Audio performances of fantasy short fiction
from media.rawvoice.com, traffic.libsyn.com

PodCastle is a weekly fantasy podcast producing audio performances of fantasy short fiction, including all the sub genres of fantasy. PodCastle launched on 1 April 2008 as part of Escape Artists, Inc. with Rachel Swirsky as founding editor and Ann Leckie as assistant editor.

  1. PC001- Come Lady Death (28.4Mb)
  2. PCMini001- Stone Born (3.2Mb)
  3. PC002- For Fear of Dragons (20.4Mb)
  4. PC003- Run of the Fiery Horse (34Mb)
  5. PCMini002- Giant (4.7Mb)
  6. PC004- Goosegirl (20.6Mb)
  7. PC005- The Ant King- A California Fairy Tale (34.8Mb)
  8. PCMini003- Pahwahke (9.2Mb)
  9. PC006- Hotel Astarte (36.1Mb)
  10. PC007- Fear of Rain (28.3Mb)
  11. PC008- The Osteomancer's Son (25.9Mb)
  12. PCMini004- Hippocampus (2.8Mb)
  13. PC009- Wisteria (21.4Mb)
  14. PC010- Magic in a Certain Slant of Light (20.3Mb)
  15. PC011- Fourteen Experiments in Postal Delivery (22.1Mb)
  16. PC012- Barrens Dance (32.8Mb)
  17. PCMini005- Directions (5.6Mb)
  18. PC013- Spell of the Sparrow (26.5Mb)
  19. PC014- The Grand Cheat (18.3Mb)
  20. PC015- The Yeti Behind You (18Mb)
  21. PCMini006- Eating Hearts (6.6Mb)
  22. PC016- Magnificent Pigs (17.2Mb)
  23. PC017- Goblin Lullaby (25.2Mb)
  24. PCMini007- Tooth Fairy (1.9Mb)
  25. PC018- Illuminated Dragon (27.5Mb)
  26. PC019- Galatea (22.5Mb)
  27. PCMini008- Believe (4.1Mb)
  28. PC020- Cup and Table (28.3Mb)
  29. PC021- Hallah Iron-Thighs and the Change of Life (23.8Mb)
  30. PCMini009- What Dragons Prefer (3.2Mb)
  31. PC022- Dead Girl's Wedding March (13.8Mb)
  32. PCMetacast #2 (1.8Mb)
  33. PC023- Moon Viewing at Shijo Bridge - PodCastle Giant (64.6Mb)
  34. PCMini010- The Desires of Houses (5.1Mb)
  35. PC024- It Takes a Town (24.2Mb)
  36. PCMini011- The Fable of the Moth (2.7Mb)
  37. PC025- Anywhere There's a Game (33.5Mb)
  38. PC026- Black Ribbon (16.6Mb)
  39. PCMini013- The Fable of the Ostrich (9.9Mb)
  40. PC027- Red Riding-Hood's Child (19.7Mb)
  41. PCMini014- The Fable of the Octopus (9.1Mb)
  42. PC028- The Tanuki-Kettle (18.1Mb)
  43. PCMini015- The Voices of Snakes (7.5Mb)
  44. PC029- Dead Languages (33.5Mb)
  45. PCMini017- All Flee the Vocab. Quiz (2.2Mb)
  46. PC030- Grand Guignol (32.6Mb)
  47. PCMini18- Scar Stories (7Mb)
  48. PC031- Colin and Ishmael in the Dark (Corrected) (22.1Mb)
  49. PCMini19- Cask of Amontillado (12.3Mb)
  50. PC032- Senator Bilbo (31.2Mb)
  51. PCMini20- Okra, Sorghum, Yam (9.5Mb)
  52. PC033- The Girl With the Sun In Her Head (17.1Mb)
  53. PCMini21- The Princess and the... (1.6Mb)
  54. PC034- Clad In Gossamer (17.4Mb)
  55. PCMini22- The Kissing of Frogs (3Mb)
  56. PCFlash 23- Bury the Dead (8.8Mb)
  57. PC035- Winter Solstice (25.1Mb)
  58. PC036- Ancestor Money (28.7Mb)
  59. PCMini24- Intelligent Design (7Mb)
  60. PC037- Gordon, the Self-Made Cat (23.4Mb)
  61. PCMini25- Through the Cooking Glass (4.8Mb)
  62. PC038- In the House of the Seven Librarians (43.7Mb)
  63. PC039- Honest Man (34.4Mb)
  64. PC040- Hell Is the Absence of God - PodCastle Giant (48Mb)
  65. PC41- Dragon Hunt (21.3Mb)
  66. PC042- De La Tierra (30.6Mb)
  67. PC043- Sweet, Savage Sorcerer (13.9Mb)
