The Screen Guild Theater

1950s radio anthology series
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The Screen Guild Theater is a radio anthology series broadcast from 1939 until 1952 during the Golden Age of Radio. Leading Hollywood stars performed adaptations of popular motion pictures. Originating on CBS Radio, it aired under several different titles including The Gulf Screen Guild Show, The Gulf Screen Guild Theater, The Lady Esther Screen Guild Theater and The Camel Screen Guild Players. Fees that would ordinarily have been paid to the stars and studios were instead donated to the Motion Picture Relief Fund, and were used for the construction and maintenance of the Motion Picture Country House.

  1. Variety Review 1(Begin Gulf Screen Guild Show) (8.2Mb)
  2. Miss Brown of Worcester (6.8Mb)
  3. Can We Forget? (6.7Mb)
  4. Variety Review 2 (6.8Mb)
  5. The Junior Screen Guild Show - Variety Review 3 (6.7Mb)
  6. Three Days March (6.8Mb)
  7. A Song for Clotilde (6.7Mb)
  8. Variety Review 4 (10.5Mb)
  9. Bridge of Mercy (6.8Mb)
  10. Tailored by Toni (6.7Mb)
  11. Zaza (6.8Mb)
  12. Never of This World (6.7Mb)
  13. A Mug, a Moll, and a Mountaineer (6.7Mb)
  14. Variety Review 5 (6.6Mb)
  15. The Hand of Providence (6.8Mb)
  16. A Review (6.9Mb)
  17. Alone in Paris (6.7Mb)
  18. Thwarted Ambition (6.7Mb)
  19. Variety (7Mb)
  20. A Review (6.9Mb)
  21. A Review With Nelson Eddy (8.3Mb)
  22. Variety(End Gulf Screen Guild Show) (6.9Mb)
  23. Variety(Begin Gulf Screen Theater) (6.9Mb)
  24. Imperfect Lady (8.8Mb)
  25. Variety (8.5Mb)
  26. None Shall Part Us (9Mb)
  27. We Were Dancing (6.8Mb)
  28. Going My Way (8Mb)
  29. The Beachcomber (7Mb)
  30. Variety (6.8Mb)
  31. Enchanted Cottage (6.8Mb)
  32. Accent on Youth (6.8Mb)
  33. Mr Jinks Goes to Sea (6.9Mb)
  34. Smilin' Through (8.7Mb)
  35. Blue Bird (5.6Mb)
  36. Variety (6.9Mb)
  37. Petrified Forest (54.7Mb)
  38. This Lonely Heart (8.8Mb)
  39. Cellini (6.9Mb)
  40. Private Worlds (6.7Mb)
  41. I Met Him in Paris (8.6Mb)
  42. Single Crossing (6.7Mb)
  43. Next Time We Live (6.8Mb)
  44. Blind Alley (54.3Mb)
  45. Winter in Paris (6.8Mb)
  46. Ballerina, Slightly with Accent (6.8Mb)
  47. The Awful Truth (6.8Mb)
  48. Morning Glory (6.4Mb)
  49. Allergic to Love (6.4Mb)
  50. Vivacious Lady (6.9Mb)
  51. Elmer the Great (13.6Mb)
  52. Ninotchka (9Mb)
  53. Shop Around the Corner (27.2Mb)
  54. Red Dust (8.6Mb)
  55. Private Lives (9.6Mb)
  56. Jack Benny (6.7Mb)
  57. Jezebel (13.8Mb)
  58. The Great Man Votes (13.8Mb)
  59. History Is Made at Night (6.2Mb)
  60. A Star Is Born (7.2Mb)
  61. Allergic to Ladies (6.9Mb)
  62. Desire (7.1Mb)
  63. Torrid Zone (6.6Mb)
  64. Seventh Heaven (13.8Mb)
  65. Juggler of Notre Dame (13.3Mb)
  66. Drink a Glass of Sassafras (13.8Mb)
  67. Love Affair (7Mb)
  68. Waterloo Bridge (6.9Mb)
  69. Magnificent Obsession (13.8Mb)
  70. If She Could Only Cook (6.7Mb)
  71. Destry Rides Again (6.8Mb)
  72. No Time for Comedy (6.9Mb)
  73. Brother Orchid (6.9Mb)
  74. Alter Bound (27.3Mb)
