Richard Diamond, Private Detective
Richard Diamond, Private Detective - Old Time Radio Detective Series

Richard Diamond, Private Detective - Old Time Radio Detective Series

In 1945, Dick Powell portrayed Phillip Marlowe in the movie "Murder My Sweet" based on Raymond Chandler's novel "Farewell My Lovely". This was a radical departure in character for Mr. Powell from a Hollywood song and dance man to a hard-boiled detective. On June 11,1945, the Lux Radio Theater brought "Murder My Sweet" to radio, again with Dick Powell in the lead. These two performances prompted his selection for the part of Richard Rogue, in Rogue’s Gallery after his role for Lux Radio Theater and Richard Diamond came four years later.

Richard Diamond, Private Detective came to NBC in 1949. Diamond was a slick, sophisticated detective, with a sharp tongue for folks who needed it. Diamond enjoyed the detective life, but not as much as entertaining his girl, Helen Asher. After each show, he would croon a number to his Park Avenue sweetheart. Mr. Powell, a former song and dance man, was perfect for the role. He added an extra dimension to the 40's hokey private eye drama.

Diamond was a rough gumshoe that would often get knocked on the head with a revolver butt or other items. His counterpart on the police force was Lt. Levinson who often accepted Diamond's help reluctantly. Levinson would claim to get stomach trouble whenever Diamond would call him and would take bicarbonate to settle his aching stomach. Although they always seem at odds with each other, Diamond and Levinson were best friends.

The plot theme remained fairly constant throughout the entire run of the show, Diamond getting beat up and solving a tough murder case with the support of the police department. Remarkably, for all the gun fights, Diamond never got shot. And for all his bravado, he had a serious case of vertigo.

Helen Asher was portrayed by Virginia Gregg, who also played the part of Brooksie on Let George Do It and Betty Lewis on Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. Blake Edwards wrote the early shows and also directed a few. Music was composed by David Baskerville and later by Frank Wirth.

In January of 1951, the series moved to ABC under the full sponsorship of Camel cigarettes. Then in May of 1953, the series moved to CBS but all shows were repeats from the 1950-51 Rexall sponsored season on NBC.

Richard Diamond was one of the radio shows which successfully moved to television with David Janssen, later of The Fugitive fame, in the title role of Richard Diamond. The opening scene of the television show often featured the long lovely legs of Mary Tyler Moore, who went on to fame in The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Mary was replaced on the Richard Diamond show when it became known that she owned the mystery legs.

From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group.