  68. PCMini26- Up the Chimney (1.8Mb)
  69. PC044- Immersed in Matter (42.3Mb)
  70. PCMini27- Faery Cats- The Cutest Killers (6.6Mb)
  71. PC045- The Annals of Eelin-Ok (29.6Mb)
  72. PCMini28- Elf Aware (2.2Mb)
  73. PC046- Secret Life (39.4Mb)
  74. PCMini29- Birthday Wish (2.3Mb)
  75. PC047 Giant Episode- Bright Waters (45.1Mb)
  76. PC048- I'll Gnaw Your Bones," the Manticore Said (29.5Mb)
  77. PCMini30- Rotations and Consequences (5.3Mb)
  78. PC049- Return of the Warrior (17.3Mb)
  79. PC050- Komodo (41.2Mb)
  80. PC051- The Cambist and Lord Iron (43.4Mb)
  81. PCMini31 - Down in the Flood (8.5Mb)
  82. PC052- The Nalendar (38.1Mb)
  83. PC053- Change of Life (16.4Mb)
  84. PCEpisode 54- The Dreaming Wind (24.1Mb)
  85. PCEpisode 54- The Dreaming Wind (24.1Mb)
  86. PCMini32- Chu-bu and Sheemish (9Mb)
  87. PC55- Bottom Feeding (30.5Mb)
  88. PC56- Shard of Glass (47.8Mb)
  89. PCMini33- The Sad tale of the Tearless Onion (2.5Mb)
  90. PC57- In Ashes (25.9Mb)
  91. PC58- Nine-Fingered Maria (23.6Mb)
  92. PC059- On the Banks of the River of Heaven (33.2Mb)
  93. PCMini34- The Orange (2.7Mb)
  94. PC060- The evolution of trickster stories among the dogs of North Park after the Change (38Mb)
  95. PCMini35- Loose Drawers (4.8Mb)
  96. PCGiant 4- Captain Fantasy and the Secret Masters (44.6Mb)
  97. PC62- The Fiddler of Bayou Teche (37Mb)
  98. PCMini36- To-Do List (9.7Mb)
  99. PC63- Daughter of Botu (49.4Mb)
  100. PC064- Castor On Troubled Waters (18.3Mb)
  101. PC065- Foam on the Water (18.5Mb)
  102. PCBonus Material- Fantasy Magazine Micro-Fiction Winners (3.9Mb)
  103. PC066- One Paper Airplane Graffito Love Note (28.8Mb)
  104. EA Metacast, Aug 2009 (12.4Mb)
  105. PC067- Kissing Frogs (17.1Mb)
  106. PCMini37- Hall of Mirrors (10.4Mb)
  107. PC068- A Heretic By Degrees (30.9Mb)
  108. PC069- The Olverung (31.2Mb)
  109. PC070- The Dybbuk in the Bottle (39.1Mb)
  110. PC71- I'll Give In (21.9Mb)
  111. PC072- The Exit Sign (23Mb)
  112. PC073- Rapunzel (22.9Mb)
  113. PCMini38- Accounting for Dragons (5Mb)
  114. PC074- The Firemen's Fairy (36.3Mb)
  115. PCMini39- Carnival Park (6.8Mb)
  116. PCGiant- The Curandero and the Swede- A Tale from the 1001 American Nights (42.6Mb)
  117. PC75- The Man Who Carved Skulls (21.6Mb)
  118. PCMini40- Incubus (2.4Mb)
  119. PC76- The Small Door (34.5Mb)
  120. PC77- Nine Sundays in a Row (25.6Mb)
  121. PCMini41- East of Chula Vista (7Mb)
  122. PC78- The Tinyman and Caroline (37.4Mb)
  123. PCMini42- Change (5.3Mb)
  124. PC79- Marsh Gods (29.8Mb)
  125. PC80- Superhero Girl (12.6Mb)
  126. PCMini43- In Order to Conserve (4.8Mb)
  127. PC81- On Bookstores, Burners, and Origami (45.8Mb)
  128. PC82- The Twa Corbies (23.7Mb)
  129. PCMini44- Uchronia (2.2Mb)
  130. PC83- The Petrified Girl (24.1Mb)
  131. PC84- Restless In My Hand (32.4Mb)
  132. PCMetacast #3 (4.7Mb)
  133. PCMini45- When Shakko Did Not Lie (10.6Mb)
  134. PC85, Giant Episode- The Narcomancer (44.5Mb)
  135. PC86- Tio Gilberto and the Twenty-Seven Ghosts (24.3Mb)
  136. PC87- Narrative of a Beast's Life (37.4Mb)
  137. PC88- Another End of the Empire (24Mb)
  138. PCMiniature 46- Debris (5.7Mb)