  75. Jane Eyre (6.7Mb)
  76. Variety Show (6.6Mb)
  77. My Love Came Back (6.8Mb)
  78. My Favorite Wife (7Mb)
  79. His Girl Friday (6.7Mb)
  80. Lucky Partners (6.8Mb)
  81. True Confessions (13.7Mb)
  82. Hired Wife (6.9Mb)
  83. Strawberry Blonde (6.7Mb)
  84. Alice Adams (6.9Mb)
  85. Goodbye Mister Chips (6.8Mb)
  86. The Amazing Doctor Clitterhouse (6.4Mb)
  87. Babes in Arms (6.4Mb)
  88. Penny Serenade (6.7Mb)
  89. If You Could Only Cook (6.9Mb)
  90. Between Americans (27Mb)
  91. Long Engagement (6.8Mb)
  92. Sergeant York (6.4Mb)
  93. Torrid Zone (13.8Mb)
  94. Bachelor Mother (13.8Mb)
  95. Mr and Mrs Smith (10.2Mb)
  96. Liberty's a Lady (6.9Mb)
  97. How Green Was My Valley (54.3Mb)
  98. Parent by Proxy (6.2Mb)
  99. Tight Shoes (6.8Mb)
  100. A Woman's Face (13.6Mb)
  101. Yankee Doodle Dandy(Begin Lady Esther Screen Guild Theater) (13.4Mb)
  102. A Yank in the RAF (13.8Mb)
  103. Take a Letter, Darling (13.6Mb)
  104. Bachelor Mother (13.5Mb)
  105. Ball of Fire (13.6Mb)
  106. Mr and Mrs Smith (13.7Mb)
  107. The Juggler of Our Lady (13.8Mb)
  108. The Male Animal (13.8Mb)
  109. Suspicion (13.5Mb)
  110. Holiday Inn (13.5Mb)
  111. To Be, or Not to Be (13.6Mb)
  112. Across the Pacific (53.8Mb)
  113. Dodsworth (13.7Mb)
  114. Hold Back the Dawn (13.5Mb)
  115. They Got Me Covered (13.5Mb)
  116. Louisiana Purchase (13.3Mb)
  117. This Above All (10.1Mb)
  118. Stand by for Action (13.6Mb)
  119. Palm Beach Story (13.4Mb)
  120. For Me and My Gal (54.4Mb)
  121. This Thing Called Love (54.2Mb)
  122. Journey for Margaret (54.3Mb)
  123. Pittsburg (54Mb)
  124. Woman of the Year (54.4Mb)
  125. Casablanca (54.3Mb)
  126. Nothing but the Truth (54.5Mb)
  127. Whistling in Dixie (54.2Mb)
  128. Shadow of a Doubt (54.5Mb)
  129. Rebecca (54.4Mb)
  130. The Devil and Miss Jones (54Mb)
  131. Love Is News (13.6Mb)
  132. Back Street (13.7Mb)
  133. Remember the Day (13.6Mb)
  134. Tennessee Johnson (13.5Mb)
  135. Human Comedy (13.6Mb)
  136. Men in White (13.6Mb)
  137. Once upon a Honeymoon (13.6Mb)
  138. Come Live with Me (13.6Mb)
  139. Spitfire (13.6Mb)
  140. The Pied Piper (13.5Mb)
  141. Skylark (13.5Mb)
  142. The Major and the Minor (13.6Mb)
  143. Birth of the Blues (13.5Mb)
  144. The Maltese Falcon (54.6Mb)
  145. Thank Your Lucky Stars (13.5Mb)
  146. Hi Diddle Diddle (13.6Mb)
  147. Love Affair (13.6Mb)
  148. My Sister Eileen (13.6Mb)
  149. Edge of Darkness (13.5Mb)
  150. You Belong to Me (13.6Mb)
  151. George Washington Slept Here (13.5Mb)
  152. Remember the Day (Design for Scandal) (13.5Mb)
  153. Immortal Sergeant (13.5Mb)
  154. Theodora Goes Wild (13.5Mb)
  155. Only Yesterday (13.2Mb)
  156. Holy Matrimony (13.5Mb)
  157. The Youngest Profession (13.6Mb)
  158. Let's Face It (13.6Mb)
  159. The North Star (13.6Mb)
  160. Watch on the Rhine (13.6Mb)
  161. I Love You Again (13.6Mb)
  162. Lucky Jordan (13.5Mb)
  163. True to Life (13.6Mb)
  164. Gentleman Jim (13.5Mb)
  165. Design for Scandal (13.8Mb)
  166. Three Men on a Horse (11.8Mb)
