Richard Herring's Objective

Richard Herring tries to reclaim modern day cultural demons
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Stand-up show in which Richard Herring tries to re-claim modern day cultural demons - from the toothbrush moustache to the hoodie.

Through vox pops, interviews and stand-up comedy, Richard examines an object's history, meaning and significance and challenges assumed logic and stereotypes. And he asks if it's possible to reclaim these objects and prise them away from their unfortunate associations or if they should be consigned to the dustbin of history.

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  1. Toothbrush Moustache (0Mb)
  2. Hoodie (0Mb)
  3. St George's Flag (0Mb)
  4. Dolly The Sheep (0Mb)
  5. See You Jimmy Hat (0Mb)
  6. Golliwog (0Mb)
  7. Wheelchair (0Mb)
  8. Page Three (0Mb)
  9. The Old School Tie (0Mb)

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