The Recall Man

Dramas about a forensic psychologist and memory expert
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Seven gripping dramas featuring forensic psychologist and memory expert Dr Joe Aston

Returning to his home town of Middlesbrough on a six-month attachment to the Teesside police, criminal psychologist Joe Aston is called in for seven unusual and baffling cases. As a specialist in the controversial field of 'recovered memory', his skills are crucial: only he can uncover the truth by persuading victims, witnesses and suspects to remember what they'd rather forget...

in Doctor Joe Aston Investigates, the 'recall man' tackles the only suspect in a murder case: a scientist suspected of killing her boss in a 'locked- room murder'.

in Making Waves a confused diver claims to have witnessed an old murder: can his memory be trusted?

in Over the Border, Aston probes a taxi driver who may be the sole witness to a gangland killing, but claims to remember nothing.

in Stepping Out, Aston finds his position under threat when rival psychologist Beth Webster is hired to investigate a spate of attacks on young women.

in Taken by Surprise a financial adviser is abducted and only released when his employer pays the ransom. Aston is forced to resort to unorthodox methods to secure a positive identification of the main suspect.

in Can't See for Looking, a witness to an arson attack swears she saw a rhinoceros throwing a petrol bomb: can Aston discover what she really saw?

in Best Forgotten, the forensic psychologist uncovers fresh information about an unsolved robbery from the 1950s. But the newfound facts have some unwelcome implications as it's Joe's elderly uncle Tom and his friend who are implicated.

Written by David Napthine and Steven Chambers, these dramas star Jeremy Swift as Dr Joe Aston, with Paul Brennen as DC Patten, Janet Dibley as DI Reynolds and Andrew Harrison as DC Hamilton.
Produced and directed by Toby Swift and Mary Peate

  1. Doctor Joe Aston Investigates (49.2Mb)
  2. Making Waves (39.9Mb)
  3. Over the Border (39.1Mb)
  4. Stepping Out (40.2Mb)
  5. Taken By Surprise (40.3Mb)
  6. Can't See For Looking (39.6Mb)
  7. Best Forgotten (40.3Mb)

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