The Saint

1940s CBS series starring Vincent Price
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The Saint radio program, starring Vincent Price. All known existing shows from 1944-1951.

  1. The Connelly Silver Mine (4.2Mb)
  2. Monkey Business (6.4Mb)
  3. Murder On The High Seas (aka Color Blind) (5.5Mb)
  4. A Gangster District Attorney (6.4Mb)
  5. Color Blind Murderer Aboard Ship (5.5Mb)
  6. Greed Causes Murder (aka Old Man's Car) (5.6Mb)
  7. The Saint Goes Underground (5.6Mb)
  8. Nineteen Santa Clauses (5Mb)
  9. The Case of the Unhappy Homocide (5.5Mb)
  10. The Case of the Blond Who Lost Her Head (5.5Mb)
  11. Conley Silver Mine (5.6Mb)
  12. Greed Causes Murder (5.6Mb)
  13. A Schitzophrenic Psychiatrist (5.5Mb)
  14. Color-Blind Killer (5.5Mb)
  15. Unhappy Homocide (5.5Mb)
  16. Fake Amnesia Killer (5.5Mb)
  17. The Cake That Killed (5.7Mb)
  18. The Purloine (5.7Mb)
  19. The Case of the Lonesome Slab (6.3Mb)
  20. Murder Of A Champion (6.4Mb)
  21. Prize Fighter (6.4Mb)
  22. The Sinister Sneeze (6.4Mb)
  23. The Music Murder (6.4Mb)
  24. Real Gone Guy (6.4Mb)
  25. Search for a Killer (6.4Mb)
  26. Contract Out On The Saint (6.3Mb)
  27. Problem Of The Peculiar Payoff (6.3Mb)
  28. Death of the Saint (6.5Mb)
  29. Fighter's Contract (6.6Mb)
  30. Author of Murder (6.5Mb)
  31. Case Of The Previewed Crime (6.5Mb)
  32. The Corpse Said Ouch (6.8Mb)
  33. Dossier on a Damsel (6.3Mb)
  34. Cupid and the Corpse (6.7Mb)
  35. Baseball Murder (6.4Mb)
  36. The Horrible Hamburger (6.9Mb)
  37. The Ghost That Giggled (6.4Mb)
  38. Dossier on a Doggone Dog (6.5Mb)
  39. It's Snow Use (5.9Mb)
  40. Wanted a Husband (5.9Mb)
  41. Return of Harry Morgan (6.5Mb)
  42. The Dame On The Doorstep (6.5Mb)
  43. Murder Plot in Prison (6.5Mb)
  44. No Hiding Place (6.5Mb)
  45. The Terrible Tintype (6.5Mb)
  46. The Young Detective (6.5Mb)
  47. The Monkey (6.4Mb)
  48. Simon Minds The Baby (6.4Mb)
  49. The Fight (6.4Mb)
  50. Christmas Eve Problems (6.5Mb)
  51. Santa Clause is No Saint (6.5Mb)
  52. Ladies Never Lie Much (6.7Mb)
  53. The Actor (6.7Mb)
  54. The Tuba (6.7Mb)
  55. The Carnival (6.6Mb)
  56. The Missing Bridegroom (6.5Mb)
  57. Next of Kin (6.4Mb)
  58. Noon Deadline (6.4Mb)
  59. The Amnesia Victim (6.4Mb)
  60. The Big Swindle (6.4Mb)
  61. The Furniture Move (6.5Mb)
  62. The What-Not What Got Hot (6.5Mb)
  63. Button Button (6.5Mb)
  64. The Shipboard Mystery (6.5Mb)
  65. The Birds And Bees Of East Orange (6.5Mb)
  66. The Bookstore Murder (6.5Mb)
  67. Formula For Death (6.5Mb)
  68. The Intruder (6.5Mb)
  69. Simon Carries the Ivy (6.4Mb)
  70. The College Campus Threat (6.4Mb)
  71. Ghost Who Came To Dinner (6.4Mb)
  72. Hawthorne House Mystery (6.4Mb)
  73. Strange Bedfellows (6.9Mb)
  74. The Lady Who Learned (6.5Mb)
  75. Fishes Gotta Eat (6.5Mb)
  76. The Missing Husband (6.5Mb)
  77. The Red Rose (6.6Mb)
  78. Children's Crusade (6.6Mb)
  79. The Military Instructor (6.6Mb)
  80. The Train (6.4Mb)
  81. Peter the Great (5.8Mb)
  82. The Cowboy (6.4Mb)
  83. Missing Angel (6.6Mb)
  84. No, My Darling Daughter (6.7Mb)
  85. The Nursemaid (6.7Mb)

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