I, Regress

Comedy with Matt Berry as a regression therapist
from archive.org

Matt Berry plays a twisted regression therapist, who takes his patients on a surreal and unsettling journey into their unsuspecting sub-conscious. As the patient is put under hypnosis, we 'enter' their mind, and all the various situations the hypnotherapist takes them through are played out for us to hear.

  1. Fear of Water (6.4Mb)
  2. Fear of Spiders (6.4Mb)
  3. Fear of Heights (6.4Mb)
  4. Smoking Addiction (6.4Mb)
  5. Tattoo (6.4Mb)
  6. Past Lives (6.4Mb)
  7. Rubber (6.3Mb)
  8. Cats (6.4Mb)
  9. Thunder (6.4Mb)
  10. Mirrors (6.3Mb)

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