The Radio Planet

LibriVox recording of the science-fiction story by Ralph Milne Farley
from archive.org

Myles Cabot, inventor of radio transmission of matter, finds himself alone on an unknown continent of the planet Venus.

Read in English by KevinS; Lynette Caulkins; John; Gitchegumi; Kirill D; Mark Nelson; Alexis Duclaux; Kenneth Sergeant Gaghan; Dr. Lyndon; Shashank Jakhmola; Adrian Stephens; Michael Knowles; mokka

Could you make a radio set? Don't answer rashly. Don't say that you have already built several. For note that we did not ask whether you could assemble a set from parts already manufactured by others, but rather whether you could build the entire set yourself--from the ground up. That means making every part you require, including the vacuum tubes, the acid in the batteries, the wires, the insulation.

If you think that you could do this, let us ask you one further question. Put yourself in the place of the hero of the following story, and imagine yourself stranded amid intelligent savages who have not progressed beyond the wood age. Under such circumstances, with nothing to guide you but your scientific memory, with no tools except those of your own creation, and with no materials save those furnished by nature, could you, though the lives and happiness of your dear ones depended upon it--could you make a radio set? --R. M. F., 1926. (Foreword)

  1. Untitled (4.5Mb)
  2. Too Much Static (11.4Mb)
  3. Yuri or Formis? (8.4Mb)
  4. The Coup D'etat (13.4Mb)
  5. Lost Amid the Rocks (15.4Mb)
  6. The Vairkings (12.8Mb)
  7. Radio Once More (15.7Mb)
  8. But Why Radio? (16.2Mb)
  9. A Prisoner (19.5Mb)
  10. The Siege of Sur (23.7Mb)
  11. Att the Terrible (11.6Mb)
  12. Companions in Misery (15.6Mb)
  13. Further Progress (14.5Mb)
  14. Old Friends (10.5Mb)
  15. Plans for Escape (15.6Mb)
  16. Afterthoughts (12.8Mb)
  17. The Battle for Vairkingi (18.4Mb)
  18. The Fall of Vairkingi (19.8Mb)
  19. The Battle in the Air (14.1Mb)
  20. The Whoomangs (17.8Mb)
  21. Souls? (15.6Mb)
  22. Flight (20.7Mb)
  23. Luno and Beyond (16.9Mb)
  24. The Lobsteroid Circuit (18.5Mb)
  25. All Kinds of Trouble (13.1Mb)
  26. The Debacle (14.1Mb)
  27. Peace on Poros (13.7Mb)

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