  1. The Barton Case (24.9Mb)
  2. Ralph Chase Case (27Mb)
  3. The Stolen Purse (27Mb)
  4. The Betty Moran Case (27Mb)
  5. Fred Sears Murder Case (27Mb)
  6. The Tom Waxman Bombing Case (26.7Mb)
  7. The Bloody Hat Case (27Mb)
  8. Charles Walsh, Bob Wells (27.1Mb)
  9. The Man Who Hated Women (26.8Mb)
  10. The Martin Hyer Case (26.8Mb)
  11. The Lynn Knight Case (27Mb)
  12. The Jean Cooper Murder Case (26.7Mb)
  13. The Eddie Garrett Case (26.8Mb)
  14. The Harry Baker Case (27Mb)
  15. The Van Dyke Seance Case (27Mb)
  16. The Jerome J Jerome Case (27Mb)
  17. The 200,000 Dollar Bundle (27Mb)
  18. Gibson Murder Case (27Mb)
  19. The Bogus Bills Case (27Mb)
  20. Rene Bennet Protection Case (27Mb)
  21. Bill Kirby Murder Case (27Mb)
  22. The Singing Critic (27Mb)
  23. 50,000 Dollar Diamond Heist (27Mb)
  24. The Jacoby Case (27Mb)
  25. William Carter Loses Memory (27Mb)
  26. The Ruby Idol Case (27Mb)
  27. The House Of Mystery Case (27Mb)
  28. The John Blackwell Case (27Mb)
  29. A Christmas Carol (27Mb)
  30. Thomas Jason Case (27Mb)
  31. Butchers and Protection Racket (27Mb)
  32. Mr Victor's Daughter (27Mb)
  33. Martin White Sees Dead Men (27Mb)
  34. To Guard A Seal (27Mb)
  35. Elaine Tanner Case (27Mb)
  36. The Jewel Thief (27.1Mb)
  37. The Blind Man And The Cop Killer (27Mb)
  38. Louis Spence Case (27.1Mb)
  39. Joyce Wallace (27Mb)
  40. Private Eye Test (27Mb)
  41. Photographer's Card (27Mb)
  42. William Logan And The Ivory Statue (27Mb)
  43. The Man Who Hated Women (27Mb)
  44. Messenger Service, Patty Clark (27.1Mb)
  45. The Ralph Baxter Case (27Mb)
  46. Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars In Jewels (13.6Mb)
  47. RDPD 501004 ep69 Mrs X Missing Husband (27Mb)
  48. Mary Billman Killed (27.1Mb)
  49. Mike Burton Murder Case (27Mb)
  50. Ice Pick Murder (13.9Mb)
  51. The Martha Campbell Kidnap Case (27Mb)
  52. The Fixed Fight Case (27Mb)
  53. Edna Wolfe Case (27.1Mb)
  54. The Carnival Case (27Mb)
  55. The Evans Farmer Case (27Mb)
  56. The Big Foot Grafton Case (27Mb)
  57. The Misplaced Laundry Case (27Mb)
  58. The George Lexington Murder Case (27Mb)
  59. The Bald Head Case (27Mb)
  60. The Oklahoma Cowboy Murder Case (27Mb)
  61. The Pete Rocco Case (25.9Mb)
  62. The Homing Pigeon Case (27Mb)
  63. Lt, Levinson Kidnapped (27Mb)
  64. Dead Man's Letter (24.8Mb)
  65. Mona Lisa Murder (22.2Mb)
  66. The Cover-Up Murders (21.9Mb)
  67. Marilyn Conners Case (27Mb)
  68. The Man With The Scar (27.1Mb)
  69. The Rawlins Case (27Mb)
  70. The Caspary Case (27Mb)
  71. Blue Serge Suit (27Mb)
  72. The Grey Man (27.1Mb)
  73. The Lady In Distress (27Mb)
  74. The Red Rose (27Mb)
  75. The Butcher Shop (27Mb)
  76. Monsieur Bouchon (27Mb)
  77. Little Chiva (27Mb)
  78. The Carnival (27.1Mb)
  79. The Brown Envelope Case (13.8Mb)
  80. Christmas Show (27Mb)
  81. The Plaid Overcoat Case (27Mb)
  82. Merry Go Round Case (27.2Mb)
  83. White Cow Case (26.9Mb)
  84. Simpson Case (26.2Mb)
  85. The Al Brenners Case (27Mb)
  86. The Garribaldi Case (27Mb)
  87. The Eddie Burke Case (27Mb)
  88. The Dixon Case (27Mb)
  89. The Hank Burton Case (27Mb)
  90. Mr. Walker's Problem (27Mb)
  91. The Enigma Of Big Ed (27Mb)
  92. The William Holland Case (27Mb)
  93. The Eight O'Clock Killer(Repeat of 50-11-22) (26.9Mb)
  94. Missing Night Watchman (repeat 50-12-06) (27Mb)
  95. Rifle Case (repeat 50-10-25) (26.9Mb)
  96. Chapel Hill Police Officer Symposium Speech (23.1Mb)
  97. Lt Levinson Kidnapped (repeat 50-10-18) (27.5Mb)
  98. The Ice Pick Murder Case (repeat 50-07-12) (27.1Mb)
  99. The Oklahoma Cowboy Murder Case (repeat 50-09-27) (16.8Mb)
  100. The Hollywood Story (repeat 51-11-16) (27Mb)
  101. Big Foot Grafton Case (50-08-30) (11.2Mb)
  102. The Wolfe Murder Case (repeat 50-08-09) (22.9Mb)

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