Don Quixote
Classic Spanish story about an elderly knight on a quest

The Ingenious Nobleman Don Quixote of La Mancha or Don Quixote
Written by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
1. Don Quixote, "The question arises whether it is not my solemn duty to give up this
sloth and luxury that the long devotion of my niece and housekeeper'
enforces upon me to the detriment of my duty. Rinaldo did not spend his
days reading books in an armchair. Nor did Orlando, nor did El Cid. nor
did Sir Lance-lot of England. No! They rode forth, armed cap-a-pie,
redressing all manner of grievance, ensuring justice, defying tyrants,
exposing themselves to danger ..."
2. Don Quixote, the Knight of the Rueful Countenance, having offered to
fight a lion and having charged a field of giants disguised as windmills
and withstood the temptations of many enchanters, is then challenged by
the Knight of the Mirrors who claims to have overthrown the boldest knight in all the world.
Main Cast:
Don Quixote: Bob Grant
Sancho Panza: Bernard Cribbins
Cervantes: Ronald Baddeley
Moor: Geoffrey Banks
Innkeeper: Kennet Alan Taylor
Fr Perez: David Sumner
Barber-Surgeon: Peter Wheeler
Housekeeper: Kathleen Helme
Antonia: Kate Lee
Dorothea: Linda Gardner
Market boy: Alan Parnaby
Sergeant: Alan Meadows
Don Fernando: Simon Molloy
Duke: Russell Dixon
Samson: Stephen Boxer
Teresa Panza: Paula Tilbrook
Altisidora: Harriet Walter
Scholar: Malcolm Hebden
Puppet Master: Ken Campbell
Duchess: Judith Arthy
Veiled Lady: Anne Reid
Steward: John McGregor

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