Sean Lock's 15 Minutes of Misery

1998 radio comedy set in a high-rise tower block flat
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The show's original incarnation was a radio series entitled Sean Lock's 15 Minutes of Misery. It was broadcast weekly on BBC Radio 4 in the "Late Night on 4" comedy slot at 11.00pm. It ran for six episodes between 30 December 1998 and 3 February 1999. The show was written by Sean Lock and produced by Dan Freedman, and starred Lock, Kevin Eldon and Hattie Hayridge.

  1. S01 - E01 (12.8Mb)
  2. S01 - E02 (12.6Mb)
  3. S01 - E03 (12.9Mb)
  4. S01 - E04 (12.7Mb)
  5. S01 - E05 (12.8Mb)
  6. S01 - E06 (12.6Mb)

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