  139. PC89- The Queen's Triplets (24.2Mb)
  140. PC90- Biographical Notes to “A Discourse on the Nature of Causality, with Air-planes” by Benjamin Rosenbaum (44.3Mb)
  141. PCMini47- Chinatown (6.5Mb)
  142. PC91- Three Days and Nights In Lord Darkdrake's Hall (22.2Mb)
  143. PC92- Sir Hereward and Mr. Fitz Go to War Again (53.6Mb)
  144. PC93, Giant Episode- The Mermaid's Tea Party (50.4Mb)
  145. PCReview 1- Unseen Academicals (5.3Mb)
  146. PC94- A Light in Troy (14Mb)
  147. PC95- Fulgurite (16Mb)
  148. PC96- Love Among the Talus (29.6Mb)
  149. PCMini48- An Invitation via Email (6.7Mb)
  150. PC97- Smokestacks Like the Arms of Gods (30Mb)
  151. PC98- Sun's East, Moon's West (30.5Mb)
  152. PC99- The Hag Queen's Curse (42.5Mb)
  153. PCMini49- Dead Letter (5.9Mb)
  154. PC100- Remembrance Is Something Like a House (22.6Mb)
  155. PC101- Kristin, with Caprice (19.6Mb)
  156. PC102- Hooves and the Hovel of Abdel Jameela (28.8Mb)
  157. PCMini50- Mario's Three Lives (5.5Mb)
  158. PC103- Attar of Roses (22.8Mb)
  159. PC104- The Dog King (23Mb)
  160. PC105- Honored Guest (34.7Mb)
  161. PC106- Little Gods (24.6Mb)
  162. PCReview 2- The City and the City (4.3Mb)
  163. PC107, Giant Episode- The Behold of the Eye (47.9Mb)
  164. PC108- The Goats are Going Places (21.7Mb)
  165. PC109, Bonus Episode- Watermark (10.2Mb)
  166. PC110- The Alchemist's Feather (24.1Mb)
  167. PCMini51- Jaguar Woman (5.8Mb)
  168. PC111- And Their Lips Rang With The Sun (29.6Mb)
  169. PC112- The Somnambulist (17.3Mb)
  170. PC113- Väinämöinen and the Singing Fish (25.1Mb)
  171. PCMini52- The Sphinx in Thebes (Massachusetts) (2.2Mb)
  172. PC114- Wolves Till the World Goes Down (23.7Mb)
  173. PC115- Monstrous Embrace (31.2Mb)
  174. PC116- Paper Cuts Scissors (37.3Mb)
  175. PC117- The Wages of Salt (31.1Mb)
  176. PCMini53- Charms (7.2Mb)
  177. PC118- Sugar (21Mb)
  178. PCMini54- A Spot of Bother, High Above the Undead Sea (2.7Mb)
  179. PC119- Bespoke (18Mb)
  180. PC120- Some Zombie Contingency Plans (fixed) (43Mb)
  181. PC121, Giant Episode- The Warlock and the Man of the Word (59Mb)
  182. PCPreview- The Native Star (11.9Mb)
  183. PC122- Kingspeaker (27.4Mb)
  184. PC123- Black Feather (27.7Mb)
  185. PC124- Squonk and the Horde of Apprentices (33.7Mb)
  186. PCReview 3- Merlin (3.7Mb)
  187. PC125- The Whistling Room (31.6Mb)
  188. PC126- Creature (28.9Mb)
  189. PCMini55- Ghost Market (7.1Mb)
  190. PC127- The Belated Burial (18.9Mb)
  191. PC128- Something Wicked This Way Plumbs (23.6Mb)
  192. PCMini56- The Masque of the Red Death (12.9Mb)
  193. PC129- Songdogs (31.2Mb)
  194. PC130- Chemical Magic (18.8Mb)
  195. PC131- Skatouioannis (18.1Mb)
  196. PC132- Flash Fiction Contest Extravaganza (16.1Mb)
  197. PC133- And the Blood of Dead Gods Shall Mark the Score (32.6Mb)
  198. PC134- Corinthians (22.2Mb)
  199. PCMini57- Apex (1.7Mb)
  200. PC135- California King (33.4Mb)
  201. PC136- The Christmas Mummy (20.6Mb)
  202. PC137- The Beautiful Coalwoman (24.5Mb)
  203. PC138- Balfour and Meriwether in the Adventure of the Emperor's Vengeance (38.1Mb)
  204. PC139- To Follow the Waves (30.8Mb)
  205. PC140- Terrible Ones (39.2Mb)
