Red Dwarf - Last Human
Sci-fi comedy audiobook

Lister gazed out of the porthole and catalogued the series of disasters
that had led him to this point in space and time: the bad decisions, the
poor career choices, the unreliable friendships that had led him here -
on a prison ship bound for the most inhospitable penal colony in the
outer cosmos... and all he'd ever wanted was to be a soft metal guitar
icon. This is the beginning of the third and eagerly awaited red dwarf
novel where Lister starts out by searching for his Doppelganger and ends
up having the future of the human race on his shoulders.

Read by Craig Charles.

  1. Last Human 1 (13.3Mb)
  2. Last Human 2 (13.1Mb)
  3. Last Human 3 (14.7Mb)
  4. Last Human 4 (14.4Mb)
  5. Last Human 5 (13.9Mb)
  6. Last Human 6 (13.8Mb)
  7. Last Human 7 (16.4Mb)
  8. Last Human 8 (16.3Mb)

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