Tales of the Unexpected

BBC recordings of Roald Dahl stories
from archive.org

Collection of short stories with twist endings.

  1. Taste (read by Geoffrey Palmer) (45.9Mb)
  2. Lamb to the Slaughter (read by Joanna Lumley) (34.2Mb)
  3. Dip in the Pool (read by Geoffrey Palmer) (30.7Mb)
  4. Man from the South (read by Tom Hollander) (37.1Mb)
  5. The Way Up to Heaven (read by Patricia Routledge) (33.1Mb)
  6. Neck (read by Tom Hollander) (40.9Mb)
  7. Parson's Pleasure (read by Geoffrey Palmer) (64.4Mb)
  8. Edward the Conqueror (read by Joanna Lumley) (46Mb)
  9. Nunc Dimittis (read by Geoffrey Palmer) (77.3Mb)
  10. Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coatread (read by Joanna Lumley) (33.5Mb)
  11. My Lady Love, My Dove (read by Geoffrey Palmer) (52.5Mb)
  12. The Landlady (read by Tom Hollander) (45Mb)
  13. Poison (read by William Hootkins) (48.9Mb)
  14. The Sound Machine (read by Geoffrey Palmer) (49.4Mb)
  15. Georgy Porgy (read by Tom Hollander) (66.4Mb)
  16. Vengeance Is Mine Inc. (read by William Hootkins) (31.5Mb)
  17. Mr. Botibol (read by Geoffrey Palmer) (69Mb)
  18. The Hitchhiker (read by Tom Hollander) (29.1Mb)
  19. Galloping Foxley (read by Geoffrey Palmer) (35.2Mb)
  20. Umbrella Man (read by Joanna David) (16.1Mb)
  21. Royal Jelly (read by Tom Hollander) (48.2Mb)
  22. William & Mary (read by Geoffrey Palmer & Joanna David) (49.8Mb)
  23. Skin (read by Geoffrey Palmer) (29.7Mb)
  24. Genesis & Catastrophe (read by Joanna David) (9.9Mb)
  25. The Butler (read by Geoffrey Palmer) (11.5Mb)

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