Atom Age Adventures

Curated selection of science-fiction stories from various old time radio series
from archive.org

This is the BEST Quality set of Science Fiction Radio shows currently available ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!! This is a Custom Collection of what I feel are the BEST 53 Sci-Fi Radio Shows every produced, from shows like X-Minus 1, Dimension X, Suspense, Exploring Tomorrow, 2000 Plus, etc.

I have spent several years tracking down these shows from MANY difference sources (Official Cassette, LP Vinyl, Digital etc) and enhancing shows that are of lower audio quality so as to try to remove muffling, overblown sharp highs, enhance vocals, tighten bass, clean audio, remove hiss, pops, fix speed/pitch etc. On every episode I also normalized the audio levels of speech throughout the episode and loud music/effects portions to be very close to that of the actual performance instead of 4-5 times the volume.

Quality will vary somewhat from episode to episode given the rarity of many of these shows. I have been working on restoring these episodes since 2017. Please be aware that not all episodes are of perfect flawless quality, as source materials which would allow such restoration are extremely rare. However, about 3/5ths of the set or more are flawless or near perfect quality, about 2/5th are of very good quality and the rest are of good listenable quality. I have done my very best to find ALL available good quality source material but it has been very difficult and arduous, as it seems that I am the only one worldwide undertaking such an endeavor.

If you find these lectures beneficial and appreciate the work I have put into it, please feel free to send a donation in any amount via Paypal to https://paypal.me/NicholasHansGary

  1. Mercury Theater; War Of The Worlds 1938-10-30 (53.2Mb)
  2. X Minus One; The Cave of Night 02-01-56 (20.2Mb)
  3. X Minus One; C-Chute 02-08-56 (20.2Mb)
  4. Escape; North of Polaris 05-17-53 (19.8Mb)
  5. Suspense; Doom Machine 03-04-62 (14.8Mb)
  6. X Minus One; The Discovery of Mornial Mathaway 04-17-57 (15Mb)
  7. Quiet Please; One for the Book 11-21-48 (20.3Mb)
  8. X Minus One; Man's Best Friend 04-24-57, (15.7Mb)
  9. Quiet Please; Very Unimportant Person 12-05-48 (20.3Mb)
  10. 2000 Plus; The Brooklyn Brain 06-21-50 (19.9Mb)
  11. X Minus One; Hostess 12-12-56 (20.2Mb)
  12. Exploring Tomorrow; First Contact 1958-01-15 (13.5Mb)
  13. X Minus One; Something for Nothing 04-10-57 (15.1Mb)
  14. Exploring Tomorrow; The First Baby in Space 1958-06-18 (13.6Mb)
  15. 2000 Plus; The Green Thing 09-27-50 (20.9Mb)
  16. Exploring Tomorrow; The Adventure of the Beauty Queen 1958-04-23 (13.5Mb)
  17. 2000 Plus; World's Apart 11-15-50 (19.4Mb)
  18. Suspense; Report From a Dead Planet 07-10-60 (13.5Mb)
  19. Escape; Conqueror's Isle 01-11-53 (18.5Mb)
  20. 2000 Plus; The Other Man 1950-06-07 (21.1Mb)
  21. 2000 Plus; The Flying Saucers 1950-08-23 (20.4Mb)
  22. Dimension X; Report on the Barnhouse Effect, 04-22-50 (20.7Mb)
  23. Escape; Mars Is Heaven 06-02-50 (20.3Mb)
  24. X Minus One; Honeymoon in Hell 12-26-56 (20.5Mb)
  25. Dimension X; With Folded Hands, 04-15-50 (20.6Mb)
  26. Suspense; Twenty-Four Sixty-Two 01-21-62 (15.7Mb)
  27. Suspense; Kaleidoscope 55-07-12 (16.5Mb)
  28. X Minus One; The Lifeboat Mutiny 09-11-56 (19.9Mb)
  29. Exploring Tomorrow; Planet of Geniuses 58-04-16 (13.4Mb)
  30. Suspense; Frankenstein 52-11-03 (20.3Mb)
  31. Dimension X; The Outer Limit, 04-08-50 (20.8Mb)
  32. Escape; The Earthmen 07-25-51 (20.3Mb)
  33. Exploring Tomorrow; The Stowaway 58-04-30 (12.2Mb)
  34. Suspense; Donovan's Brain, Part One 44-05-18 (20.3Mb)
  35. Suspense; Donovan's Brain, Part Two 44-05-25 (20.2Mb)
  36. Hall of Fantasy; The Automaton 02-27-53 (18.1Mb)
  37. Exploring Tomorrow; The Mountain of Diamond Inferiority 58-06-04 (13.8Mb)
  38. Escape; The Invader 03-29-53 (20.3Mb)
  39. Hall of Fantasy; The Man From The Second Earth 1951-08-12 (15.6Mb)
  40. Suspense; How Long Is The Night 52-10-13 (17.5Mb)
  41. 2000 Plus; When the Worlds Met 1950-05-03 (20.5Mb)
  42. Suspense; Plan X 53-02-02 (20.2Mb)
  43. Escape; Earth Abides, Part 1, 11-05-50 (20.6Mb)
  44. Escape; Earth Abides, Part 2, 11-12-50 (20.4Mb)
  45. Suspense; Zero Hour 55-04-05 (17Mb)
  46. Suspense; The Hitch-Hiker 42-09-02 (20.1Mb)
  47. Suspense; Heaven's to Betsy 55-10-11 619 (25.3Mb)
  48. Suspense; Man from Tomorrow 57-09-01 (20.7Mb)
  49. Dimension X; The Martian Chronicles 1950-08-18 (20.9Mb)
  50. Dimension X; Pebble In The Sky 1951-06-17 (17.2Mb)
  51. Escape; The Time Machine 50-10-22 (20.3Mb)
  52. Lux Radio Theatre; War of the Worlds 55-02-08 (40.6Mb)

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