brooks and O’Hagan, Listening Center, Karl Hector & The Malcouns, Dario Russo, Gene Rains) (82.1Mb)
  202. PMB197 A Guide To Modern Caravaning (The Three Suns, East Bay Banjo Club, Ferrante & Teicher, Carpenters, Piero Umiliani, Vinnie Bell, Dinah Washington, Gene Rains, Les Paul, John Buzon Trio) (91.6Mb)
  203. PMB198 ABBA An Alternative History (Fadi Natour, Salma & Sabina Agha, grovephil, Sergio Presto, Wing, Volebeats, The Monks Of Moramanga, Banda Sairu, Yngwie J. Malmsteen) (82.6Mb)
  204. PMB199 Where There’s Muck There’s Brass (The Button Down Brass, Tätärä, Sam Pilafian, Peter Herbolzheimer, Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra, Shake Keane, Alan Hawkshaw, The Brass Menagerie, Dick Schory, Doc Severinsen, Klaus Weiss Orchestra) (84.6Mb)
  205. PMB200 Dual Duel (George Shearing, Dick Hyman, France Gall, Hosokawa Fumie, Orquestra Som Livre, Byron Lee & The Dragonaires, Wing, Joe Loss & His Orchestra, The Sound Of Silverstones, Götz Alsmann, Jean-Jacques Perrey, The Raleigh Ringers, Bill Ware w/Marc Ribot, Scott Ludwig & Maximillian, Mel Tormé, Lassigue Bendthaus, The Muppets, Gro Anita Schønn, Inger Lise Rypdal & Stein Ingebrigtsen, Cornelius, Esquivel, Stevie Wonder, Amorphis, Project Pimento, Vincent Bell, Klaus Wunderlich, Richard Ha (196.6Mb)
  206. PMB201 Highly Fertile (Laurie Johnson, Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa, Hailu Mergia & The Walias, Noisewaves, Mouse On Mars, Concretism, Blueblut, The John Warren Orchestra, William Onyeabor) (85.3Mb)
  207. PMB202 The Classical Dimension (Portsmouth Sinfonia, Les Baxter, S.P. Balasubramaniam, S.Janaki, The Galactic Light Orchestra, Apollo 100, Nick Ingman, Enoch Light, The Swingle Singers, Gershon Kingsley, B. Bumble & The Stingers, Walter Murphy) (84.4Mb)
  208. PMB203 Bongos A-Go-Go (Ray Barretto, Les Baxter, Terry Snyder, Jack Burger & Danny Gould, Jack “Bongo” Burger, Serge Gainsbourg, Sammy Davis Jr, Jack Costanzo, Chaino, Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica) (76.5Mb)
  209. PMB204 Spoken Word (Peter Wyngarde, Jayne Mansfield, Dirk Bogarde, Stanley Unwin, Felix Kubin, F.C. Judd, Raymond Scott, Jim Henson, Sonja Neuman, Ken Nordine, William Shatner, Laura Huxley, Tristram Cary, Rick Jones, Hawkwind, Brian Blessed) (78.5Mb)
  210. PMB205 Super Excellent Awards 2014 (Sammy Burdson, Tim “Love” Lee, Gene Rains, Eric Siday, Concretism, The Raleigh Ringers, Suzanne Ciani, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Dario Russo, William Onyeabor) (90.2Mb)
  211. PMB206 Merry Everything to You – Xmas, Hanukah, Winter Solstice, Saturnalia, Winterval, Festivus, Chrismakah, Kwanzaa, Moon-Kwanzaa and Decemberween (Devo, James Last, Baoulé Singers, Edd Byrnes, Arthur Lyman, Arthur® and Friends, The H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society, The Christmas Revels, David Cain and Ronald Duncan, Ambrose and His Orchestra, Norris The Troubador, Warner Jepson, Joel Kopischke) (67.3Mb)
