Screaming Trilogy
British science fiction from the 1970s

This is a trilogy of stand-alone, though linked plays from the Saturday Night Theatre spot:

1) Before the Screaming Begins

Zero hour - and all over the world in every country at
exactly the same moment a person is seen disappearing into a flying saucer! Ten
days later, they are returned - but with new and frightening powers. Why were
they taken away? Why have they returned?

2) The Silent Scream

The Alien Controller orders the next phase of the global
takeover to start. Three weeks until Armageddon, and Earth is preparing for an
alien intervention.

3) With a Whimper to the Grave

The Aliens are threatening Earth, but the British government has
a cunning plan.

  1. Before The Screaming Begins (30.6Mb)
  2. The Silent Scream, (29.9Mb)
  3. With A Whimper To The Grave (30Mb)

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