  206. PC141- The Bear in the Cable-Knit Sweater (24.8Mb)
  207. PCMini58- Before the Uprising (3.5Mb)
  208. PC142- Abandonware (27.5Mb)
  209. PC143- Hurt Me (38Mb)
  210. Happy Valentine's Day! The Curandero and the Swede- A Tale from the 1001 American Nights (42.6Mb)
  211. PC144- To Ride Beyond the Wide World's End (19.3Mb)
  212. PC145- Hart and Boot (33.9Mb)
  213. PCWants You! (1.4Mb)
  214. PCMini59- Rainmaker (3.1Mb)
  215. PC146, Giant Episode- The Surgeon's Tale (66.8Mb)
  216. PC147- Card Sharp (21.4Mb)
  217. PC148- State Change (29Mb)
  218. PCMini60- Cranberry Honey (3.9Mb)
  219. PC149- Honing Sebastian (22.4Mb)
  220. PC150- Mister Hadj's Sunset Ride (20.4Mb)
  221. PC151- Wizard's Apprentice (22.1Mb)
  222. PCMini61- The Jacob Miracle (3.9Mb)
  223. PC152- The Hortlak (48.6Mb)
  224. PC153- The Ghosts of New York (26.3Mb)
  225. PC154- Sinners, Saints, Dragons, and Haints, in the City Under the Still Waters (47.2Mb)
  226. PCMini62- The Transfiguration of Maria Luisa Ortega (3.6Mb)
  227. PC155- Tending the Mori Birds (12.1Mb)
  228. PC156- Household Spirits (29Mb)
  229. PC157- As Below, So Above (30Mb)
  230. PC158- Gone Daddy Gone (22.5Mb)
  231. PCSpotlight- The Dragon's Path (12.4Mb)
  232. PC159- Judgment of Swords and Souls (37.2Mb)
  233. PCSpecial- The Alphabet Quartet (A Primer) (14.4Mb)
  234. PC160- After October (32.7Mb)
  235. PC161- The Giant of Malheur Park (26.9Mb)
  236. PC162- Gods of the North (20.8Mb)
  237. PCMini- The Trouble in Leafy Green Street (2.4Mb)
  238. PC163- The Landholders No Longer Carry Swords (28.2Mb)
  239. PC164- A Hunter's Ode to His Bait (33.1Mb)
  240. PCMini64- Five Rules for Commuting to the Underworld (9.3Mb)
  241. PC165- The Paper Menagerie (25.1Mb)
  242. PCSpotlight- Welcome to Bordertown (22Mb)
  243. PC166- Stereogram of the Gray Fort, in the Days of Her Glory (29.7Mb)
  244. An Alphabet Quartet Update (This Time, in Audio) (1.2Mb)
  245. PCMini65- Blood Willows (7.9Mb)
  246. PC167- Portage (24.5Mb)
  247. PC168- Zauberschrift (28.8Mb)
  248. PC169- The Duke of Vertumn's Fingerling (29.9Mb)
  249. PC170- Five Ways Jane Austen Never Died (28.4Mb)
  250. PC171- The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories (31.4Mb)
  251. PC172- Doors (25.5Mb)
  252. PC173- Who in Mortal Chains (25.2Mb)
  253. PC174- The Parable of the Shower (22.4Mb)
  254. PC175, Giant Episode- El Regalo (65.9Mb)
  255. PC176- Middle Aged Weirdo in a Cadillac (14.2Mb)
  256. PC177- The Fall of the House of Usher (41.9Mb)
  257. PC178, Giant Episode- Braiding the Ghosts (50Mb)
  258. PC179- The Gateway of the Monster (Featuring Carnacki) (38.1Mb)
  259. PCMini66- The Witch's Second Daughter (7.5Mb)
  260. PC180- We Were Wonder Scouts (27.9Mb)
  261. PC181- Still Small Voice (39.2Mb)
  262. PC182- 起狮,行礼 (Rising Lion - The Lion Bows) (27.8Mb)
  263. PC183- The God-Death of Halla (44.3Mb)
  264. PC184- Black Swan, White Swan (40.6Mb)
  265. PC185- This Strange Way of Dying (28.8Mb)
  266. PC186, Giant Episode- Beyond the Sea Gate of the Scholar Pirates of Sarskoe (61.6Mb)
  267. PC187- Ties of Silver (40.7Mb)
  268. PCSpotlight- Briarpatch (9Mb)
  269. PC188- The Ghost of Christmas Possible (41.1Mb)
  270. PC189- Limits (22.5Mb)
