The Adventures of Rocky Jordan

Old-time radio detective series based in part on Casablanca
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Episodes of the old-time radio detective series "A Man Named Jordan" and "Rocky Jordan", which were based in some part on the film "Casablanca".

Rocky Jordan is an American restaurateur in Istanbul (later Cairo) who each week becomes involved in some kind of mystery or adventure. The show was broadcast on CBS from October 31, 1948 to September 10, 1950, and then again from June 27, 1951 to August 22, 1951.

  1. Show #38 (13.4Mb)
  2. Show #68 (13.7Mb)
  3. The Bartered Bridegroom (27.3Mb)
  4. Count Me Out (27.2Mb)
  5. The Man in the Morgue (27.1Mb)
  6. Strangers Three (27.2Mb)
  7. Ace High Straight (27.3Mb)
  8. Up in Flames (27.1Mb)
  9. Death in the Sand (27.2Mb)
  10. Escapade with Paula (27.1Mb)
  11. The Case of the Sleepy Camel (27.1Mb)
  12. Baksheesh Boy (27.1Mb)
  13. Champagne, Caviar and Hot Ice (27Mb)
  14. Red Stands for Blood (27.2Mb)
  15. Twenty Fathoms Under (27.1Mb)
  16. The Two O'Clock Man (27.3Mb)
  17. The St. Louis Blues (27.1Mb)
  18. Passport for Vivi (27Mb)
  19. Everything Shipshape (27.1Mb)
  20. Portrait of Rocky (27.1Mb)
  21. My Quiet Friend (27.2Mb)
  22. Consignment for Naples (27Mb)
  23. Fall Guy (27Mb)
  24. Lady in Disguise (27.1Mb)
  25. The Make up Man (27.1Mb)
  26. Desert Betrayal (27.1Mb)
  27. The Man They All Loved (27Mb)
  28. The Man from Damascus (27.1Mb)
  29. The Big Ditch (27.1Mb)
  30. Journey to Nashier (27.2Mb)
  31. The Map of Murder (27.2Mb)
  32. The Broken Wing (27.1Mb)
  33. The Race (27.2Mb)
  34. The Coward of Mutah Kahn (27.3Mb)
  35. Varlachi (27.3Mb)
  36. Gold Fever (27.3Mb)
  37. Cairo Vendetta (27.3Mb)
  38. The Gum Queen (27.4Mb)
  39. The Lady from Istanbul (27.3Mb)
  40. A Stranger to the Desert (27Mb)
  41. Adventure with Andrea (27.2Mb)
  42. The Nile Runs High (27.2Mb)
  43. Memento from Adelaide (27.3Mb)
  44. Pattern for Revenge (27.1Mb)
  45. The Man with No Name (27.3Mb)
  46. Quest for Traneeneh (26.8Mb)
  47. The Diorite Bowl (27Mb)
  48. The Demarco Affair (26.9Mb)
  49. The Black Ball (27.2Mb)
  50. The Strange Death of Van Dorn (27.2Mb)
  51. The Big Heist (27.3Mb)
  52. High Pressure (27.3Mb)
  53. The Veiled People (27.3Mb)
  54. The Man from Cairo (27.2Mb)
  55. Smoke Screen (27.3Mb)
  56. The Loomis Affair (27.1Mb)
  57. The Face of Diana (27.2Mb)
  58. An Air of Death (27.2Mb)
  59. The Return of Toni (27.3Mb)
  60. Madame Dulac's Daughter (27.1Mb)
  61. Paid in Full (27.2Mb)
  62. Return of Dr Pyrue (27.1Mb)
  63. The Secret of Wong Lee (27.2Mb)
  64. The White Beetle (27.2Mb)
  65. The Perfect Witness (27.1Mb)
  66. Foolproof (27.2Mb)
  67. The Strange Fate of Professor Amar (27.3Mb)
  68. Holiday Weekend (27.4Mb)
  69. Adventure in Zaqaziq (27.3Mb)
  70. The Big Gamble (27.1Mb)
  71. The Mystery of Carl Kleist (27.3Mb)
  72. Horde of the Memlooks (27.3Mb)
  73. Congo Copper (27.3Mb)
  74. The Beggar of Farar (27.2Mb)
  75. A Song in the Night (27.2Mb)
  76. The Word of a Bishop (22.3Mb)
  77. Pharaoh's Formula (27.3Mb)
  78. Shakedown (27.2Mb)
  79. Dilemma (27.2Mb)
  80. The Dead Colleen (27.2Mb)
  81. Interlude With Laurena (27.3Mb)
  82. The Lotus Cup of Amin Ra (27.3Mb)
  83. Cairo Tour (27.2Mb)
  84. The Money Changers (27.2Mb)
  85. The Broken Wing (27.2Mb)
  86. City of Baksheesh (27.3Mb)
  87. The Man from Damascus (27.2Mb)
  88. Dr Markoff's Discovery (27.3Mb)
  89. Ace High Straight (27.3Mb)
  90. Trail of the Assassin (27.1Mb)
  91. The Man from Damascus (Audition) (27.8Mb)
  92. The Lady from Tangiers (27.5Mb)
  93. The Genacos Affair (27.3Mb)
  94. Valley of the Dead (27.3Mb)
  95. The Man in the Nile (27.2Mb)
  96. Spring of Moses (Audition) - Show 1 (11.8Mb)
  97. Spring of Moses (Audition) - Show 2 (12.3Mb)

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