Unofficial Rosie

1993 detective drama staring Paula Wilcox
from archive.org

Single mum Rosie Monaghan is 39 and redundant. Wondering what to do with the rest of her life – and with two kids to support – she decides to start a new career as a private detective.

In series 1 she begins her first investigation, involving a mystery client and a seemingly innocent death that no one else thinks is murder. But being a private eye proves trickier than she thought. The job itself is fraught with problems (how do you tail someone without them noticing?), and the demands of love, children and her bank manager are all jostling for her attention. Can she solve the case and confront the murderer? And will the guilty be brought to justice?

Series 2 finds Rosie back in business, with a rent-free corner of an office, and an ‘anything investigated’ ad in the paper. Among the cases that come her way are a mysterious briefcase full of cash, a missing wife whose husband is ‘one card short of a full deck’ and a series of racial attacks on a corner shop.

  1. Down These Mean Streets (13.1Mb)
  2. Following From in Front (13.1Mb)
  3. Back Against the Wall (13.3Mb)
  4. If Looks Could Kill (13.1Mb)
  5. Count Your Blessings (13.1Mb)
  6. In Dreams (13Mb)
  7. Starting Over (25.8Mb)
  8. Softies (26.2Mb)
  9. The Front Man (25.5Mb)
  10. Massaging the Truth (26.2Mb)

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