  212. PMB207 Moon Metal (Tracy Thornton, The Raleigh Ringers, Hugo Strasser, Family Jules 7x, Shred Guitar Eric, Camille and Kennerly, Wing, Dread Zeppelin, Rob Scallon) (73.7Mb)
  213. PMB208 Dial M For Moonbase (Rose Murphy, John Baker, The Jolly Boys, Grupo Yndio, Anyta et son orchestre, Gillian Hills, Quartetto Cetra, Lys Assia & Jack Ledru Et Son Orchestre, Project Pimento, DJ Bongoboy, Maurizio Moricci & Paolo Russo) (76.9Mb)
  214. PMB209 Pylons and Power Stations (John Baker, Josephine Premice, Barry Gray, Raymond Scott, Concretism, Ceephax, Yakuza Heart Attack, Sabrepulse, General Electric, christ.) (85.9Mb)
  215. PMB210 Futurism, Energism, Bambooism (Paul Hart, Sharda, The Soulless Party, Dario Russo, Cavern Of Anti Matter, The Advisory Circle, Teisco, Brian Bennett, Conrad Wedde) (84.9Mb)
  216. PMB211 Root Vegetables (Modular, Lord Rockingham’s XI, Susan Christie, Chuck Mitchell, Fred Astaire, Teaitu & L’Orchestre Les Tropiques, Dorothy Dino Rice, Bobby Troup, Dick Hyman) (78.5Mb)
  217. PMB212 Faxes, Filing and Photocopies (Brian Bennett & Alan Hawkshaw, G Gekko, Les Ambassadeurs, International Paper Company, Dick Walter, Raymond Scott, Positive Affirmations, Tristram Cary, Network Music Ensemble) (70.5Mb)
  218. PMB213 Revenge of the Robots (Kim & Buran, The Aquabats!, 8-Bit Arcade, Meridian Brothers, Logan 5, I Am Robot And Proud, Tonto’s Expanding Head Band, The Earthlings, Quinton Sung) (74.9Mb)
  219. PMB214 Chinese Zodiac – Year of the Goat (Belbury Poly, Ananda Shankar, Pandora Orchestra, Johnny Hawksworth Orchestra, Lenny Dee, Yvette Horner, The Belafonte Singers, Mandingo, Tony Carey, Maxo, DJ Rekha, Señor Coconut, Balsara & His Singing Sitars) (0Mb)
  220. PMB215 It’s About Time (Mickey Katz, Hot Butter, David McCallum, The Twelve Hour Foundation, Raymond Scott And Go Home Productions, Dick Hyman, Dondero High School, Geoff Love, Art Van Damme, The Moog Cookbook, Ruth White) (81Mb)
  221. PMB216 Rough Diamonds (Tätärä, The Ventures, Scott Ludwig & Maximillian, Leo Diamond, The Bird & The Bee, Les Baxter, Marty Gold, William Shatner, Roy Budd, Harry Partch, Ferrante & Teicher, Dario Russo, Esso Steel Band) (68.5Mb)
  222. PMB Bonus Show 03 Yma Sumac (Ennio Morricone, Piero Piccioni, Brian Blessed, Barry Gray, Yma Sumac, Leila, Ananda Shankar, The Free Pop Electronic Concept, Chaquito, Tipsy, Mr Hopkinson’s Computer) (121.1Mb)
  223. PMB217 Hello Old Chum (Elaine And Derek, Teresa Brewer, Homer & Jethro, Paul Eachus & Dodworth Saxhorn Band, Kemialliset Ystävät, Arthur Lyman, Françoise Hardy, Barbariki, France Gall, University of Memphis Bottom Line, Las Jilguerillas) (77Mb)
  224. PMB218 Variable Currents (datassette, Dieter Reith, Weave of K., Yvette Horner, The Pattern Forms, Jean-Pierre Decerf, Steve Moore, Disasterpeace, John Carpenter) (78.9Mb)
  225. PMB219 The Moonbase Manifesto (Enoch Light, ComputeHer, James Clarke, Vic Hammett, Jean-Jacques Perrey/Dana Countryman, Kim Loy Wong, Maddalena Fagandini, Como Carousel, Esquivel, The Mike Sammes Singers & The Ted Taylor Organsound, Wing) (75.8Mb)
