Ed Reardon's Week

Comedy about the life of a writer
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Ed Reardon's Week is a sitcom on BBC Radio 4 recorded semi-naturalistically in the style of a radio drama. It concerns the story of a curmudgeonly 50-something writer described in the show's publicity material as an "author, pipesmoker, consummate fare-dodger and master of the abusive email".

The names of two central characters, Ed Reardon (played by Christopher Douglas) and Jaz Milvane (played by Philip Jackson), are references to the characters Edwin Reardon and Jasper Milvain, who appear in George Gissing's 1891 novel New Grub Street, which is set in the hack-literary London of the late 19th century, although Edward was revealed to be his given name in the second episode of the third series and Milvain is referred to as Jaz Milvane.

These are gathered from two collections and includes the episodes with longer intros made for 4extra, an audience with Ed Reardon, series trailers and both Christmas specials.

  1. The Swim (extended beginning) (27.9Mb)
  2. Pulp Non-Fiction (12.6Mb)
  3. Holby City (12.7Mb)
  4. The Old Lock-Keeper (12.8Mb)
  5. The Winona Defence (12.6Mb)
  6. King Of The Road (12.8Mb)
  7. Rogue Mail (12.6Mb)
  8. Free Speech (12.8Mb)
  9. The Last Laugh (12.7Mb)
  10. Our Man In Berkhamsted (12.8Mb)
  11. A Hint Of Calvados (12.8Mb)
  12. The Operations (12.7Mb)
  13. The Name-Check (12.8Mb)
  14. Dad (extended beginning) (27.9Mb)
  15. Undercover (12.8Mb)
  16. The Dig (12.7Mb)
  17. Murder Most Rewritten (12.8Mb)
  18. The Libel Action (12.8Mb)
  19. January 31st (12.8Mb)
  20. Ruth and Reconciliation (12.9Mb)
  21. The Wrong Fleece (12.8Mb)
  22. The Old Boys' Network (12.8Mb)
  23. Role Reversal (12.8Mb)
  24. Trimarans That Pass In The Night (12.9Mb)
  25. The Last Meow (extended beginning) (27.3Mb)
  26. The CV of Dorian Gray (12.8Mb)
  27. Anger Management (12.8Mb)
  28. Educating Peter (12.8Mb)
  29. The Great Escape (12.8Mb)
  30. Grandad (12.6Mb)
  31. The Charterhouse Redemption (12.8Mb)
  32. Charity Begins Next Door (12.8Mb)
  33. The Cruise (12.8Mb)
  34. Cheese Cricket (12.8Mb)
  35. The Bottle Of Ulterio Motivo (12.8Mb)
  36. Elgar Writes (12.8Mb)
  37. S7 Trailer 1 (0.6Mb)
  38. S7 Trailer 2 (0.8Mb)
  39. An Audience with Ed Reardon (12.8Mb)
  40. In the Current Climate (12.8Mb)
  41. From Bean To Cup (12.5Mb)
  42. Become a Successful Writer (12.8Mb)
  43. Parsnip Junction (Extended Beginning) (26.9Mb)
  44. Writer In Residence (12.4Mb)
  45. Summer Of 76 (Extended Beginning) (26.9Mb)
  46. Have A Great Weekend (12.5Mb)
  47. Original British Drama (Extanded Beginning) (26.9Mb)
  48. It's A Nude Nude Nude Nude World (12.6Mb)
  49. Making A Difference (12.8Mb)
  50. Rosicrucian Armageddon 2 (12.9Mb)
  51. Keeping The Flame Alive (12.8Mb)
  52. Ed Reardon’s Weekend (5.9Mb)
  53. Ed Reardons Christmas Week, it Started In August (25.8Mb)
  54. S9 Trailer 1 (0.5Mb)
  55. S9 Trailer 2 (0.7Mb)
  56. The Personal Statement (12.8Mb)
  57. The Intern (12.8Mb)
  58. The Berkhamsted Job (12.6Mb)
  59. Blood of the Reardons (12.7Mb)
  60. Intellectual Fireworks (12.8Mb)
  61. The Bride Of Auntie (12.8Mb)
  62. One Amazing Day (6.4Mb)
  63. The Go-To Destination (12.5Mb)
  64. One Man, Two Charlie's (12.6Mb)
  65. My Companion (12.7Mb)
  66. Joan of the Junction (12.8Mb)
  67. Moby Dave (12.4Mb)
  68. The New Thirty (12.9Mb)
  69. The Ghost Of Christmas Books (6.4Mb)
  70. S11 Trailer (0.8Mb)
  71. The Reboot (12.5Mb)
  72. All About Eve (12.8Mb)
  73. Generation Why Bother (12.7Mb)
  74. The Rectifier (12.8Mb)
  75. Poetry! No Thanks (12.8Mb)
  76. The 4th Sausage (12.5Mb)
  77. The Meow Show With Ed Reardon And Elgar (13.7Mb)
  78. The Writer In The Van (12.7Mb)
  79. Diabeters Day (12.6Mb)
  80. The Legacy (12.8Mb)
  81. An Enemy Of The People (12.8Mb)
  82. How Did I Do? (12.6Mb)
  83. A Different Direction (12.8Mb)
  84. The Wooden Spoon (12.7Mb)
  85. The Ed Talk (12.7Mb)
  86. Bezzies (12.8Mb)
  87. Planet Parenthood (12.7Mb)
  88. Punk Rock Vampires (12.7Mb)
  89. The Bed Blocker (12.7Mb)
  90. Ed Reardon's 2020 Christmas Week (12.8Mb)
  91. Prosecco O'Clock (12.8Mb)
  92. You're Cancelled (12.8Mb)
  93. The Jethro Tree (12.8Mb)
  94. Battleaxe (12.8Mb)
  95. Elgar Nose (12.7Mb)
  96. Platinum Writer (12.7Mb)
  97. The Storyteller (12.8Mb)
  98. Palet Wood Inspirations (12.7Mb)
  99. The Bromance (12.8Mb)
  100. Ed In Paris (12.8Mb)
  101. Ed Reardon Is On Fire (12.5Mb)
  102. The Mouse Trap (12.8Mb)

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