Rudy's Rare Records
Lenny Henry sitcom about a down-at-heel reggae and ska record shop in Birmingham

Rudy's Rare Records is a tiny, down-at-heel reggae and ska record shop in Birmingham.
It is one of a dying breed, a place with real soul and stacked with piles of
vinyl where the slogan is "If we don't have it - them don't mek it."

  1. S01E01 - Take Me Home, Country Roads (12.9Mb)
  2. S01E02 - Roots Manoeuvres (12.8Mb)
  3. S01E03 - Get Up, Stand Up (12.9Mb)
  4. S01E04 - The Heart Of Saturday Night (12.8Mb)
  5. S02E01 - Ill Communication (13.1Mb)
  6. S02E02 - Oh Carolina (13.1Mb)
  7. S02E03 - Daddy Cool (13Mb)
  8. S02E04 - Ride With Me (13Mb)
  9. S03E01 - No Richie, No Cry (13.3Mb)
  10. S03E02 - It's A Family Affair (13.3Mb)
  11. S03E03 - Redemption Song (13.3Mb)
  12. S03E04 - Rudy's Rare Record (13.3Mb)
  13. S03E05 - Lights Out (13.2Mb)
  14. S03E06 - Girls And Boys (13.2Mb)
  15. S04E01 - Three's A Crowd (12.9Mb)
  16. S04E02 - Best Local Business (12.8Mb)
  17. S04E03 - Let It Grow (12.9Mb)
  18. S04E04 - It's Grim Up North (12.8Mb)
  19. S04E05 - Miss Reenie Comes to Stay (12.8Mb)
  20. S04E06 - Sound Of Da Police (12.9Mb)

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