  226. PMB220 Fruit Cocktail (Les Baxter, Johnny Pineapple, Perrey & Kingsley, Data 70, Oranj Symphonette, The Dankworth Big Band, Reg Wale Orchestra, Lullatone, Raymond Scott, Titanic, Hugo Montenegro, Frank Zappa) (79Mb)
  227. PMB221 Beside the Seaside (Mark Sheridan, Delia Derbyshire, The Conch Man, Karl Swoboda, Esquivel, Eletronico, Alan Hawkshaw, Tipsy, Johnny Hawksworth, Johnny Gwendy) (64.4Mb)
  228. PMB222 Ironic Viking Pillow (Stardrive, Stelvio Cipriani, Moondog, John Dankworth Big Band, Chick Vekters, Orlando, Alex Puddu & Edda Dell’Orso, Jean-Jacques Perrey & David Chazam, Keith Mansfield, R. Stevie Moore, Lord Sitar) (84.4Mb)
  229. PMB223 Reptile Ruckus (Bernard Herrmann, Bernard Gerard, G Gekko, Acidic Glitter, Henry Mancini, Les Bass Harmonistes, Alan Haven, Stelvio Cipriani, Tipsy, Herbie Hancock) (68.6Mb)
  230. PMB224 Ersatz 80s (Power Glove, Rodion G.A., PROTODOME, Dario Russo, Joel Vandroogenbroeck, datassette, YACHT, United Simesky Institutes, Geoff Bastow, Occams Laser, OGRE) (73.8Mb)
  231. PMB225 A Walk in the Moon Forest (Cornelius, Lawrence Welk, Piero Piccioni, Beate Kittsteiner, Jonny Trunk, Ivor Cutler, xyce, Laura Huxley/Russ Garcia/DJ Bongoboy, Robert Maxwell, The Go! Team, The Polynesians) (63.3Mb)
  232. PMB226 Welcome to Prison (Ron Grainer, Gil Trythall, Enoch Light, TheLegendOfRenegade, The Alan Ainsworth Orchestra, Brian Bennett, Yakuza Heart Attack, Bernard Herrmann, Stelvio Cipriani, Tehran Vocal Ensemble) (66.5Mb)
  233. PMB227 Jet Set (Jimi Tenor, Barry Gray, Dave Pike, Roger Miller, Gerry Butler, BOAC Flight Crew, Stelvio Cipriani, Massonix, Karim Shahabuddin, Marcos Valle, Bert Kaempfert) (72.2Mb)
  234. PMB228 Nice Chaps (Jean-Jacques Perrey & David Chazam, Listening Center, Comic Wow, Sachal Studios Orchestra, Roy Lanham, The Jokers, Orgasmo Sonore, Songorchestra, Dolly Dolly, Box and Banjo Band, 1905 81-key Marenghi Organ) (88.5Mb)
  235. PMB Bonus Show 04 Swedish Space Disco (The Frank Popp Ensemble, Stefano Torossi, Logic System, Max Roach, Sapan Jagmohan, Ananda Shankar, Jimi Tenor and Kabu Kabu, Cornelius, The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra, France Gall, Serge Gainsbourg) (121.8Mb)
  236. PMB229 Return to Pakistan (Ahmed Rushdi, Azhar Hussain, Jupiters, Sachal Studios Orchestra, A.Nayyar, Noor Jehan, Strings, Tafo Brothers) (74.8Mb)
  237. PMB230 National Anthems of the World (Felix Akoteh, Django Reinhardt, Z Digital, Cwossie, Botswana Police Band, Sifare Band, Slevisham, Tikoling Primary School, Global Bhutanese Community Colorado, khmermovie999, Mongolian History Channel, The Brazilian Brass Band, SPG Chanel College, Dean Shostak, Stewart Russell, Jackson Parodi, DeroVolk, Karlheinz Stockhausen) (74.4Mb)
  238. PMB231 Painting and Decorating (Birds ‘n’ Brass, Mike Sammes & The Mike Sammes Singers, T.O.Y., John Barry and His Orchestra, subPixel, Wallpaper, Mordy Laye and the Group Modular, Broadcast, Suzanne Ciani, Piero Umiliani) (76.6Mb)