  271. PC190- A Window, Clear as a Mirror (29.1Mb)
  272. PC191- Balfour and Meriwether in The Vampire of Kabul (41.3Mb)
  273. PC192- The Interior of Mr. Bumblethorn's Coat (25.4Mb)
  274. PCMini67- The Madness of Andelsprutz (7.7Mb)
  275. PC193- Fruit Jar Drinkin', Cheatin' Heart Blues (23.9Mb)
  276. For Your Consideration- Award Eligible Stories Featured at PodCastle (3.3Mb)
  277. PC194- Their Changing Bodies (39Mb)
  278. PC195- Lavanya and Deepika (32.3Mb)
  279. PC196- The Second Voyage of Sindbad the Seaman (16.7Mb)
  280. PC197- Destiny, With a Blackberry Sauce (17Mb)
  281. PC198- Urchins, While Swimming (23.3Mb)
  282. PC199- A Suitable Present for a Sorcerous Puppet (27Mb)
  283. PC200- In The Stacks (69.5Mb)
  284. PC201, Giant Episode- Golden City Far (65.9Mb)
  285. PC202- The Rugged Track (35.6Mb)
  286. PC203- Buried Eyes (48.9Mb)
  287. PC204- The Rowan Gentleman (33.1Mb)
  288. No PodCastle episode this week (3.4Mb)
  289. PCMini68- Machine Washable (6Mb)
  290. PC205- Outlander (41.4Mb)
  291. PC206- Another Word for Map is Faith (24.4Mb)
  292. PC207, Giant Episode- Hope Chest (42.3Mb)
  293. PC208, Fable From a Cage (46Mb)
  294. PCMini69- Wolves (5.9Mb)
  295. PC209- Lila the Werewolf (44.7Mb)
  296. PC210- Sittin' Round the Stewpot (14.8Mb)
  297. PCSpotlight- Throne of the Crescent Moon (14.2Mb)
  298. PC211- The Axiom of Choice (40.3Mb)
  299. PC212- Squonk and the Lake Monster (23Mb)
  300. PC213- Wane (40.6Mb)
  301. PC214- We Never Talk About My Brother (44.7Mb)
  302. PC215, Giant Episode- Ours is the Prettiest (49.4Mb)
  303. PCMini70- Accompaniment (3.8Mb)
  304. PC216- Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Part 1 (24.2Mb)
  305. PC217- Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Part 2 (35.7Mb)
  306. PC218- Insect Joy (27.9Mb)
  307. PC219- The Circle Harp (31.5Mb)
  308. PC220- Iron-Eyes and the Watered Down World (39.4Mb)
  309. PC221- A Hunter in Arin-Qin (53.9Mb)
  310. PC222- The Secret Beach (19.4Mb)
  311. PC223- Five Bullets on the Banks of the Sadji (19.5Mb)
  312. PC224- The Navigator and the Sky (42.3Mb)
  313. PC225, Giant Episode- The Cage (62Mb)
  314. PC226- Hand Of God (18.2Mb)
  315. PC227- The Yew's Embrace (17.5Mb)
  316. PC228- The Terror of Blue John Gap (37.3Mb)
  317. PCMini71- We Clever Jacks (6.6Mb)
  318. PC229- The Tonsor's Son (23.2Mb)
  319. PC230- Little Better Than a Beast (29.2Mb)
  320. PCMini72- The Best Worst Monster (7.6Mb)
  321. PC231- Unpossible (23.5Mb)
  322. PC232- Skulls in the Stars (22.9Mb)
  323. PCMini73- Sugar Skulls (5.8Mb)
  324. PC233- Study, For Solo Piano (24.6Mb)
  325. PC234, Giant Episode- The Tricks of London (54.7Mb)
  326. un cuento de hadas (17.1Mb)
  327. PC236- Architectural Constants (24.7Mb)
  328. PC237- Crossroads (15.7Mb)
  329. PCMini74- The Book (3.6Mb)
  330. PC238- Sleep and Wake (25.6Mb)
  331. PC239- Catching the Spirit (25.4Mb)
  332. PC240- Seeking Captain Random (24.5Mb)
  333. PC241- Everything You Were Looking For (23.8Mb)
  334. PC242, Giant Episode- A Memory of Wind (59.6Mb)
  335. PC243- Tiger in the BSE (12.1Mb)
  336. PC244- The Very Strange Weird of Endart Sscowth (15.7Mb)
