Sean Lock: 15 Storeys High

Sitcom set in a London tower block
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Comedy set in a London tower block, with the ten episodes focusing on the mundane lives of the people living there.

The listener is transported around the block and each change of scene is introduced by a voiceover simply announcing the flat number of the next scene.

The shows main characters live in Flat 76 - Sean, a misanthropic, cynical recluse; and his flatmate Errol. There are other recurring characters, such as the woman who tries to guess where Sean has been every time she bumps into him, but most of the characters put in an appearance in just one episode.

The show evolved out of Sean Lock's 15 Minutes of Misery, in which the character of Sean listened in to his neighbours with the help of a device called the 'Bugger King'.

  1. S01 - E01 - The Entry Phone (25.7Mb)
  2. S01 - E02 - The Dead Swan (25.4Mb)
  3. S01 - E03 - Jolly Shopper (25.7Mb)
  4. S01 - E04 - The New Sofa (25.7Mb)
  5. S01 - E05 - The Sticky Patch (25.5Mb)
  6. S02 - E01 - The Stolen Plough (25.6Mb)
  7. S02 - E02 - Billy Two Nans (25.7Mb)
  8. S02 - E03 - The Pigeon Lady (25.7Mb)
  9. S02 - E04 - Decorating The Bathroom (25.6Mb)
  10. S02 - E05 - Errol's Girlfriends (23.1Mb)

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