  239. PMB232 Musical Origami (Syd Dale, Paolo “Apollo” Negri, The London Snorkelling Team, Pye Corner Audio, Jon Brooks, Hallowed Bells, AM & Shawn Lee, Lullatone, The Twelve Hour Foundation, The European Soundstage Orchestra) (76.9Mb)
  240. PMB233 Kawaii (Sexy-Synthesizer, Anamanaguchi, BABYMETAL, RUBY-CATMAN, Buono!, Kero Kero Bonito, Towa Tei, Aoki Misako/Lolitina, Cristina Quesada, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, YMCK) (85.3Mb)
  241. PMB234 And So To Sleep (Jeff Bridges, Pye Corner Audio, David McCallum, Raymond Scott, Matt Berry, Peter Herbolzheimer, Lullatone, Henry Mancini) (70.6Mb)
  242. PMB235 Happy Anniversaries 1 to 10 (Pérez Prado, The High Llamas, Chicks on Speed, The Wiggles, Vic Mars, AKB48, Moon Wiring Club, Thy Slaughter, Minio Georgiev, Dizzy Gillespie) (75.1Mb)
  243. PMB236 Galactic Vendetta (T.P.S, Tommy Watt, John Baker, Concretism, Hong Kong In The 60s, Stereolab, David Youd, Alan Jefferson, Occam’s Laser) (70.7Mb)
  244. PMB237 Left Right Left Right (Jacqueline Taieb, Clark Terry, Kaj og Andrea, Stockholms Barnkör, Grand Kalle & L’African Team, Ivor Cutler, Henk Van Montfoort, Míša Ružicková, France Gall, Manuele Cid, Count Basie) (72Mb)
  245. PMB238 A Guide to Astronomy (Edmundo Ros, The Twelve Hour Foundation, Les Baxter, Argo the Ship, Louis & Bebe Barron, Frank Hunter And His Orchestra, Peter Herbolzheimer, JT Bruce, Conjunto de Samba de Balanço, Perrey & Kingsley) (71.5Mb)
  246. PMB239 Town and Country (Syd Dale Orchestra, Frank Ricotti Quartet, Dean Elliott And His Big Band, Synthesonic Sounds, Concretism, Belbury Poly, Leon Berry, International Studio Orchestra, The Swingle Singers, Vic Mars) (71.9Mb)
  247. PMB240 Motorway (Kenneth Alwyn, Jumping Jewels, Saint Etienne, Cloud Waste and the Calf, Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern, Levela, DX5 Jose Maria Bara, Cessna, Maria Linnemann) (68.2Mb)
  248. PMB241 Autobahns (Top of the Pops Band, Rick Moranis, New David, Gorefest, AMS (Department of Pop), Menschmaschine, Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto, Park Jammers, Huah!, Floyd Blue, Frankfurt Big Band) (98.3Mb)
  249. PMB242 Bicycles (Brass Incorporated, The Ventures, Alan Lorber, Heinz Kiessling, Vivian Stanshall, Bac à Sable, Enzi Enzmann, Mireille M. Voice, Los Socios del Ritmo, Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto, Luke Abbott) (78.1Mb)
  250. PMB243 Motorbikin’ (The Moog Cookbook, Stu Philipps, British Lion Orchestra & Les Reed, Socios Del Ritmo, Colin Blackmon, Wing, Mika Sundqvist, Pikku-Orava, NAHO, Les Baxter, Mitch Murder, ShockOne) (86.3Mb)
  251. PMB244 Halloween 2015 (Rajesh Roshan, The Vampires, John Buzon Trio, Dana Countryman, Children of New York P.S. 24 & Gil Slote, Raymond Scott, Los Socios del Ritmo, Janine de Wayleyne, The Spooky Men’s Chorale, Videogram, Revbjelde) (74Mb)
