Quiet, Please!

1940s radio fantasy and horror series created by Wyllis Cooper and performed by Ernest Chappell.
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Quiet, Please! was a radio fantasy and horror program created by Wyllis Cooper, also known for creating Lights Out. Ernest Chappell was the show's announcer and lead actor. Quiet, Please! debuted June 8, 1947 on the Mutual Broadcasting System, and its last episode was broadcast June 25, 1949, on the ABC. A total of 106 shows were broadcast, with only a very few of them repeats.

Earning relatively little notice during its initial run, Quiet, Please! has since been praised as one of the finest efforts of the golden age of American radio drama.

For many years only twelve episodes survived, but more than eighty were discovered in the 1980s, due in part to Ernest Chappell owning copies which he transferred to reel-to-reel tape.

The quality of the episodes in this podcast vary considerably, as a result.

  1. Nothing Behind the Door (6.7Mb)
  2. I've Been Looking For You (6.8Mb)
  3. We Were Here First (6.7Mb)
  4. The Ticket Taker (6.7Mb)
  5. Cornelia (7Mb)
  6. I Remember Tomorrow (6.6Mb)
  7. Inquest (6.6Mb)
  8. Bring Me to Life (6.7Mb)
  9. How Are You, Pal? (7.1Mb)
  10. Be a Good Dog, Darling (3.4Mb)
  11. Not Enough Time (6.5Mb)
  12. Camera Obscura (5.5Mb)
  13. Pavanne (5.2Mb)
  14. Don't Tell Me About Halloween (5.7Mb)
  15. Take Me out to the Graveyard (5.6Mb)
  16. Three (5.5Mb)
  17. Kill Me Again (5.5Mb)
  18. In Memory of Bernadine (5.5Mb)
  19. Come In, Eddie (5.4Mb)
  20. Some People Don't Die (5.6Mb)
  21. Little Fellow (5.5Mb)
  22. Rain on New Year's Eve (4.2Mb)
  23. Little Visitor (5.6Mb)
  24. The Room Where Ghosts Live (5.5Mb)
  25. Baker's Dozen (5.6Mb)
  26. Green Light (5.5Mb)
  27. The Pathetic Fallacy (6.7Mb)
  28. A Red and White Guidon (6.7Mb)
  29. Whence Came You? (6.7Mb)
  30. Wear the Dead Man's Coat (6.7Mb)
  31. Sketch for a Screenplay (6.7Mb)
  32. Never Send to Know (6.5Mb)
  33. A Night to Forget (6.7Mb)
  34. Quiet Please (6.8Mb)
  35. I Always Marry Juliet (6.3Mb)
  36. Twelve to Five (6.8Mb)
  37. Clarissa (6.7Mb)
  38. 13 and 8 (6.4Mb)
  39. How Beautiful upon the Mountain (6.7Mb)
  40. There Are Shadows Here (6.7Mb)
  41. Gem of Purest Ray (6.7Mb)
  42. In the House Where I Was Born (6.6Mb)
  43. Not Responsible After 30 Years (6.9Mb)
  44. Let the Lillies Consider (5.5Mb)
  45. Wahine Tahiti (5.6Mb)
  46. As Long as I Live (5.7Mb)
  47. The Man Who Stole a Planet (5.5Mb)
  48. It's Later Than You Think (5.6Mb)
  49. The Thing on the Fourble Board (6.8Mb)
  50. Presto Change-O, I'm Sure (6.1Mb)
  51. 3000 Words (4.9Mb)
  52. The Third Man's Story (5Mb)
  53. Symphony in D Minor (5.6Mb)
  54. Light the Lamp for Me (6.7Mb)
  55. Meet John Smith, John (6.6Mb)
  56. Beezer's Cellar (6.7Mb)
  57. And Jeannie Dreams of Me (6.7Mb)
  58. Good Ghost (6.7Mb)
  59. Calling All Souls (6.5Mb)
  60. Adam and the Darkest Day (6.7Mb)
  61. The Evening and the Morning (6.3Mb)
  62. One for the Book (6.8Mb)
  63. My Son John (6.4Mb)
  64. Berlin, 1945 (6.8Mb)
  65. The Time of the Big Snow (6.5Mb)
  66. Portrait of a Character (6.7Mb)
  67. Is This Murder? (6.6Mb)
  68. Northern Lights (6.8Mb)
  69. Tap the Heat, Bogdan (6.3Mb)
  70. Valentine (6.6Mb)
  71. Where Do You Get Your Ideas? (4.5Mb)
  72. If I Should Wake Before I Die (5.1Mb)
  73. The Man Who Knew Everything (6.4Mb)
  74. Dark Rosaleen (6.6Mb)
  75. The Smell of High Wines (6.2Mb)
  76. A Time to Be Born, and a Time to Die (6.3Mb)
  77. Dialogue for a Tragedy (6.9Mb)
  78. Shadow of the Wings (6.8Mb)
  79. The Vail of Glen Cove (10.3Mb)
  80. Dark Grey Magic (6.7Mb)
  81. Other Side of the Stars (6.9Mb)
  82. The Little Morning (6.5Mb)
  83. The Oldest Man in the World (6.5Mb)
  84. In the House Where I Was Born (6.3Mb)
  85. Tanglefoot (6.6Mb)
  86. The Hat, the Bed, and John J Catherine (6.4Mb)

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