Second Holmes
1980s BBC pastiche about Sherlock Holmes' grandson

London, 1983. Sherlock Holmes' grandson Stanford Holmes, a louche and lazy consulting detective, lives in London with his friend Dr Watson, grandson of Holmes' biographer, who like his grandfather writes up Holmes' adventures, this time for a Sunday newspaper. The pair (played by Peter Egan and Jeremy Nicholas) go off to investigate some rather lightweight crimes, in this comic pastiche, which unfortunately only survived one series.

  1. The Case of the Grandfather's Client (9.4Mb)
  2. The Case of the Maltese Pearls (9.5Mb)
  3. The Case of the Reading Undertaker (9.4Mb)
  4. The Case of the Shadowed Minister (9.1Mb)
  5. The Case of the Neglected Farm (9.5Mb)
  6. The Case of the Missing Link (9.2Mb)

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