  167. The Gay Divorcee (6.7Mb)
  168. Tuttles of Tahiti (54.3Mb)
  169. Constant Nymph (53.6Mb)
  170. Why Jack Is Not Going to Appear on Show (6.1Mb)
  171. Hello Frisco, Hello (6.7Mb)
  172. A Farewell to Arms (26.5Mb)
  173. High Sierra (6.9Mb)
  174. Snow White (6.7Mb)
  175. A Night to Remember (13.6Mb)
  176. Dark Angel (13.7Mb)
  177. Priorities on Parade (13.7Mb)
  178. Up in Mabel's Room (13.7Mb)
  179. The Amazing Doctor Clitterhouse (13.8Mb)
  180. No Time for Love (13.5Mb)
  181. The Informer (54.7Mb)
  182. Make Your Own Bed (54.4Mb)
  183. Night Must Fall (13.7Mb)
  184. The Good Fairy (13.6Mb)
  185. Alias the Deacon (13.5Mb)
  186. Nervous Wreck (13.5Mb)
  187. The Ghost Goes West (48.8Mb)
  188. The Uninvited (13.5Mb)
  189. Too Many Husbands (13.4Mb)
  190. Phantom Lady (7Mb)
  191. Ox-Bow Incident (13.5Mb)
  192. It Happened Tomorrow (13.6Mb)
  193. Shopworn Angel (8.5Mb)
  194. A Girl ,A Guy, and a Gob (5.9Mb)
  195. Mad About Music (54.5Mb)
  196. Ninotchka (54.1Mb)
  197. Anna Karenina (6.7Mb)
  198. Holiday (6.7Mb)
  199. Once upon a Honeymoon (13.5Mb)
  200. You Belong to Me (54Mb)
  201. China Sea (54.4Mb)
  202. San Diego, I Love You (13.5Mb)
  203. Age of Innocence (13.5Mb)
  204. Mr and Mrs Smith (13.5Mb)
  205. Going My Way (13.6Mb)
  206. Three Is a Family (13.6Mb)
  207. Love Before Breakfast (6.9Mb)
  208. Joan of the Ozarks (6.6Mb)
  209. Belle of the Yukon (13.5Mb)
  210. Take a Letter, Darling (13.6Mb)
  211. Shop Around the Corner (13Mb)
  212. Double Indemnity (13.4Mb)
  213. So This Is Washington (13.6Mb)
  214. Next Time We Love (14.6Mb)
  215. Princess and the Pirate (10.5Mb)
  216. This Gun for Hire (10.3Mb)
  217. Abroad with Two Yanks (13.5Mb)
  218. Mask of Dimitrios (13.6Mb)
  219. Flesh and Fantasy (13.6Mb)
  220. Ramona (13.4Mb)
  221. Heaven Can Wait (13.5Mb)
  222. First Love (13.7Mb)
  223. Desert Song (13.6Mb)
  224. Joy of Living (13.7Mb)
  225. The Heavenly Body (53.9Mb)
  226. Parson of Panamint (54.3Mb)
  227. Alibi Ike (13.7Mb)
  228. New Wine (13.7Mb)
  229. Standing Room Only (13.6Mb)
  230. Romance (13.7Mb)
  231. Flesh and Fantasy (10.5Mb)
  232. Smilin' Through (6.9Mb)
  233. Voice of Bugle Anne (10.4Mb)
  234. The Little Foxes (33.8Mb)
  235. Gildersleeve's Bad Day (6.7Mb)
  236. Laura (6.9Mb)
  237. The Great McGinty (13.7Mb)
  238. Flesh and Fantasy (13.7Mb)
  239. Private Worlds (13.8Mb)
  240. The Valient (13.7Mb)
  241. Kiss the Boys Good-By (13.6Mb)
  242. Those Endearing Young Charms (13.6Mb)
  243. My Life with Caroline (54.7Mb)
  244. Model Wife (54.2Mb)
  245. My Favorite Wife (52.7Mb)
  246. Biography of a Bachelor Girl (54.5Mb)
  247. Vivacious Lady (17.1Mb)
  248. Along Came Jones (5.9Mb)
  249. Ruggles of Red Gap (54.9Mb)
  250. Pinocchio (54.3Mb)
  251. Pillow to Post (13.6Mb)
  252. Lost Weekend (13.7Mb)
  253. History Is Made at Night (13.6Mb)
  254. Suspicion (13.5Mb)
  255. Brother Rat (13.6Mb)
  256. My Client Curley (6.8Mb)
  257. Don Juan Quilligan (13.6Mb)
  258. Over Twenty-One (13.7Mb)
  259. Wuthering Heights (13.5Mb)
