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Podcast series by Mark Fonseca Rendeiro in cooperation with Wikimedia Deutschland covering the vast universe of free and open knowledge. (2015-2018)

  1. Beyond Poor and Sexy Berlin (35.9Mb)
  2. Creative Spaces Make Happy Faces (39.3Mb)
  3. Making Your Home in Silicon Allee: The Expat Coder Experience (28.8Mb)
  4. Gender, Community and Identity in Open Source (43.3Mb)
  5. Databases, Javascript and Society: Unlikely Heroes and Personal Convictions (43.5Mb)
  6. Opening Up The Newsroom (32.1Mb)
  7. Sam Muirhead on Video, Clothing and Circular Economics (30.8Mb)
  8. Changing at the Speed of Life in Neukoln (36.5Mb)
  9. Going up the Down Escalator: What it Takes to Live in Berlin (36.3Mb)
  10. New Frontiers in Teaching and Learning (40.6Mb)
  11. Code For Germany: Reconnecting Citizens and Society (35.8Mb)
  12. AudioBerlin: Combining Arts, Science and Technology (31.2Mb)
  13. Software Craftsmanship: Values, Practices and Community (24.5Mb)
  14. Coding Davinci: A New Approach to Culture Data (43Mb)
  15. The Slow Fast Changing World of Licenses (40.6Mb)
  16. From Berlin to Baghdad: Bilal Ghalib on Hacker Space Ethos (34.7Mb)
  17. Cyborgs, Software and Society (35.4Mb)
  18. The Curious and Creative Minds of EnthusiastiCon (38.1Mb)
  19. Social Entrepeneurship the Berlin Way (44.4Mb)
  20. Programming and Parenting: Learning from Experience (33.9Mb)
  21. A Place for Open Medicine (25.8Mb)
  22. The Camp Edition (33.1Mb)
  23. C-Base: 20 Years of Inspiring the World (29.5Mb)
  24. Apps for Navigating Berlin (21.9Mb)
  25. Open Fashion and Meshcon (32.7Mb)
  26. Building Tools for Refugees (32.8Mb)
  27. Free Knowledge and Game Design (30Mb)
  28. Playful Commons: A Lisence to Play (33.3Mb)
  29. Tactical Tech: Info Activism from Berlin to the World (32.5Mb)
  30. Podlove: Taking Podcasts into a New Era (33.3Mb)
  31. Digital Language and Inequality (31.8Mb)
  32. Magnus Manske on 15 Years of German Wikipedia (34.4Mb)
  33. Emily Temple-Wood: The Gender Gap (29.4Mb)
  34. Travel Writing, Wikivoyage and the Future of Guides (36.3Mb)
  35. The Global Innovation Gathering: Being the Change (36.5Mb)
  36. Wikipedia, Doctors, and The Future of Medicine (30.1Mb)
  37. Listening to Wikimania 2016 (33.4Mb)
  38. Wikipedians: Voices of a Global Movement (36.4Mb)
  39. Wikipedia's Big Beautiful World of Data Visualizations (31.8Mb)
  40. Taha Yasseri: When Wikipedia Bots Fight (19.2Mb)
  41. Ladies That Foss (21.6Mb)
  42. 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back: EU Copyright Reform (22.7Mb)
  43. Rachel Uwa: Learning via Machines, Making and Make-Believe (22.4Mb)
  44. The Christmas Episode (22.1Mb)
  45. Wikispeech: Listening to Wikipedia (20.9Mb)
  46. The Creative Commons Search We've Been Waiting For (20.7Mb)
  47. Wikimedia Conference 2017: The Future of Free Knowledge (27.6Mb)
  48. Katherine Maher: Beyond the Encyclopedia (40Mb)
  49. Sunil Abraham: The State is Back! (26.9Mb)
  50. The Global Innovation Gathering: From Berlin with Love (30Mb)
  51. Rethinking the New User Experience (20.6Mb)
  52. Ideas and Objectives from Wikimania 2017 (22.3Mb)
  53. David Richfield: The Power of Wikimania (29.2Mb)
  54. Danger Ahead: Countdown to EU Copyright Reform (27.1Mb)
  55. Voices from the Wikimedia Diversity Conference (30.5Mb)
  56. Heart of Code: A Womens* Hacker Space in Berlin (24.8Mb)
  57. Goodbye Smart Cities Hello Rebel Cities (14.5Mb)
  58. Movement Strategy: The Way Forward for Wikimedia (21Mb)
  59. Towards Real Global Collaboration (16.9Mb)
  60. Wikipedia to the Moon! (26.3Mb)

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