Ron and Fez (2015)

American talk radio show hosted by Ron Bennington and Fez Whatley
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The Ron and Fez Show is an American talk radio show hosted by Ron Bennington and Fez Whatley, which aired from August 1998 to April 2015.

After a run in Tampa, Florida as part of The Ron & Ron Show, and then several other stints in Daytona Beach, FL, New York City, and Washington, D.C., and on Sirius XM Radio.

Throughout their time on WNEW and WJFK, the show featured multiple recurring characters and impersonations, often voiced by Ron and Fez themselves or the shows' staff. They typically would "call" the show when a particularly boring guest appeared on the phone, although they would also call during the show in order to annoy Ron and Fez.

  1. R&F-2015-02-02 (73.8Mb)
  2. R&F-2015-02-03 (82.2Mb)
  3. R&F-2015-02-03 (72.2Mb)
  4. R&F-2015-02-05 (75.1Mb)
  5. R&F-2015-02-06 (74.4Mb)
  6. R&F-2015-02-09 (80.7Mb)
  7. R&F-2015-02-10 (74.9Mb)
  8. R&F-2015-02-11 (77.4Mb)
  9. R&F-2015-02-12 (82.9Mb)
  10. R&F-2015-02-13 I (75.9Mb)
  11. R&F-2015-02-13 II (72.6Mb)
  12. R&F-2015-02-16 (71Mb)
  13. R&F-2015-02-17 (72.6Mb)
  14. R&F-2015-02-18 (73.3Mb)
  15. R&F-2015-02-19 (69.2Mb)
  16. R&F-2015-02-20 (76.3Mb)
  17. R&F-2015-02-23 (79.6Mb)
  18. R&F-2015-02-24 (152.5Mb)
  19. R&F-2015-02-25 (74.3Mb)
  20. R&F-2015-02-26 (73.9Mb)
  21. R&F-2015-02-27 I (72.4Mb)
  22. R&F-2015-02-27 II (71.4Mb)

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