  337. PC245- On the Acquisition of Phoenix Eggs (Variant) (38.6Mb)
  338. PCSpotlight- Ironskin, by Tina Connolly (17.4Mb)
  339. PC246- Where Virtue Lives (36.7Mb)
  340. PC247- The Three Feats of Agani (27.6Mb)
  341. PC248- Bleaker Collegiate Presents an All-Female Production of Waiting for Godot (20.3Mb)
  342. PC249- My Dignity in Scars (27.9Mb)
  343. PC250- Logic and Magic in the Time of the Boat Lift (32.8Mb)
  344. PC251- Throwing Stones (33Mb)
  345. PCMini75- Doctor Diablo Goes Through The Motions (10Mb)
  346. PC252- The Colors of the World (17Mb)
  347. PC253- Virtue's Ghosts (27.2Mb)
  348. PC254- Sundae (36Mb)
  349. PC255- The Medicine Woman of Talking Rock (22.5Mb)
  350. PC256- The Red Priest's Vigil (35.1Mb)
  351. PC257- The Queen and The Cambion (32.3Mb)
  352. PC258- The Discriminating Monster's Guide to the Perils of Princess Snatching (49.3Mb)
  353. PC259- The Great Zeppelin Heist of Oz (33.6Mb)
  354. PC260- Fine Flying Things (26.3Mb)
  355. PC261- Oracle Gretel (23.1Mb)
  356. PC262- The Dragonslayer of Merebarton (46.6Mb)
  357. PC263- Beyond the Shrinking World (38.8Mb)
  358. PCEpisode 264- Mermaid's Hook (22.9Mb)
  359. PC265- The Copperroof War (34.9Mb)
  360. PC266, Giant Episode- The House of Aunts (66.7Mb)
  361. PC267- Western Chow Mein Red Dawn (27.2Mb)
  362. PC268- The Phoenix on the Sword, featuring Conan the Barbarian (50.1Mb)
  363. PC269- Selected Program Notes From the Retrospective Exhibition of Theresa Rosenberg Latimer (24.6Mb)
  364. PC270- The Secret of Calling Rabbits (27.3Mb)
  365. PC271- Nightfall in the Scent Garden (21Mb)
  366. PC272, Giant Episode- The Tree of Life (59.9Mb)
  367. PC273- Excision (35Mb)
  368. PC274- Far as You Can Go (29.6Mb)
  369. PC275- El Alma Perdida de Marguerite Espinoza (31.1Mb)
  370. PCMini76- Quiet Death Machines (4.2Mb)
  371. PC276- Juan Caceres in the Zapetero's Workshop (28.7Mb)
  372. PC277- A Hollow Play (40.3Mb)
  373. PC278- Nor the Moonlight (25.5Mb)
  374. PC279- Thorns (25.9Mb)
  375. PC280- The Devil and Tom Walker (26.8Mb)
  376. PC281- The Wanderer King (22.8Mb)
  377. EA Metacast, October 2013 (30.9Mb)
  378. PC282- The Sunshine Baron (31.2Mb)
  379. PC283- Right Turns (22.6Mb)
  380. PC284- The October Witch (15.8Mb)
  381. Escape Artists Metacast Update (2.5Mb)
  382. PC285- Dragonslayer (33.4Mb)
  383. PC286- The Calendar of Saints (24.6Mb)
  384. PCEpisode 287- Tiktok and the Nome King (12Mb)
  385. PCEpisode 288- Flash Fiction Contest Strikes Back! (13.3Mb)
  386. PCEpisode 289- Rumor of Wings (20.6Mb)
  387. PC290- Maxwell's Demon (30.4Mb)
  388. PCMini77- The Tome of Tourmaline (5.5Mb)
  389. PC291- Seasonal Disorder (21.2Mb)
  390. PC292, Giant Episode- Scry (50.3Mb)
  391. PC293- The High King Dreaming (23.1Mb)
  392. PCInterlude- Wing (Miniature 78) (8Mb)
  393. PC294- Sand Castles (39.5Mb)
  394. PC295- The Gunner's Mate (28.1Mb)
  395. PC296- Ill Met in Ulthar (Featuring Marla Mason) (38.2Mb)
  396. PC297- The Tower of the Elephant (Featuring Conan the Barbarian) (48.8Mb)
  397. PC298- The Shadowcrafter (27.3Mb)
  398. PC299- The Little Room (29.7Mb)
  399. PC300- Ilse, Who Saw Clearly (28.9Mb)
  400. PC301- In Metal, In Bone (25Mb)