  252. PMB245 On the Buses (Eardrop’s Journeys, Peter Herbolzheimer, The New Mastersounds, Helen Gene Purdy, Saka Acquaye and his African Ensemble, Ferrante & Teicher, Piero Umiliani, Kazushi Yamaura, Bert Kaempfert Swing Band, Dodo) (71.1Mb)
  253. PMB246 Tracksuit Vertigo (Joe Davolaz/Kumisolo, Luke Haines, Meridian Brothers, Jaime Llano González, Kosmischer Läufer, Hologram Teen, Johnny Scott, Gelbart, Steve Christie’s wRong, The Advisory Circle) (80.5Mb)
  254. PMB247 The Rainbow Collection Red (Cal Tjader, Keith Mansfield, Collage, Death By Chocolate, Vince Guaraldi, Piero Piccioni, Nazca, Suzanne Ciani, Zigauche, Tonio Rubio) (76.8Mb)
  255. PMB248 The Rainbow Collection Orange (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, The Mercators, Emile Carrara et son Orchestre, Henry Mancini, Ken Nordine, Dorothée, Milt Raskin, Suzanne Ciani, MF Doom, Loop Guru, Kyary, Beethoven arr. Carlos) (71.7Mb)
  256. PMB249 ALL CAPS (Terry Snyder & The All Stars, Eddie Layton, Steffi & Bert, Django Django, Amadou Kienou & Son Ensemble Foteban, Kim Kwang-Nam, Bert Kaempfert, Raymond Lefevre, Massed Bands of HM Royal Marines, Song for Ottowa) (68.1Mb)
  257. PMB250 The Rainbow Collection Yellow (J Girls, Edmundo Ros, Bobbi Blake, Señor Coconut, King Of Woolworths, Piero Umiliani, The Brass Ring, Popshoppers, Citronic, Death By Chocolate, Martin Denny, Werner Müller) (67.8Mb)
  258. PMB251 The Rainbow Collection Green (Johnny Keating, Jonina, toitoitoi, Enoch Light & The Light Brigade, Claus Ogerman, Jack Dieval, Gene Marshall, Bernard Fevre, Peopleodeon, Lawrence Welk, Ethel Smith, Peter Herbolzheimer) (69Mb)
  259. PMB252 Humbug (Mannheim Steamroller, Greg Lake, Fresh Up Players, PROTODOME, Sisterhood, Emile Meyer, Cub Sport, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Playsoundz, Pobba, The Soulful Strings) (74.8Mb)
  260. PMB253 Pulsing Taboo (Rockets, Don Muro, Jimi Tenor & UMO, Paddy Steer, Sounds Incorporated, Sound of Ceres, The Kramford Look, Calibro 35, Cavern of Anti-Matter) (74.6Mb)
  261. PMB254 The Rainbow Collection Blue (DMX Krew, Frank Barcley Group, Hot Butter, Death By Chocolate, Paul Mauriat, Peter Herbolzheimer, Hannah Peel, Hannah Diamond, Esquivel, Kim Loy Wong) (75.6Mb)
  262. PMB255 Retrowave (Satellite Young, Vincenzo Salvia, DANCE WITH THE DEAD, Giant Spirit, Occams Laser, Faint Waves & Savage Void, AlterSun, Werkstatt Recordings, Waveshaper) (74.5Mb)
  263. PMB256 Masquerade (Dario Russo, Yamasuki Singers, Mandingo, Georges Vert, Chim Kothari, Reg Owen, Korla Pandit, Tak Shindo, Basil Henriques, Mitch Murder w/Satellite Young) (67.2Mb)
  264. PMB257 Build It (Kim & Buran, Jean-Pierre Savelli & Francis Rimbert, Kero Kero Bonito, Dondero High School, i am robot and proud, Alexander Parsons, Rick Jones, Deodato, Lalo Schifrin) (68.8Mb)
  265. PMB258 Robot Symptoms (Neil Richardson, AzeTrane, Hugo Montenegro, The Heliocentrics, Lullatone, Maruo Maruko, Polysick, The High Llamas, Cavern of Anti-Matter) (68.3Mb)
