Power Records Super Hero Audio Dramas

DC and Marvel Comics stories
from archive.org

In the early 1970s, a company called Power Records released a series of LPs and 45s with licensed superhero characters, including ones from Marvel. The popularity of Spider-Man in the 1960s lead to his banner status in the “Heroes” collection of records, even amongst other Marvel characters Power licensed, like Captain America and the Hulk. These would be audio dramas with sound effects and multiple actors telling a short story. The early Power Records releases came with comic books meant to be read while you listen, their covers boasting “The action comes alive as you read!!”

For some odd reason, probably having to do with relicensing all the old material, the Power Records presses haven’t seen a modern re-release. However, the culture of the internet has preserved a lot of the Power Records content, including the records and comics featuring Spider-Man.


  1. Batman - Catwoman's Revenge (9.1Mb)
  2. Batman - Gorilla City (13.1Mb)
  3. Batman - Robin Meets Man-Bat (11.5Mb)
  4. Batman - The Christmas Carol Caper (12.2Mb)
  5. Batman - Mystery of The Scarecrow Corpse (8.7Mb)
  6. Superman - Light Up The Christmas Tree, Mr. President (15.2Mb)
  7. Superman - The Best Copy in the World (29.1Mb)
  8. Superman - The Mxyzptik-Up Menace (Part 1) (21.6Mb)
  9. Superman - The Mxyzptik-Up Menace (Part 2) (20.5Mb)
  10. Superman - Tomorrow the World (29.1Mb)
  11. Wonder Woman - The Amazons From Space (10.8Mb)
  12. Wonder Woman - The Prisoner of Christmas Island (19.7Mb)
  13. Wonder Woman - The Secret of The Magic Tiara (10.4Mb)
  14. Wonder Woman vs The War God (9.7Mb)
  15. Captain America - And A Phoenix Shall Arise! (13.4Mb)
  16. The Adventures of the Fantastic Four (253.5Mb)
  17. The Fantastic Four - The Way It Began (17.4Mb)
  18. The Man-Thing - Night Of The Laughing Dead (11.5Mb)
  19. Spider-Man - The Mark of The Man-Wolf (13.8Mb)
  20. The Incredible Hulk At Bay! (13Mb)

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