The Know Evil Campaign

Tabletop roleplaying gameplay from RPPR's Actual Play
from archive.org

RPPR's Actual Play's first Eclipse Phase campaign! In the future, only 5% of humanity remains after rogue AIs known as the TITANs turned Earth into a hellish wasteland and then disappeared. The remainder lives throughout the solar system. Only a secret vigilante organization known as Firewall protects humanity from the remnants of the TITANs and any other existential threats. One team of low level Firewall sentinels has been assigned to investigate Thought, a space station owned by the hypercorpration Cognite in orbit over Venus after an undercover agent assigned to the station went missing. More disturbingly, the backup of her mind is corrupt ? something that should be impossible. The team consists of Bartleby: A lost generation brinker, Preston: an uplifted octopus socialite, SAIRAC, an argonaut AGI, Fayun, a Lunar criminal and Gerrad a Fall Evacuee anarchist. Infiltrating a secret orbital research facility will be hard to accomplish to say the least. How will they get in and what will they discover?

  1. Part 01 (151.3Mb)
  2. Part 02 (70.8Mb)
  3. Part 03 (71Mb)
  4. Part 04 (78.7Mb)
  5. Part 05 (70.2Mb)
  6. Part 06 (61Mb)
  7. Part 07 (79.4Mb)
  8. Part 08 (71.8Mb)
  9. Part 09 (87Mb)
  10. Part 10 (117.6Mb)
  11. Part 11 (107.4Mb)
  12. Part 12 (78.9Mb)
  13. Part 13 (65.2Mb)
  14. Part 14 (96.7Mb)
  15. Part 15 (88.3Mb)
  16. Part 16 (96.2Mb)
  17. Part 17 (104.5Mb)
  18. Part 18 (94.2Mb)
  19. Part 19 (123.8Mb)
  20. Part 20 (73.1Mb)
  21. Part 21 (95.8Mb)
  22. Part 22 (108.7Mb)
  23. Part 23 (90.2Mb)
  24. Part 24 (89.8Mb)
  25. Part 25 (93.3Mb)
  26. Part 26 (96.5Mb)
  27. Part 27 (100.3Mb)

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