Rigor Mortis

Comedy set in a hospital pathology department
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Rigor Mortis is a BBC Radio 4 black comedy produced in three seasons between 2003 and 2006, and set in the pathology department at an NHS hospital. It centres on the working lives of the pathologists and attendant staff who work in the department.

Stars Peter Davison, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Matilda Ziegler and Geoffrey Whitehead.

  1. s01 e01 (51.4Mb)
  2. s01 e02 (51.4Mb)
  3. s01 e03 (51.2Mb)
  4. s01 e04 (51.1Mb)
  5. s01 e05 (51.3Mb)
  6. s01 e06 (51.1Mb)
  7. s02 e01 (51.1Mb)
  8. s02 e02 (50.9Mb)
  9. s02 e03 (51.3Mb)
  10. s02 e04 (51.1Mb)
  11. s02 e05 (51.4Mb)
  12. s02 e06 (51Mb)
  13. s03 e01 (34.5Mb)
  14. s03 e02 (33.7Mb)
  15. s03 e03 (33.2Mb)
  16. s03 e04 (33.8Mb)
  17. s03 e05 (33.6Mb)
  18. s03 e06 (33.4Mb)

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