Radio Cars

Sitcom about a London cab company
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Jennifer Phillips's five-part comedy series set in the offices of a London cab company.

Starring Harriet Walter and Gary Waldhorn.

Streetwise charmer Eddie knows all the tricks of running the firm - until he meets ingenuous Angela Corfton-Browne, who appears to have inherited the company.

She jumps straight into operations - a far cry from her usual upper crust haunts...

Eddie .... Gary Waldhorn
Angela .... Harriet Walter
Mrs Corfton-Browne .... Maxine Audley
Nicco .... Neil Dudgeon
Frenchie .... Terence Edmond
Gringo .... Paul Gregory
Mohammed .... Stefan Kalipha
Gordon .... Ian Lindsay
Police Sergeant .... Andrew Wincott

Director Richard Wortley

  1. A Dodgy Business (13.4Mb)
  2. A Tasty Motor (13.5Mb)
  3. A Heavy Night (13.4Mb)
  4. A Long Time Dead (13.5Mb)
  5. A Moving Target (13.6Mb)

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