  266. PMB259 Country ‘n’ Eastern (Gil Trythall, Eletronico, Alan Moorhouse, Gerhard Gregor, Goose House, Disasterpeace, Moondog, MODULAR, Jean-Jacques Perrey, The Mods, Percy Faith) (63.9Mb)
  267. PMB260 Blossom (The Loch Ness Mouse, Baden/Brenk/Petri, Komeda, Turn On, Hintermass, Aristophanes, Milt Raskin, Korla Pandit, Hideo Osaka Ensemble, COSMIC CYCLER) (74.7Mb)
  268. PMB261 NASA (Perrey & Kingsley, Günter Noris, Ananda Shankar, The Comet Is Coming, nightskys, Squadron Scramble, Schaltkreis Wassermann, Pere i Joan Francesc, Mario Migliardi) (78.9Mb)
  269. PMB262 Dinosaurs (easyname, NIGHTBEARS, Vincent Malone, Gabriel Koenig, Rocket fire, Dario Russo, Sunshine Asylum, Brett Domino, John Garden, meile, Story Infant Children’s Songs) (79Mb)
  270. PMB263 Triangular Tones (Nigel Bates, Graham de Wilde, The Braen’s Machine, DMX Krew, Iko Chérie, The Dandelion Set, Listening Center, Il Complesso di Tadà, Dario Russo, Walter Carlos, Warp Nine, Marc Moulin) (86.1Mb)
  271. PMB264 The Rainbow Collection Purple (Alpha Boy, Bertrand Burgalat, April Stevens (with Nino Tempo), Flower Travelling Band & Kuni Kawachi, Meridian Brothers, Charles Wilp, Ensemble Pereprava and Tatyana Chernova, Ken Nordine, Emil Richards, Wild Land Trio, Pancake Manor) (73.4Mb)
  272. PMB265 Delorean Night Drive (McKlain, botnit, Phaserland, Cosmic Sand, Arcade High, FM-84, Mark Dorricott, Glen Nelson, Carpenter Brut) (78.9Mb)
  273. PMB266 Milk (Mongo Santamaria, The Go! Team, Pixelh8, Barry Gray, Alan Hawkshaw, Hatsune Miku, I Kicked A Cloud Once, capsule, John Baker, meganeko, Sesame Street) (70.9Mb)
  274. PMB267 Days of the Week Monday (Johnny Pearson, Mary Roos, Melkeveien vs. Niño, Mrs. Miller, Chanteurs Pour Enfants, Clipounets & Les Petits Minous, Trio Nago, Stepan Smetacek & New Orchestra of Dreams, Roberto Firpo, Remigio Ducros & Massimo Catalano, Beautiful People Fanfare Club) (63.8Mb)
  275. PMB268 Escape (In Viridian, ForeignBlade, Waveshaper, Neon Nox, Cartography Studios, VHS Glitch, Quixotic, 7DD9, Aerobic) (82.1Mb)
  276. PMB269 Tokyo Conservation Spiders (Hackney Colliery Band, Family Atlantica, Diamondback Manhunter, Beverely Sisters, Belbury Poly, Vanishing Twin, Tokyo Elvis, Occams Laser, The Bongolian) (73.2Mb)
  277. PMB270 The Rainbow Collection Rainbow (The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra, Kermit, Procyon Lotor, Dorothy Collins, Tony Mottola Orchestra, Hy Zaret & Lou Singer, Lusterquin, Roger Webb, Dario Russo, Monroeville Music Center, Korla Pandit, Primo Quinteto, ForOrchestra, Yakuza Heart Attack) (75.1Mb)
  278. PMB271 Let’s Kawaii! (2UNE, Omniboi, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Mayuko Yuki/Vegetagirls, Kero Kero Bonito, Snail’s House, MYLK, Papa Topo, Tokyo Elvis, Yunosuke) (73Mb)
  279. PMB272 Mukbang (Raymond Guiot & Jean-Claude Dubois, Felix Thoma, Carlos Pickling y su Orquesta, La tia Cata, Eddie Layton, Perfume, Anamanaguchi, Phaserland, The Carnival Steel Drum Band, Frankie Cosmos, Jean-Jacques Perrey & David Chazam, Takara Tomy Toy Company, Gianni Ferrio) (74.2Mb)
