Questions on Doctrine
50th Anniversary Conference, from 2007

Questions on Doctrine
50th Anniversary Conference
24-27 October, 2007

SDA Theological Seminary
Andrews University
Berrien Springs, Michigan


  1. George Knight - QOD Symbol of Adventist Theological Tension (132Mb)
  2. Question and Answer (19.9Mb)
  3. Julius Nam - QOD Saga: Contours and Lessons (45.9Mb)
  4. Russell Standish - History of QOD: Fidelity or Compromise? (56.6Mb)
  5. Arthur Patrick - QOD Event: Contrasting Perceptions, Their Impact and Potential Break (48.7Mb)
  6. Ciro Sepulveda - Tent and the Cathedral: White-Collar Adventists and Their Search for Respectability (47.8Mb)
  7. Alberto Timm - QOD History and Impact in the South American Division (65.2Mb)
  8. QOD History and Impact Panel - Merlin Burt, Moderator (52Mb)
  9. Paul McGraw - View from Outside the Veil: Evangelical Reaction to Questions on Doctrine (45.7Mb)
  10. Kenneth Samples - Evangelical Reflections on SDA: Yesterday and Today (46.1Mb)
  11. Larry Christoffel - Evangelical Adventism: QOD Legacy (57.5Mb)
  12. Donald Dayton - Reflections on Adventist Identity by a “Sympathetic Outsider” (69.2Mb)
  13. Panel on Adventists and Evangelicals - Panelists: Larry Christoffel, Donald Dayton, George Knight, Paul McGraw, Kenneth Samples, Colin Standish; Moderator: Robert Johnston (136.9Mb)
  14. Ronald Knott - Perspective on QOD Re-Publication (38.6Mb)
  15. Herbert Douglass - QOD Earthquake: Attempted Merger of Two Theological Tectonic Plates (188.5Mb)
  16. Question and Answer (20.5Mb)
  17. Richard Rice - QOD and Questions about Christ (64.5Mb)
  18. Roy Adams - Theology of QOD: Nature of Christ and the Atonement Break (61.6Mb)
  19. Colin Standish - SDA Answer QOD: U-Turn in Doctrine and Practice (55.9Mb)
  20. Woodrow Whidden - QOD: What Should Be the Enduring Theological Legacy? (50.1Mb)
  21. Larry Kirkpatrick - Wind of Doctrine Blows through the Church: Alternate Hamartiology of QOD (65.8Mb)
  22. Leroy Moore - That They May Be One (59.8Mb)
  23. David Larson - Comments by a Left-Wing Neo-Andreasenite (83.9Mb)
  24. Panel on the Theology of QOD - Nicholas Miller, Moderator (135.7Mb)
  25. Denis Fortin - QOD and the Church: Where Do We Go from Here? (56.2Mb)
  26. Mervyn Warren - Putting the Question to QOD: Will It Preach? (51.7Mb)
  27. Jon Paulien - QOD and the Church: Present and Future (54.9Mb)
  28. Angel Rodríguez - Looking Back: Profiling the Future (63.3Mb)

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