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This was the golden era of the podcast, when 1up was owned by Ziff Davis Media (for the first time, anyway). The regulars included host Jeremy Parish, Ray Barnholt, Shane Bettenhausen, Chris Kohler and Scott Sharkey with Jenn Frank being a semi-regular guest. Shane had a notable presence on the show with his encyclopedic knowledge of video games coupled with his strong opinions. Jenn was often underestimated by the rest of the crew, but she had extensive knowledge on Atari 2600 and classic PC games. 1up had an embarrassment of riches in terms of the amount of knowledgable gamewriters it had under its wing, so Jeremy was able to round up several guests to cover a myriad of subjects that weren't in his wheelhouse as shown in the Diablo and Starcraft episodes.

The podcast changed dramatically after much of the 1up/EGM staff was let gonear the beginning of 2009. Shane was one of the casualties of the layoffs, consequently limiting him to very rare appearances on the show from then on. The rest of the main crew remained intact, however. Knowing that the pool of 1up staff members had shrunk significantly, Jeremy changed the format of the show from a longform podcast to a show with multiple topics. The shows generally showed up less frequently, too.

  1. Final Fantasy III (21.1Mb)
  2. Nintendo 64 (13.6Mb)
  3. Doom (14.8Mb)
  4. SCUMM (19.9Mb)
  5. Playstation (23.4Mb)
  6. Virtual Console (28Mb)
  7. 20th Anniversaries (25.8Mb)
  8. Dragon Quest and the Future of Portable Games (27.7Mb)
  9. Video Game Music (34.9Mb)
  10. The Downfall of the Arcade (28.1Mb)
  11. Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles (34.2Mb)
  12. Commodore 64 (31.4Mb)
  13. First-Person RPGs (23.6Mb)
  14. Mascots (35.3Mb)
  15. Localization (31Mb)
  16. Master System (36Mb)
  17. Emulation (31.8Mb)
  18. Pokemon (74.5Mb)
  19. Marathon (38.6Mb)
  20. Game Preservation (38.1Mb)
  21. Diablo (32.5Mb)
  22. Neo Geo (31.7Mb)
  23. Mana Series (38.6Mb)
  24. Free-form (37.7Mb)
  25. Starcraft (41Mb)
  26. Mega Man (39.2Mb)
  27. Adventure Games (25.9Mb)
  28. Console Peripherals (43.5Mb)
  29. Horror Games (79Mb)
  30. Chrono Trigger (46.3Mb)
  31. Mario 8 bit (37.6Mb)
  32. Atari (43.8Mb)
  33. Street Fighter (40Mb)
  34. 1997 (34.5Mb)
  35. Saturn (43.4Mb)
  36. Phantasy Star (40.6Mb)
  37. Marathon porting and Super Smash Bros. (58.9Mb)
  38. Shiren & Final Fantasy VII (42.2Mb)
  39. Sim City (36.7Mb)
  40. Mario Kart (47.3Mb)
  41. Grand Theft Auto (50.7Mb)
  42. Indiana Jones + Ninja Gaiden (41.9Mb)
  43. Metal Gear (39.8Mb)
  44. Taito (39.9Mb)
  45. E3 08 (21.6Mb)
  46. Soul Calibur (27.6Mb)
  47. Bionic Commando (32Mb)
  48. Famicom's 25th Anniversary (54Mb)
  49. Dreamcast: 9 Years After 9-9-99 (76.6Mb)
  50. Dragon Quest (28Mb)
  51. Fallout (34.3Mb)
  52. Genesis Part 1 - Sonic (37.1Mb)
  53. Genesis Part 2 - TGS Special (37.2Mb)
  54. Genesis Part 3 - Technosoft (36.5Mb)
  55. Genesis Part 4 - Snatcher (36Mb)
  56. Myst (25.8Mb)
  57. Mailbag (40.7Mb)
  58. Tomb Raider (30.1Mb)
  59. Radical Dreamers & Chrono Cross (61.8Mb)
  60. Half-Life (46.5Mb)
  61. Persona (46.7Mb)
  62. 1988 and 1998 in review (44.3Mb)
  63. Mother (50.1Mb)
  64. Ultimate Genesis Collection (64.5Mb)
  65. Metal Slug (65Mb)
  66. Falcom (67.4Mb)
  67. Suikoden (69.5Mb)
  68. Game Boy Birthday, Vandal-Hearts Sequel and Final Fantasy Remakes (51.1Mb)
  69. Star Trek, Game Boy, Gunstar Heroes and Virtual Console Arcade (48Mb)
  70. Virtual On, Klonoa Wii and Silent Hill Shattered Memories (34.9Mb)
  71. Punch-Out!! and Game Boy Essentials (37.2Mb)
  72. Ghostbusters and Majora's Mask (26Mb)
  73. Michael Jackson (25.5Mb)
  74. Non-Game Boy Portables (40.1Mb)
  75. TurboGrafx (37.9Mb)
  76. Penny Arcade History (29.7Mb)
  77. PAX interviews (33.3Mb)
  78. Rocket Knight, Contra 4, Silent Hill (47.4Mb)
  79. A Boy & His Blob (38.7Mb)
  80. Bioware (36.6Mb)
  81. 16-Bit Mario (37.6Mb)
  82. Handheld Zelda & PS1's 15th (44.9Mb)
  83. Whimsical Holiday Special, Habitat, Final Fantasy VIII (45.2Mb)
  84. 2010 Retrospective (51.2Mb)
  85. Sunsoft, MS Game Room, Dark Void Zero (45Mb)
  86. Lunar and Game Arts (33.8Mb)
  87. Grab Bag (40.6Mb)
  88. Data East, Data West, and Mega Man 10 (43.4Mb)
  89. Random Bits and Technical Problems (22.4Mb)
  90. PAX Game Collecting (30.9Mb)
  91. Tengen Reunion Roundtable (40.4Mb)
  92. Virtual Boy and other nonsense (49.7Mb)
  93. 3D Visuals (43.4Mb)
  94. 1985 Pop Culture (Back to the Future, The Goonies and Gradius) (46.7Mb)
  95. 95: E3 Kitchen Sink Special with Jordan Morris and Jesse Thorn : Grab Bag Podcast Crossover (66Mb)
  96. E3 2010 (42.9Mb)
  97. Scott Pilgrim (31.5Mb)
  98. NES at PAX Live (78.1Mb)
  99. Endings (59.8Mb)
  100. Don't Get the Wrong Idea Here or Nothin' (54.2Mb)

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