  401. PC302- Feed Me the Bones of Our Saints (34.9Mb)
  402. PC303- The Wrong Foot (33.4Mb)
  403. PC304- Titanic! (16.8Mb)
  404. PC305- Heartless (25.6Mb)
  405. PC306- Flash Fiction Special - Tales of Strange Inspiraiton (21.4Mb)
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  409. PC310- When the Lady Speaks (25.2Mb)
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  419. PCEssay- We Have Always Fought- Challenging the "Woman, Cattle and Slaves" Narrative (23.5Mb)
  420. PC320- Baba Makosh (52.5Mb)
  421. PC321- Paya Nak (29.8Mb)
  422. PC322- Saving Bacon (37.4Mb)
  423. PC323- The Ascent of Unreason (30.3Mb)
  424. PC324- Without Faith, Without Law, Without Joy (29.8Mb)
  425. SPECIAL EDITION- PG Holyfield (1.7Mb)
  426. PC325- Down (26.9Mb)
  427. PCSpotlight- California Bones! (22.8Mb)
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  429. PC327- The Telling (44.5Mb)
  430. PC328- The Old Woman With No Teeth (15.3Mb)
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  439. PC336- Why I Bought Satan Two Cokes on the Day I Graduated High School (37.3Mb)
  440. PC337- Thirteen Incantations (42Mb)
  441. PC338- Burying the Coin (34.1Mb)
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  443. PC339- Help Summon the Most Holy Folded One! (19.2Mb)
  444. PC340- Your Figure Will Assume Beautiful Outlines (28.5Mb)
  445. PC341, Giant Episode- Balfour and Meriwether in the Incident of the Harrowmoor Dogs (82Mb)
  446. PC342- The World is Cruel, My Daughter (28Mb)
  447. PC343- Elf Employment (29.3Mb)
  448. EA Metacast, December 2014 (16.1Mb)
  449. PC344- Flash Fiction Extravaganza! Other Worlds Than These (24.4Mb)
  450. PC345- Makeisha In Time (33.7Mb)
  451. For Your Consideration- PodCastle Award Eligibility 2015 (5.6Mb)
  452. PC346- The Pilgrim and the Angel (23.3Mb)
  453. PC347- Flash Fiction Extravaganza- Great Power, Greater Responsibilities (31.8Mb)
  454. PC348- Testimony of Samuel Frobisher Regarding Events on Her Majesty's Ship CONFIDENCE, 14-22 June, 1818, With Diagrams (31.4Mb)
  455. PCBonus Episode- Prospero's Last (23.5Mb)
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  457. PC350- Who Binds and Looses the World With Her Hands (32Mb)
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  465. PCMini83- Double Feature! Two by Nathaniel Lee (10.2Mb)
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  467. PCSpotlight- FLEX (27.2Mb)
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  496. PC384- Flash Fiction Extravaganza! Vintage PodCastle (45.3Mb)
  497. PC385- Where Monsters Dance (44.1Mb)
  498. EA Metacast, October 2015 (Part 1) (20.3Mb)
  499. EA Metacast, October 2015 (Part 2) (21Mb)
  500. EA Metacast, October 2015 (Part 3) (19.5Mb)
  501. PC386- Flash Fiction Extravaganza! Ghostly Interludes (43Mb)
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  503. PC388- The One They Took Before (22.1Mb)
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  518. For Your Consideration (6.7Mb)
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  550. PC430- Thundergod in Therapy (39.9Mb)
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  554. PC432- The Beautiful Bird Sits No Longer Singing in the Nest (33.6Mb)
