Pushtimarg spiritual lectures in Gujarati

Pushtimarg (lit. "the Path of Nourishing, Flourishing"), also known as Pushtimarg sampradaya or Vallabha sampradaya, is a subtradition of Rudra Sampradaya (Vaishnavism). It was founded in the early 16th century by Vallabhacharya (14791531) and is focused on Krishna. A bhakti (devotional) school, Pushtimarg was expanded by the descendants of Vallabhacharya, particularly Gusainji. Its values are derived from and its universal-love-themed devotional practices center around the legendary amorous plays of youthful Krishna, such as those found in the Bhagavata Purana and those related to Mount Govardhana. Pushtimarg sampradaya recognizes Krishna by many names and epithets, such as Sri Nathji, Sri Navanitpriyaji, Sri Madanamohanji, Sri Mathureshji, Sri Gokulnathji, Sri Vittalnathji and Sri Dwarkadhishji.

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