Bradbury Reads Bradbury

Recordings and commentary from the 1975 Listening Library
from archive.org

Released by Listening Library in 1975 as 6 separate LPs, this collection features Ray Bradbury himself performing some of his most beloved stories. While you're never going to find a better narrator of Bradbury's fiction than Bradbury himself, the real highlight here is his commentary between the tales.

  1. The Lake (15Mb)
  2. The Smile (12.3Mb)
  3. The Foghorn (19.5Mb)
  4. The Veldt (27.2Mb)
  5. The Crowd (20.9Mb)
  6. John Huff's Leavetaking (19.4Mb)
  7. Illuminations (16.6Mb)
  8. The Illustrated Man (27.6Mb)
  9. Marionettes Inc (15.9Mb)
  10. The Pedestrian (11.2Mb)
  11. The Dwarf (26.1Mb)
  12. There Will Come Soft Rains (17Mb)
  13. A Sound of Thunder (28.4Mb)
  14. Fever Dream (15Mb)

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