Sci-Fi Drama on 3

A collection of speculative fiction dramas from BBC Radio 3
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A collection of speculative fiction dramas from BBC Radio 3.

Life is a Radio in the Dark
When Davey Maskelyne embarks upon sonic therapy to restore his memory so that he can help solve a crime, the treatment leads to a reckoning with a past he never believed he could recover. The play wittily tangles with questions of loss and memory. What is a person without a past? Might we be better living in the moment? And how does sound give us a more profound experience of that past?
Davey Maskelyne ..... Toby Jones
Dr. Baines ..... Colin Stinton
Sgt. Castor ..... Fenella Woolgar
Maud ..... Cecilia Appiah
Gallery Director ..... Kenneth Collard
Jennifer ..... Clare Corbett
Jesse ..... Luke Nunn
Courtney ..... Charlotte East
Audio Guide ..... Roger Ringrose
Park Woman ..... Emma Handy
Jim ..... Carl Prekopp
Granddaughter ..... Alejandra Howard
Writer ..... Will Eno
Producer .... Sally Avens

Beethoven Can Hear You
Beethoven is visited by a deaf traveller from another time. The Visitor is shocked to discover that Beethoven can hear; it seems that in this reality the composer never lost his hearing. Beethoven is then haunted by the idea his ears could fail him. And the Visitor must make him understand his importance as history's first deaf composer.
Beethoven .... Peter Capaldi
The Visitor .... Sophie Stone
Original Music .... Lloyd Coleman
Script Consultant .... Sophie Stone
Sound Design .... Catherine Robinson
Written by Timothy X Atack
Directed by James Robinson

The Invisible
El Irving disappeared 17 years ago. When his sister Tor sees him on screen at a protest outside Westminster Abbey, she embarks on a journey that will lead her to the invisible. How easy is it to fall through the cracks? The Invisible imagines the possibility of losing your identity, your legal status, because suddenly your citizenship becomes invalid. It imagines a future where everything is digital, where millions of displaced people are living in refugee camps; people that no-one wants; people held in detention centres because their papers don't prove their right to citizenship.
Tor ..... Lyndsey Marshal
Rose/Maia ..... Katie West
Wren/Eimer ..... Poppy O'Brien
Cal ..... William Ash
Gertrude ..... Claire Benedict
Leith ..... Max True
El ..... Simon Trinder
Detective Bolan/Librarian ..... Rupert Hill
Sound Design by Steve Brooke
Written by Linda Marshall Griffiths
Directed by Nadia Molinari

Love Thy Synth
Hannah Silva's future-set story of a woman's search for connection is told through the podcasts she makes with her synthetic robodoll.
Nikki King is a journalist and presenter of Scientethics, a podcast exploring the blurred lines where tech, science and ethics merge. When covering the reappearance of enigmatic and reclusive robotics expert Tim Lowe, Nikki is surprised to find herself at the centre of his latest work.
Pygmalion and Narcissus intertwine in this 21st century story of human relationships and loneliness, of our need for external validation and the search for self.
Nikki & Knickers ..... Valene Kane
Tiresias ..... Neil Bell
Marc ..... Luke Jerdy
Soozie ..... Stephanie Greer
Other voices ..... Catriona Stirling
Written by Hannah Silva
Executive producer, Sara Davies
Produced by Nicolas Jackson & Steve Bond

The Effect
"I can tell the difference between who I am and a side effect."
Award-winning chemical romance. Connie and Tristan are taking part in a clinical trial for a new psychoactive drug. So when they start to feel attracted to each other, can they really trust how they feel?
Dr Lorna James .... Christine Entwisle
Connie .... Jessie Buckley
Tristan .... Damien Molony
Dr Toby Sealey .... Samuel West
Composer Richard Hammarton
Writer Lucy Prebble
Director Abigail le Fleming

The Longyears spacecraft, with its five person crew, is on a mission to launch into the future by entering interconnected cosmic strings. Once in the time dilation they will await a wave-beacon from NASA that will indicate the moment to return to a future ravaged Earth where the doomsday vault that they carry on board can be utilised and re-introduced to save the human race. However, as the ship enters the cosmic strings and is propelled into a time dilation, time itself begins to complicate.
Enda.....Tamara Lawrance
Doug.....Andonis Anthony
Jilly.....Jenny Platt
Rez.....Alfred Enoch
Milo.....Adetomiwa Edun
Treth.....Claire Benedict
Sound Design by Sharon Hughes
Written by Linda Marshall Griffiths
Directed by Nadia Molinari

These dramas use 3D binaural audio; please listen on headphones for a unique immersive experience.

  1. Life is a Radio in the Dark (80.5Mb)
  2. Beethoven Can Hear You (78.6Mb)
  3. The Invisible (80.3Mb)
  4. Love Thy Synth (68.7Mb)
  5. The Effect (97.7Mb)
  6. Strings (81.1Mb)

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