Did Regeneration Help Burngreave?

The story of how the New Deal for Communities was invested in Burngreave, Sheffield
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Conceived in 1998 by the Labour government, New Deal for Communities (NDC) was a scheme aiming to bring about community-led regeneration in the most deprived neighbourhoods of the UK. The Burngreave neighbourhood in Sheffield was identified as one of those areas and has been awarded £52 million, to be spent over a ten year period from 2001 to 2011. Burngreave NDC received extensive coverage in the local press when it announced that its coffers were close to running dry two years earlier than planned. A very controversial subject, the funding crisis overshadowed the work that had (or hadn’t) been done so far.

This seven part podcast series, produced from May to September 2009 by Eirini Apostolidou, portrays the change in Burngreave, Sheffield from the 90s onwards, and traces the effect of NDC on the local community.

Special thanks for their participation in the programme to:

Fran Belbane (management committee of Burngreave Messenger), Drew Dallen (local artist & social worker), councillor Jackie Drayton, Steve Gayle (BCAF), Rashida Hassanali (project Advancing Together), councillor Ibrar Hussain, Dr. Nelson Kaggwa (chair of BCAF), Ronnie Lewin (chair of BNDfC Partnership Board), Bronwyn McCarthy (project Advocacy Now), Gareth Roberts (organising committee of Abbeyfield Park Festival), councillor Colin Ross, Chris Sissons (member of BNDfC Partnership Board), Diana Totle (project Sage Greenfingers), John Vincent (member of BNDfC Partnership Board).

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