Small Gods

BBC radio dramatisation of the Terry Pratchett novel
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There are gods everywhere on Discworld - you can't swing a simian librarian without hitting one - except, of course, only a few people can see them. Each small god lies in wait, desperately seeking to make someone believe in him. On Discworld, gods need people more than people need gods, for belief is the food of the gods.

Terry Pratchett's four-part comic Discworld fantasy - set in a complex state of beliefs.
Producer: Claire Grove
Director: Gordon House

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in February 2006.

Narrator ...... Anton Lesser
Om ...... Patrick Barlow
Brutha ...... Carl Prekopp
Vorbis ...... Alex Jennings
Nhumrod ...... Geoffrey Beevers
Sasho ...... Philip Fox
General Fri'it ...... Sean Barrett
Quisitor/Fergman ...... Gerard McDermott
Sergeant/Urn ...... John Cummins
Didactylos ...... Gerard McDermott
Sergeant Simony ...... Nick Sayce
Death ...... Michael Kilgarriff

Other parts played by the cast.

Episode 1
Great God Om appears before a novice monk - and is soon coming out of his shell...

Episode 2
Novice priest Brutha has been selected by Deacon Vorbis to go on a secret mission to the infidel city of Ephebe.
The Great God Om, who is stuck in the body of a small tortoise, is going with him in a little wicker basket.

Episode 3
Ephebian philosophers argue violently among themselves but they're no match for Deacon Vorbis.
However one philosopher, Didactylos, is prepared to stand up to him.

Episode 4
Deacon Vorbis has returned triumphantly to Omnia. He proclaims himself the One True Prophet.
But Brutha knows what really happened in the desert and the Great God Om is still out there, stuck in the body of a tortoise.

Conclusion of Terry Pratchett's comic Discworld fantasy.

  1. Episode One (38.1Mb)
  2. Episode Two (37.9Mb)
  3. Episode Three (36.7Mb)
  4. Episode Four (37.5Mb)

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