Sensational British Trials
Selected by John Mortimer

John Mortimer presents a six-part series dramatising true crimes and trials that shocked the nation.

A Radio Dramatisation by Michael Butt / Brian Sibley / John Taylor

With Cara Kelly, Tony Osoba, Hilary Lyon, Christian Rodska, Kathleen McGoldrick, Simon Treves, Jane Whittenshaw, Frances Jeater, Joe Dunlop, Terence Edmond, Peter Kenny, Michael Cochrane, Stephen Thorne, Gavin Muir, Vincent Brimble, James Aubrey and

1. The Case Of The Fire In Room 66:

Sidney Henry Fox was a notorious con man, trickster and swindler, but did he kill his mother?

2. The Case Of The Deadly Nightcap:

Glasgow society is shaken when the demure and beautiful Madeleine Smith is accused of killing her lover.

3. The Case Of The Spinster's Hoard:

When an old woman is robbed and brutally slaughtered, the police decide that a Jewish gambler is the culprit.

4. The Case Of The Liverpool Poisoner:

A woman is accused of poisoning her husband - but investigations reveal serious reasons for doubt.

5. The Case Of The Dandelion Killer:

The dramatic murder trial of solicitor Herbert Armstrong - accused of murdering his wife by poisoning her.

6. The Case Of The Villa Madeira:

Did a young wife kill her older husband whilst conducting an affair behind his back? It's a far from clear cut case.

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