Radio adaptation of the stories by EW Hornung.
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Series 1
The Ides of March 1/6 Bunny Manders makes his first acquaintance with the amateur cracksman and cricketer.
Gentlemen and Players 2/6 Bunny Manders is roped into a cricket match, but could detectives be on their trail?
A Costume Piece 3/6 What starts as a low-key stakeout turns into a terrifying scramble for survival.
Nine Points of the Law 4/6 Bunny is forced to extemporise when the theft of a valuable painting seems to go wrong.
Wilful Murder 5/6 The gentleman thief wants to try a different crime – to do away with a pawnbroker.
The Chest of Silver 6/6 The gentleman thief shows his accomplice how an inside job at a bank is really done.

Series 2
The Rest Cure 1/6 Mixing work with pleasure, the gentleman thief invites Bunny to take a break.
The Criminologists’ Club 2/6 Bunny joins the gentleman thief for some fun at the expense of a group of amateur sleuths.
The Field of Philippi 3/6 The cricket-loving gentleman thief sets out to settle old scores at his school reunion.
A Bad Night 4/6 Planning revenge by robbery, the gentleman thief is called on to bat for England.
A Trap to Catch a Cracksman 5/6 When a prize fighter claims his trophy room is impregnable, the thief seizes the challenge
The Gift of the Emperor 6/6 The gentleman thief plans the theft of a valuable pearl, but will he live to regret it?

Series 3
No Sinecure 1/6 Facing life without his partner-in-crime, Bunny’s newspaper sparks a surprise.
To Catch a Thief 2/6 A series of jewel robberies have been carried out, but for once Raffles is not the culprit
An Old Flame 3/6 The gentleman thief has many adversaries, but none as formidable as Jacques Saillaid.
The Raffles Relics 4/6 The gentleman thief decides to re-equip in an unconventional manner, then joins a manhunt.
The Knees of the Gods 5/6 As if life wasn’t perilous enough, Raffles and Bunny join the army and head for Africa.
The Last Word 6/6 War-scarred Bunny returns to London, determined to restore his friend’s reputation.

  1. The Ides Of March (18.6Mb)
  2. Gentlemen And Players (18.4Mb)
  3. A Costume Piece (19.1Mb)
  4. Nine Points Of Law (19.2Mb)
  5. Willful Murder Or The Return Match (9.6Mb)
  6. The Chest Of Silver (9.6Mb)
  7. The rest cure (11.9Mb)
  8. The criminologists club (12.4Mb)
  9. The Field of Philippi (12.6Mb)
  10. A bad night (13.3Mb)
  11. A Trap for a Cracksman (12.5Mb)
  12. A Gift of the Emperor (13.3Mb)
  13. No Sinecure (12.8Mb)
  14. To Catch A Thief (12.8Mb)
  15. An Old Flame (12.8Mb)
  16. The Raffles Relics (12.2Mb)
  17. The Knees Of The Gods (12.8Mb)
  18. The Last Word (12.8Mb)
  19. The Return of A J Raffles (19.7Mb)

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