  555. PCMini90- How to Survive in Room 105 (14.5Mb)
  556. PC433- Telling Stories (32.8Mb)
  557. PC434- The Ghost Years (30.1Mb)
  558. PC435- Bilingual, or Mouth to Mouth (41.6Mb)
  559. PC436- Flash Fiction Extravaganza! Elements (42.5Mb)
  560. PCMini91- Love Letters on the Nightmare Sea (13Mb)
  561. PC438- Defy The Grey Kings (46.5Mb)
  562. PC439- That Seriously Obnoxious Time I Was Stuck at Witch Rimelda's One Hundredth Birthday Party (33.4Mb)
  563. PCMini92- Chatter the Teeth (14.1Mb)
  564. PC440- The Jellyfish Collector (Aurealis Month) (35.5Mb)
  565. PC441- A Shot of Salt Water (Aurealis Month) (33.9Mb)
  566. PC442- Almost Days (Aurealis Month) (42.1Mb)
  567. PCMini93- Husk and Sheaf (Aurealis Month) (9.5Mb)
  568. PC443- Blueblood (Aurealis Month) (39.4Mb)
  569. PC444- The Giant's Lady (Aurealis Month) (40.7Mb)
  570. PC445- In Mixcoatl's Net (30.1Mb)
  571. PC446- The Rock in the Water (37.8Mb)
  572. PC447- It's a Wonderful Carol (26.3Mb)
  573. PCMini94- Further Arguments in Support of Yudah Cohen’s Proposal to Bluma Zilberman (12.2Mb)
  574. PC448- Shaina Rubin Keeps Her Head Under Circumstances Nobody Could Have Expected (40.8Mb)
  575. PC449- Piety, Prayer, Peacekeeper, Apocalypse (35.9Mb)
  576. PC450- Bonsai (24.1Mb)
  577. PC451- Or Be Forever Fallen (40.8Mb)
  578. PC452- Hibakusha (34.2Mb)
  579. EA Metacast, January 2017 (10.7Mb)
  580. PC453- A Spirited Education (35.5Mb)
  581. PCMini95- The Stories She Tells Herself (15Mb)
  582. PC454- Godfather (26Mb)
  583. PCMini96- Blackbird Pastry (16.7Mb)
  584. PC455- A Score of Roses (30.4Mb)
  585. PC456- Mateus Goes Higher (25.5Mb)
  586. PC457- Blade and Branch and Stone (65.2Mb)
  587. PC458, ARTEMIS RISING- Home Is a House that Loves You (35.2Mb)
  588. PC459, ARTEMIS RISING- Ice Bar (32.1Mb)
  589. PC460, ARTEMIS RISING- The Settlement (50.9Mb)
  590. PC461, ARTEMIS RISING- Fated Ink (25.5Mb)
  591. PC462, ARTEMIS RISING- Stay (40Mb)
  592. PC463- A Dozen by Dunsany (34.3Mb)
  593. PC464- Needle Mouth (23.3Mb)
  594. PC465- Never Truly Yours (28.7Mb)
  595. PC466- Blood Stone Water (34.8Mb)
  596. PCMini97- When I Had Eyes, I Didn't See (15Mb)
  597. PC467- How I Became Coruscating Queen of All the Realms, Pierced the Obsidian Night, Destroyed a Legendary Sword, and Saved My Heart's True Love (39.2Mb)
  598. PC468- Sigrid Under the Mountain (34.1Mb)
  599. PC469- Ravana's Children (39.9Mb)
  600. PC470- The Thirty-Seven Faces of Tokh-Bathon (39.4Mb)
  601. PC471- The Chaos Village — Part 1 (39.9Mb)
  602. PCMini98- Traveling Mercies (13.9Mb)
  603. PC472- The Chaos Village — Part 2 (40.5Mb)
  604. PC473- The Wizard of 63rd Street (30.7Mb)
  605. PC474- Asymmetry (27.4Mb)
  606. PC475 TheDauphinsMetaphysics (42.7Mb)
  607. PC476 ClayAndSmokelessFire (18Mb)
  608. PC479 DragonGirl (28.8Mb)
  609. PC478 GhostAmongMangroves (41.5Mb)
  610. PC477 CricketsSingForNaomi (29.5Mb)
  611. PC481 WhatTheFiresBurn (34Mb)
  612. PC480 AllOfTheCuddles (27.8Mb)
  613. PCFlash099 GhostOfTheShoals (12.2Mb)
  614. PC484 Seasons (43.6Mb)
  615. PC483 ThirteenBullets (33.8Mb)
  616. PC482 TheFamilyGhost (29.6Mb)

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