Screen Director's Playhouse
Old-time radio dramatic anthology series

Complete set of available episodes for the old-time radio dramatic anthology series "Screen Director's Playhouse".

Lost Episodes:
#57 - Incendiary Blonde
#73 - A Star is Born
#75 - Cinderella

  1. Stagecoach (54.8Mb)
  2. Let's Live a Little (54.8Mb)
  3. The Exile (Rehearsal) (49Mb)
  4. The Exile (54.7Mb)
  5. Mr and Mrs Smith (54.9Mb)
  6. Hired Wife (54.9Mb)
  7. Magnificent Obsession (54.8Mb)
  8. The Prisoner of Zenda (54.8Mb)
  9. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes (54.9Mb)
  10. A Foreign Affair (109.3Mb)
  11. You Were Meant for Me (54.8Mb)
  12. The Perfect Marriage (54.9Mb)
  13. Suddenly It's Spring (54.8Mb)
  14. The Ghost Breakers (54.9Mb)
  15. Music for Millions (54.5Mb)
  16. The Best Years of Our Lives (54.8Mb)
  17. The Sky's the Limit (54.7Mb)
  18. The Trouble with Women (54.7Mb)
  19. It's a Wonderful Life (54.5Mb)
  20. Hold Back the Dawn (54.9Mb)
  21. Her Husband's Affair (54.8Mb)
  22. Trade Winds (54.9Mb)
  23. The Killers (54.8Mb)
  24. Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House (54.6Mb)
  25. The Big Clock (54.8Mb)
  26. Yellow Sky (54.8Mb)
  27. Casbah (54.6Mb)
  28. Saigon (54.6Mb)
  29. Fort Apache (54.6Mb)
  30. Jezebel (54.5Mb)
  31. Love Crazy (54.6Mb)
  32. Appointment for Love (54.9Mb)
  33. Apartment for Peggy (54.8Mb)
  34. The Human Comedy (53.8Mb)
  35. Whispering Smith (54.7Mb)
  36. Don't Trust Your Husband (54.7Mb)
  37. Pride of the Yankees (54.7Mb)
  38. The Senator Was Indiscrete (54.6Mb)
  39. Criss Cross (54.8Mb)
  40. Pitfall (54.8Mb)
  41. Love Letters (54.9Mb)
  42. Remember the Night (54.8Mb)
  43. Body and Soul (54.9Mb)
  44. The Uninvited (54.6Mb)
  45. Spiral Staircase (54.9Mb)
  46. All My Sons (54.6Mb)
  47. Call Northside 777 (54.9Mb)
  48. The Affairs of Susan (54.8Mb)
  49. Miracle on 34th Street (54.8Mb)
  50. One Way Passage (54.9Mb)
  51. Magic Town (54.8Mb)
  52. Tomorrow Is Forever (54.9Mb)
  53. Mr Lucky (54.7Mb)
  54. It Had to Be You (54.8Mb)
  55. The Sea Wolf (54.8Mb)
  56. This Thing Called Love (54.9Mb)
  57. It's in the Bag (54.7Mb)
  58. The Paleface (54.9Mb)
  59. Portrait of Jenny (54.9Mb)
  60. Champion (54.8Mb)
  61. Chicago Deadline (54.9Mb)
  62. The Dark Mirror (54.8Mb)
  63. The Fighting O'Flynn (54.9Mb)
  64. It Happens Every Spring (54.7Mb)
  65. A Kiss in the Dark (54.8Mb)
  66. Rope of Sand (54.8Mb)
  67. When My Baby Smiles at Me (54.8Mb)
  68. Butch Minds the Baby (54.9Mb)
  69. Miss Grant Takes Richmond (54.8Mb)
  70. Flamingo Road (46.4Mb)
  71. She Wouldn't Say Yes (54.8Mb)
  72. Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House (54.9Mb)
  73. The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (53.8Mb)
  74. Shadow of a Doubt (109.8Mb)
  75. Lifeboat (109.8Mb)
  76. Cluny Brown (109.8Mb)
  77. Mrs Mike (109.8Mb)
  78. My Favorite Wife (109.8Mb)
  79. The Lady Gambles (109.7Mb)
  80. Miracle on 34th Street (109.8Mb)
  81. Alias Nick Beal (109.7Mb)
  82. Prince of Foxes (109.1Mb)
  83. Ivy (109.8Mb)
  84. The Big Lift (109.7Mb)
  85. Spellbound (109.8Mb)
  86. Take a Letter, Darling (109.8Mb)
  87. Lucky Jordan (109.8Mb)
  88. Dark Victory (109.9Mb)
  89. No Minor Vices (109.8Mb)
  90. A Foreign Affair (109.8Mb)
  91. Bachelor Mother (109.8Mb)
  92. Thelma Jordan (109.8Mb)
  93. The Great Lover (109.8Mb)
  94. Next Time We Love (109.8Mb)
  95. The Damned Don't Cry (109.8Mb)
  96. Hired Wife (109.8Mb)
  97. Humoresque (109.8Mb)
  98. Jackpot (109.8Mb)
  99. Captain from Castile (109.8Mb)
  100. No Time for Love (109Mb)
  101. Rogue's Regiment (109.7Mb)
  102. Back Street (109.7Mb)
  103. Beyond Glory (108.9Mb)
  104. The Gunfighter (109.5Mb)
  105. The GhostBreakers (54.2Mb)
  106. DOA (109.1Mb)
  107. The Lady Takes a Chance (109.3Mb)
  108. Only Yesterday (109.7Mb)
  109. The Fugitive (109.1Mb)
  110. Remember the Night (109.6Mb)
  111. Stairway to Heaven (109.2Mb)
  112. Caged (109.8Mb)
  113. Wuthering Heights (109.4Mb)
  114. The Ghost and Mrs Muir (109.6Mb)
  115. The Velvet Touch (109.6Mb)
  116. Mother Was a Freshman (109.6Mb)
  117. Broken Arrow (109.6Mb)
  118. Raffles (109.7Mb)
  119. No Man Of Her Own (109.6Mb)
  120. Waterloo Bridge (109.1Mb)

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