  280. PMB273 I (Bruno Nicolai, Edmundo Ros, Kamal Ahmed (feat. Noor Jehan), Snail’s House, Cal Tjader, John Gregory & His Orchestra, Tätärä, Alan Haven, Martin Denny, William Onyeabor) (74.9Mb)
  281. PMB S02E01 Like (Demoscene Time Machine, Diamondback Manhunter, Cavern of Anti-Matter, Koichi Oki, The Hotel Orchestra, Mounika., Freschard, in the blue shirt, Kero Kero Bonito, nervous_testpilot, Adrian Younge, Pye Corner Audio) (101Mb)
  282. PMB S02E02 Stranger Tunes (Perturbator, OGRE, Dana’s Vision, Carpenter Brut, Cluster Buster, S U R V I V E, Zombie Hyperdrive, Velvet Overdrive, CRYSEHD, Mac Quayle, VHS Glitch, Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein) (88.7Mb)
  283. PMB S02E03 You (Calibro 35, Grizzler, Diamondback Manhunter, DJ Bongoboy, Dean Elliott And His Big Band, Dorothy Ashby, Alan Haven, Daphne Oram, Robert Drasnin, Belbury Poly, nmlstyl, The Tony Hatch Orchestra, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) (76.3Mb)
  284. PMB S02E04 Keep it Clean (Jack Hulbert & Eddie & Rex, Caerphilly Youth Big Band, American-Standard, Barry Gray, The Advisory Circle, Maruo Maruko, Lullatone, Mike Sammes, oDDling, Baby Bear, Elmo, Mice, Stepmother, Telly & Zoe, Klangverkstedet, Daphne Oram) (64.8Mb)
  285. PMB S02E05 Jean-Jacques Perrey Jamboree (Jean-Jacques Perrey, Kai Winding, Gershon Kingsley, Billy Mure, Harry Breuer, Gilbert Sigrist, David Chazam, Dana Countryman) (78.6Mb)
  286. PMB S03E01 Low Energy (CaptainX, Joseph Vann, Iko Chérie, Snail’s House, Dario Russo, David Mellor, Ìxtahuele, The Hardy Tree, nightskys, Lullatone, Freschard, Vanishing Twin) (78.8Mb)
  287. PMB S03E02 Black and White (The Tony Hatch Sound, Barry Gray, Brian Bennett & Alan Hawkshaw, Birds ‘n’ Brass, Mandingo, Frank Hunter And His Orchestra, Kim & Buran, Meteor, Ìxtahuele, Orgasmo Sonore, Dario Russo, Snail’s House) (79Mb)
  288. Jean-Jacques Perrey AV Festival interview (141.3Mb)
  289. Jean-Jacques Perrey Destination Space interview (part 1) (126Mb)
  290. Jean-Jacques Perrey Destination Space interview (part 2) (126.2Mb)
  291. PMB S03E03 Like (Tokyo Elvis, Robots With Rayguns, YMCK, Osaka Shunkashuto, S U R V I V E, The Karminsky Experience Inc, Le Matos, Leggysalad, Droid Bishop, Circus Brekovic, Venetian Snares, The TechnoMagic, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) (88.1Mb)
  292. PMB S03E04 Shapes (Michael Cole/Michael Jessett, Sellorekt/LA Dreams, i am robot and proud, The Pierre Arvay Orchestra, Jez Butler, John Baker, [PHYSICS], Bernie Green & His Orchestra, Harmonic 33, Griff, Csum, Acts Travel, N99, Our Albert) (68Mb)
  293. PMB S03E05 Basil The Kirchin Experience (Ivor & Basil Kirchin Band, The Basil Kirchin Band, Johnny Keating, Broadcast, The High Llamas, Stereolab, Basil Kirchin & Jack Nathan) (71.6Mb)

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