Roald Dahl short stories

A little twist of Dahl, Kiss kiss and Served with a twist
from archive.org

Three series of 15 minute Dahl stories performed by a full cast.

  1. William And Mary (14Mb)
  2. Parson’s Pleasure (14.1Mb)
  3. Royal Jelly (14Mb)
  4. Mrs Bixby And The Colonial’s Coat (13.9Mb)
  5. The Landlady (14Mb)
  6. Taste (17.6Mb)
  7. The Way Up To Heaven (16.9Mb)
  8. The Hitchhiker (17.2Mb)
  9. EdwardThe Conquerer (17.4Mb)
  10. Neck (17.5Mb)
  11. The Bookseller (18.5Mb)
  12. Poison (18.4Mb)
  13. My Lady Love, My Dove (17Mb)
  14. The Surgeon (18.1Mb)
  15. The Butler (17.8Mb)

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