Says On The Tin

Comedy set in an advertising agency
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Disgraced maverick US ad man Eliott Thurber is forced to transfer to the new London branch of Parabola Media.

Starring Michael Brandon.

Christopher William Hill's sitcom set in the shallow, dog-eat-dog world of advertising.

Eliott Thurber .... Michael Brandon
Esther Finn .... Samantha Bond
Hannah Walker .... Pippa Haywood
Zadie .... Joannah Tincey
Ted Bruckner .... Malcolm Tierney
Toothrot …. Chris Pavlo
Customs Officer …. Stephen Critchlow
Woman ….Janice Acquah
Child …. Manjeet Mann
Stewardess …. Donnla Hughes
Plaque Inam Mirza

  1. Toothpaste (44.8Mb)
  2. Cat Food (44.8Mb)
  3. Schokolade (44.8Mb)
  4. Chowder (44.8Mb)
  5. Healthcare (44.8Mb)
  6. Face Cream (44.9Mb)

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