Secret Fire

Archived podcast exploring J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth through Christian lenses
from archive.org

On the Secret Fire Podcast we explore J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth through Christian lenses. Join Michael, Brenden and Micah each week as we go chapter-by-chapter, book-by-book starting with The Lord Of The Rings. On the bridge of Khazad-dûm Gandalf the Grey told the Balrog, "You cannot pass, I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass." What was the Secret Fire? According to J.R.R. Tolkien: The Holy Spirit. For more information please visit gctnetwork.com. The Secret Fire Podcast - sent to burn at the heart of the world! This is your Great Commission Transmission

  1. SFP000 (37.4Mb)
  2. SFP001 (58.4Mb)
  3. SFP002 (63Mb)
  4. SFP003 (70Mb)
  5. SFP004 (90.8Mb)
  6. SFP005 (59.6Mb)
  7. SFP006 (57.9Mb)
  8. SFP007 (66.7Mb)
  9. SFP008 (58.7Mb)
  10. SFP009 (88.5Mb)
  11. SFP010 (58.4Mb)
  12. SFP011 (66.2Mb)
  13. SFP012 (63.6Mb)
  14. SFP013 (59.4Mb)
  15. SFP014 (59.4Mb)
  16. SFP015 (72.3Mb)
  17. SFP016 (74.4Mb)
  18. SFP017 (75.9Mb)
  19. SFP018 (64.5Mb)
  20. SFP019 (63.6Mb)
  21. SFP020 (56.1Mb)
  22. SFP021 (62.9Mb)
  23. SFP022 (54.6Mb)
  24. SFP023 (58.8Mb)
  25. SFP024 (61.2Mb)
  26. SFP025 (60.2Mb)
  27. SFP026 (62.5Mb)
  28. SFP027 (63.1Mb)
  29. SFP028 (75.4Mb)
  30. SFP029 (74.5Mb)
  31. SFP030 (60.9Mb)
  32. SFP031 (53.6Mb)
  33. SFP032 (54.9Mb)
  34. SFP033 (89.8Mb)
  35. SFP034 (61.2Mb)
  36. SFP035 (73.9Mb)
  37. SFP036 (61.8Mb)
  38. SFP037 (60.5Mb)
  39. SFP038 (64.5Mb)
  40. SFP039 (54.3Mb)
  41. SFP040 (74.8Mb)
  42. SFP041 (49.6Mb)
  43. SFP042 (90.1Mb)
  44. SFPS001 (37.1Mb)
  45. SFPS002 (46.4Mb)

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