Radiolab - the Early years 2002-2007

Archive of early episodes of the science and philosophy podcast
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This is an archive of the very first years of Radiolab, a WNYC show about science and interesting stories. created by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, Krulwich did not join until 2004.

The early 2002-2003 shows are very rare and show the beginnings of the show. This archive goes from the oldest episodes through the first 3 seasons ending in 2007.

I have also included screenshots from the old WNYC website listing the original airdates for all the episodes.

Note on 2002-2003 episode rebroadcasts: I have avoided rebroadcasts in this collection with one notable exception. Some of the early 2002-2003 shows were 2 or 3 hours long and one of the hours would be rebroadcasted at a later time. I edited the hours together in the original airdate and name whenever possible but also included the rebroadcast of the one hour and noted this.

Example, '2002-10-06 - Wanderers, Rwanda Maps and Rhythm n Blues' was a mix of the two hour long segments, Wanders and Rwanda maps so these two segments were edited together under their original name and airdate. However I also included when they were separately rebroadcasted. The rebroadcasts in this case are named, '2003-01-05- Migrants and Wanderers (Rebroadcast Hr 1 from 2002-10-06)' and '2002-12-08 - Rwanda Maps (Rebroadcast of Hr 2 from 2002-10-06)' I also included additional screenshots from the old WNYC Website of these shows descriptions to show how these two hours were originally aired together.


Edit 1: it appears that '2002-06-02- Why does the Arab world hate us' and '2002-06-30- An Unusual Look at the Middle East' are the same show. It is unclear from the old descriptions from WNYC which is the proper airdate, so both will be kept.

Edit 2: I have removed the episode 'Revolt' after realizing the file was just another copy of the episode 'Migrants and Wanderers'

Edit 3: The file for "Race Relations, The Power of Pop" was actually another copy of 'Teen Diaries, Whose Line Is It Anyway and Rhythm N Blues'. After reading the descriptions for this episode it appeared to a rebroadcast of 'South Africa' and the 'Power of pop'. These two segments were edited together and appropriately labelled as rebroadcasts. Screen shots from the old website of these episodes have also been added.

!No MP3s found. The MP3 files used by this podcast appear to be missing. They may have been removed permanently from their source location.

  1. Death Penalty and the Prison Economy (0Mb)
  2. Graduation and Memorial Day (0Mb)
  3. Why does the Arab world hate us? (0Mb)
  4. How much do most of us really know about Africa? (0Mb)
  5. South Africa (0Mb)
  6. Terrorism and Fundamentalism (0Mb)
  7. An Unusual Look at the Middle East (0Mb)
  8. Adventures in the Other America (0Mb)
  9. Pop Songs, Strip Clubs, and Commercials (0Mb)
  10. Home, Fast Food and Screamologists (0Mb)
  11. Religion in America (0Mb)
  12. Bible Salesmen, Snake Handlers and Deadly Decisions (0Mb)
  13. NY Screamers, Turkish Youth and Improv Comedians (0Mb)
  14. The World in Sound (0Mb)
  15. Margins of the Musical Spectrum (0Mb)
  16. Retrospection (0Mb)
  17. Pre-Disaster, the Aftermath and Spiritual Fallout (0Mb)
  18. Atonement, Quilting and Knitting and the History of Rhythm 'n Blues (0Mb)
  19. Teen Diaries, Whose Line Is It Anyway and Rythmn N Blues (0Mb)
  20. The Many Faces of Glenn Gould (0Mb)
  21. Wanderers, Rwanda Maps and Rhythm n Blues (0Mb)
  22. Travelers Logs, Soundscapes and the History of Rhythm n Blues (0Mb)
  23. Food for Thought - clip A (0Mb)
  24. Therapy, Martian Invasion and More Rhythm n Blues (0Mb)
  25. Race Relations, the Power of Pop (0Mb)
  26. Veteran's Day Special (0Mb)
  27. Nike, Nature's Revenge and Gunrunners (0Mb)
  28. Rwanda Maps (0Mb)
  29. Family Feuds Over the Lord (0Mb)
  30. An Hour With George Avakian (0Mb)
  31. Migrants and Wanderers (0Mb)
  32. Therapy/Therapeutic Resistance (0Mb)
  33. Shades of Gray - clip A (0Mb)
  34. War (0Mb)
  35. What's so Funny? (0Mb)
  36. Strip Club USA (0Mb)
  37. Needlework (0Mb)
  38. Dog Tales (0Mb)
  39. Radio Diaries (0Mb)
  40. Bridges (0Mb)
  41. Jay's Kids and Kids on Spirituality (0Mb)
  42. Educating Esme (0Mb)
  43. Word Musicians 2 (0Mb)
  44. Memories (0Mb)
  45. Memories 2 (0Mb)
  46. Native vs. Tourist (0Mb)
  47. The 'Stans' (0Mb)
  48. The Perfect Picture (0Mb)
  49. Scenes from a Transplant (0Mb)
  50. The Listening Room (0Mb)
  51. Lost at Sea (0Mb)
  52. Networks & Neighborhoods (0Mb)
  53. Noise Pollution vs Silence (0Mb)
  54. The Radio Lab Fundraising Special (0Mb)
  55. Look out...Martians! (0Mb)
  56. Selling (0Mb)
  57. Undercover in Zimbabwe (0Mb)
  58. Trenches (0Mb)
  59. Flight (Species Envy) (0Mb)
  60. Remember (0Mb)
  61. radiolab120407pod.mp3 (0Mb)
  62. Time (0Mb)
  63. Space (0Mb)
  64. Who Am I? (0Mb)
  65. Stress (0Mb)
  66. Emergence (0Mb)
  67. Beyond Time (0Mb)
  68. Detective Stories (0Mb)
  69. Musical Language (0Mb)
  70. Morality (0Mb)
  71. Where Am I (0Mb)
  72. Placebo (0Mb)
  73. Sleep (0Mb)
  74. Zoos (0Mb)
  75. Memory and Forgetting (0Mb)
  76. Mortality (0Mb)

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