RD Wingfield: A BBC Radio Drama Collection

Five full-cast BBC Radio thrillers
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Five full-cast BBC Radio thrillers from renowned crime writer R.D. Wingfield.

Author and dramatist R.D. Wingfield was best known for creating one of Britain's most beloved fictional policemen, Inspector Jack Frost, who featured in 10 bestselling books and a hit ITV series starring David Jason. This collection includes the radio precursor to the novels and TV show, A Touch of Frost, plus four more gripping dramas.

A Touch of Frost
DI Frost is tough, rough and rude. He does things his way--and gets results. But when Denton CID is faced with a spate of major crimes, including rape, robbery, a missing girl and a hit-and-run incident, he finds himself under pressure...
Det Insp Jack Frost - Derek Martin
Det Con Webster - Haydn Wood
Det Chief Insp Cull - Stephen Thorne
Supt Mullett - Alan Dudley
Sergeant Wells - Ellis Dale
PC Fletcher - Stanley Page
WPC Susan Dean - Jill Lidstone
Det Sgt Ingram - Gordon Reid
PC Smith - Andrew Byatt
Paula Grey - Alex Marshall
Kitty Reynolds - June Brown
Freddie Bicknall - Richard Gold-Parry
Directed by Peter King
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 6 February 1982

Outbreak of Fear
When Sergeant Fowler investigates a brutal death in the sleepy West Country fishing village of Polford, he soon discovers he has a serial killer on his hands.
Sergeant Fowler .... Leslie Sands
PC Beaumont .... Nick Orchard
Dave Clark .... Cornelius Garrett
The Doctor .... Paul Nicholson
Pete Carter .... Derek Graham
Mitchell .... Conrad Phillips
Rose .... Gillie Graham
Fred Dickey .... Fred Bryant
Albert .... Douglas Leach
Kim .... Deborah Paige
Mrs Trevor .... Patricia Gibson
Joe Hardy.... John Gabriel
Radio DJ..... Jim Reid
Vicar .....Ronald Russell
Miss Reed... Ann Morrish
Chadwick .... Nicholas Courtney
Eric Farrow... Malcolm Young
Mrs Farrow.... Rosemary Sigel
Operator .... Brian Gear
Jackson... Roger Leach
Director: Brian Miller
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 29 August-26 September 1982

Retired special agent and demolitions expert Harry Davis was once part of a disastrous attempt to assassinate an African leader. Now, years later, his past catches up with him when he is called back to try again.
Harry Davis - Bob Peck
Jenny Brown - Julie Berry
Tom Crossland - Aubrey Woods
Colonel Travers - Peter Howell
Reynolds - Tim Reynolds
Joe - Alan Dudley
Det Sgt Redway - Stephen Thorne
Police and Secret Agents- Michael Tudor Barnes
Agent - Paul Gregory
Directed by Ian Cotterell
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 17 December 1987

Daylight Robbery
'Elderly lady living alone in remote house, willing to take in paying guests.' Miss Pickering's newspaper advert seems innocuous, but she has an ulterior motive--as do the four gentlemen who reply.
Miss Pickering - Monica Grey
Colonel Fryatt - Norman Shelley
Dr Brown - Jonathan Scott
Harris - Peter Woodthorpe
Wakeson - Howard Goorney
Bank Manager - Lewis Stringer
Woman in Telephone Kiosk - Daisy Bell
Jones - Brian Gear
Woman in Crowd - Elizabeth Havelock
Constable - Douglas Leach
Car Driver - David Ponting
Other parts played by the cast.
Directed at BBC Bristol by John Cardy
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 2 June 1977

The Cellar
In mourning for their little boy, the Bakers move into a secluded cottage--only to find that horror lurks below stairs...
Paul Baker - John Pullen
Susan Baker - Rosalind Ayres
Mr Crawford - Leonard Fenton
Bill - Fred Bryant
Alf - Gordon Dulieu
Little Boy - Elizabeth Lindsay
Directed by Gerry Jones
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 7 April 1979

  1. A Touch of Frost (77.9Mb)
  2. Outbreak of Fear (124.2Mb)
  3. Deadfall (52.2Mb)
  4. Daylight Robbery (40.4Mb)
  5. The Cellar (12.5Mb)

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