  260. Getting Gertie's Garter (13.7Mb)
  261. Irish Eyes Are Smiling (27.2Mb)
  262. Love Is News (13.5Mb)
  263. Sweethearts (54.3Mb)
  264. On Borrowed Time (6.9Mb)
  265. A Night to Remember (13.5Mb)
  266. Her First Beau (13.5Mb)
  267. The Perfect Specimen (13.5Mb)
  268. The Cowboy and the Lady (13.5Mb)
  269. Bachelor Mother (13.6Mb)
  270. Talk of the Town (13.8Mb)
  271. Guest Wife (54.3Mb)
  272. The Firebrand (13.5Mb)
  273. Lightnin' (13.1Mb)
  274. The House on 92nd Street (6.7Mb)
  275. Marriage Is a Private Affair (8.6Mb)
  276. Barbary Coast (6.7Mb)
  277. Come Live with Me (54.3Mb)
  278. The Great O'Malley (13.6Mb)
  279. The Glass Key (54.4Mb)
  280. Naughty Marietta (7Mb)
  281. Christmas in Connecticut (12.8Mb)
  282. The Devil and Miss Jones (13.8Mb)
  283. Hired Wife (13.5Mb)
  284. Bells of Saint Mary's (13.7Mb)
  285. Weekend for Three (13.8Mb)
  286. Waterloo Bridge (13.9Mb)
  287. Arrowsmith (54.2Mb)
  288. Susan and God (6.7Mb)
  289. Junior Miss (8.4Mb)
  290. The Old Lady Shows Her Medals (54.1Mb)
  291. Michael and Mary (13.1Mb)
  292. Adorable (9.1Mb)
  293. Experiment Perilous (54.2Mb)
  294. The First Year (54.7Mb)
  295. Blind Alley (8.1Mb)
  296. Arsenic and Old Lace (54.7Mb)
  297. Love Letters (54.6Mb)
  298. Last of Mrs Cheyney (55.2Mb)
  299. This Love of Ours (53.8Mb)
  300. Snow White (9.6Mb)
  301. Pinocchio (13.6Mb)
  302. The Yearling (27.3Mb)
  303. Dragonwyck (6.7Mb)
  304. Heavenly Days (9.8Mb)
  305. Kitty Foyle (27Mb)
  306. Philadelphia Story (6.7Mb)
  307. Too Many Husbands (32.9Mb)
  308. Pardon My Past (13.2Mb)
  309. Brief Encounter (6.8Mb)
  310. Saturday's Children (7Mb)
  311. The Postman Always Rings Twice (21.2Mb)
  312. Rose Marie (8.6Mb)
  313. My Reputation(End Lady Esther Screen Guild Theater) (8.7Mb)
  314. Bells of Saint Mary's(Begin Camel Screen Guild Players) (6.7Mb)
  315. My Favorite Brunette (10.2Mb)
  316. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (13.3Mb)
  317. Secret Heart (6.9Mb)
  318. The Best Years of Our Lives (6.8Mb)
  319. Sweethearts (6.9Mb)
  320. Ivy (54.5Mb)
  321. Brief Encounter (6.2Mb)
  322. The Dark Mirror (54.8Mb)
  323. Johnny Come Lately (17.1Mb)
  324. The Bishop's Wife (54.1Mb)
  325. One Way Passage (6Mb)
  326. Snow White (9.4Mb)
  327. Shadow of a Doubt (6.5Mb)
  328. Up in Central Park (6.7Mb)
  329. Call Northside 777 (5.3Mb)
  330. Welcome, Stranger (5.6Mb)
  331. The Babe Ruth Story (26.6Mb)
  332. Kiss of Death (23.5Mb)
  333. Rebecca (26.7Mb)
  334. 13 Rue Madeline (10.3Mb)
  335. Pinocchio (5.9Mb)
  336. Notorious (5.6Mb)
  337. The Fuller Brush Man (13.2Mb)
  338. Command Decision (54.4Mb)
  339. Blue Dalhia (10.1Mb)
  340. Bachelor Mother (53.8Mb)
  341. Champion (54.6Mb)
  342. A Letter to Three Wives (6.8Mb)
  343. Laura (8.3Mb)
  344. Twelve O'Clock High (26.6Mb)
  345. Ninotchka (109.3Mb)
  346. Champagne for Caesar (28.3Mb)
  347. Tell It to the Judge (107.7Mb)
  348. Birth of the Blues (13.9Mb)

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