If You're So Clever, Why Aren't You Rich?

1990s London flatshare comedy starring Richard E Grant, Amanda Root and Peter Capaldi
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Three promising graduates are still underachieving in their 30s.

They seemed to have it all - ambition, optimism and degrees from one of the country's top universities. The three friends were once "full of potential". Now they’re simply "might have beens". Self-employed and trapped in a London flat, they live off the crumbs offered them by richer friends.

Stars Richard E Grant, Amanda Root and Peter Capaldi.

  1. Death of Hope (47.5Mb)
  2. The Price of Success (47Mb)
  3. Nothing But The Truth (46.9Mb)
  4. Dog Eat Dog (47.2Mb)
  5. But Is It Art? (47.3Mb)
  6. ET in Arcadia Ego (47Mb)
  7. Coochie Coochie (46.8Mb)
  8. Market Forces (47.1Mb)
  9. Les Connections Dangereuses (47.3Mb)
  10. Games People Play (44.8Mb)
  11. Giles Finds A Situation (46.9Mb)
  12. Christmas in Hell (47.4Mb)
  13. Happy New Year (44.8Mb)
  14. Riot Grrl (44.9Mb)
  15. Rain (44.5Mb)
  16. Death (44Mb)

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